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Found 31 results

  1. Score released November 4th by Watertower. Apparently we're getting a Vinyl edition too. They must be excited by the score if they're putting money into a Vinyl release.
  2. Sadly the newly unearthed end credits is from a terrible tape dub but is an 80's heroic gem if there ever was one.
  3. By Gia. I think Silverstri's was better.
  4. Don't think we have a thread for this yet, but this will be out next week. Amazon has cover art and tracklist up. 1. Kelpcake (Thomas Newman) 2. Finding Dory (Main Title) (Thomas Newman) 3. Lost at Sea (Thomas Newman) 4. One Year Later (Thomas Newman) 5. Migration Song (Thomas Newman) 6. "O, We're Going Home" (Thomas Newman) 7. Jewel of Morro Bay (Thomas Newman) 8. Gnarly Chop (Thomas Newman) 9. Squid Chase (Thomas Newman) 10. Sigourney Weaver (Thomas Newman) 11. Hank (Thomas Newman) 12. Nobody's Fine (Thomas Newman) 13. Rebecca Darling (Thomas Newman) 14. Meet Destiny (Thomas Newman) 15. Joker at Work (Thomas Newman) 16. Becky Flies (Thomas Newman) 17. Hands! (Thomas Newman) 18. Almost Home (Thomas Newman) 19. Open Ocean (Thomas Newman) 20. Two Lefts and a Right (Thomas Newman) 21. Everything About You (Thomas Newman) 22. Quarantine (Thomas Newman) 23. Warp (Thomas Newman) 24. All Alone (Thomas Newman) 25. ...Shells (Thomas Newman) 26. No Walls (Thomas Newman) 27. Okay with Crazy (Thomas Newman) 28. Hide and Seek (Thomas Newman) 29. Quite a View (Thomas Newman) 30. Unforgettable (Sia) 31. Three Hearts (End Title) (Thomas Newman) 32. Loon Tune (Thomas Newman) 33. Fish Who Wander (Thomas Newman) 34. Release (Thomas Newman) Love the first score as well as Wall*E, so looking forward to this! ETA: Went browsing around Andrew Stanton's Twitter... From a question about reuse of old themes: Presumably from a question about temp tracks....wonder if we'll be able to spot that
  5. Announced via his twitter I would have thought Christopher Young would have gotten the gig, but this could be a fun score for him after Zootopia and Star Trek Beyond.
  6. Anything about this yet? Besides the video of him conducting
  7. Intrada first released the complete version of Part 1 in 2009; Today they have re-issued disc 1 of that set in a new edition re-built from the original elements (disc 2 contained earlier versions of cues and an unused source cue and isn't included here). Samples & Direct Order: Also can be ordered at: Today Intrada announced for the first time a new 2CD complete edition for Part 2 Samples & Direct Order: Can also be ordered from: Today Varese announced for the first time a new 2CD complete edition for Part 3 Samples & Direct Order: Can also be ordered from: In addition, to these CD versions, Mondo Records has gotten the rights to assembled a 6LP vinyl box set containing the complete scores of each (no alternates) Here is the full press release, with track list: Universal even had Dan Goldwasser (Warm Butter Designs) put together a website showcasing all the releasing and linking to the Intrada, Varese, and Mondo pages
  8. Dreamworks issued a press release today indicating Thomas Newman will score Bridge of Spies. The press release simultaneously confirms that Williams will score Spielberg's The BFG.
  9. Trailer is out for this new James Horner scored IMAX documentary
  10. Michael Giacchino Is Hard At Work On The 'Inside Out' Recording Sessions
  11. I'm at work and can't listen - any Giacchino music in this? This is one of four Giacchino scores in 2015, along with Jupiter Ascending, Jurassic World, and Inside Out
  12. Well we know for sure that it's being recorded in New Zealand again. On August 9th, Conrad Pope checked in on Facebook "Waiting to board. Next stop breezy, lovely Wellington" (link). On August 13th, he checked in at the Museum Art Hotel in Wellington, NZ, saying "Working and working and .....working" (link). And earlier today, JoAnne Kane Music Service posted "Air New Zealand to Auckland. Middle earth here we come!" (link). I haven't found anything on Doug's twitter feed about him being in either NZ or NY, though. ANYWAY, I hope everyone is excited for this score as much as I am! It will be the culmination of not only The Hobbit's story, but the entire LOTR/TH series as a whole. I expect we'll hear definitive versions of themes such as Smaug, Erebor, Thorin, House Of Durin, The Arkenstone, Tauriel, Tauriel/Kili, Girion and Lake-town. There will probably be a bunch of new themes, though I except less new themes than either of the prior scores introduced, and less than ROTJ introduced. The only major new character not yet introduced is Dain Ironfoot, and it's possible his thematic material was already introduced in AUJ (heard in the tracks "An Unexpected Party" [3:43] and "The Dwarf Lords". Beyond that, there could be a theme for The White Council (when Gandalf, Saruman, Galadriel, Elrond, and Radagast fight Sauron in Dol Guldur). There could be a new theme, or new variation on existing Sauron material for Azog and Bolg's orc and warg army. There could be a new theme for the eagles, maybe one for the Lake-town men in battle. There could be some kind of overacting theme for the Battle of Five Armies itself too. I think it's very likely we'll finally get to hear the full Beorn theme that was only hinted at in DOS too (the recent published sheet music show how it continues from what's used in the score to a cool ending reminiscent of Nature's Reclamation) I think the big question is which of the great themes introduced in AUJ that were completely dropped in DOS will return in BOFA? One of the coolest and most radically different from the sound of LOTR themes in AUJ was Radagast's Theme, which was completely absent from DOS despite his character returning. Will we hear it in BOFA? Bilbo had 3 major themes in AUJ - his Main Theme aka Baggins/Took Theme, his Adventure Theme, and his Fussy theme. Only the latter two returned, and only in small cameos. Will he hear the definite conclusion of his main theme? Shore wrote a great theme for Thorin's Company for the first film that was mostly replaced by Misty Mountains. Will either return in Part 3? What else can we expect from BOFA? What scenes from the book are people most looking forward to hearing the score for?
  14. Who else is excited for this score? Here's a clip of the movie with Powell's new score in it EDIT: The music is not from the new score, it's tracked in from the first.
  15. It is being released on Tuesday, April 8th at 12 NOON PST. Our very own Olivier Soudé (EhTar) has just published this great article including entries from Dan Goldwasser about the creation of the final product (Scroll past all the French to get to the English)
  16. THE SCORE 1 One Small Fact (1:45) 2 The Journey to Himmel Street (1:48) 5A "The Schoolyard Fight" [0:00-0:30] (0:30) 12B Foot Race [0:29-end] (0:49) 18B Writing to Mama [0:35-1:27] (0:52) 7B Book Burning [1:15-end] (1:36) 3 New Parents and a New Home (1:33) 4 Ilsa's Library (2:21) 12A "Dear Fuhrer" [0:00-0:29] (0:29) 16A Jellyfish [0:00-0:33] (0:33) 18C "Silver Oysters" [1:27-end] (1:14) 5B The Snow Fight [0:30-end] (0:29) 16B "The Christmas Gift" [0:33-end] (1:33) 6 Learning to Read (2:48) 11A Revealing the Secret [0:00-1:30] (1:30) 17 Rescuing the Book (1:55) 19 Max Lives 18A "Viewing the Stars" [0:00-0:35] (0:35) 15 The Departure of Max (2:32) 10 The Train Station (2:16) 8 I Hate Hitler! (2:06) 7A "Do You Know Max?" [0:00-1:15] (1:15) 14 Learning to Write (2:07) 13 The Visitor at Himmel Street (2:02) 20 Rudy is Taken (2:00) 21 Finale 22 "End Credits" (7:05) CONCERT ARRANGEMENT 9 Max and Liesel (1:11) ALTERNATE CUE 11B "The Departure of Max (Original Version)" [1:30-end] (2:39) Good luck editing!
  17. Amazon has the cover art now Amazon UK (Release date October 7th): Amazon US (release date October 18th):
  18. OK, as promised, here it is: the first video with unused music. Here, I took My Dear Frodo album version and tried to sync it with the prologue sequence. Of course, I had to do some video editing, because the track seems to be edited (and if it's not, well, it was meant to score a different edit of the prologue). Anyway, I tried my best to make the video sync with the music. It doesn't always work well, but from 4:56 to the end, it just fits perfectly. Hope you enjoy! My Dear Frodo More coming soon... BloodBoal - who bloody loves the bit at 5:34 UPDATE: LINKS TO ALL THE VIDEOS IN THIS THREAD AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY 01. My Dear Frodo 02. Old Friends (Standard Version & Extended Version) 03. An Unexpected Party (Standard Version) (Extended Version) 04. Axe Or Sword? 05. The Adventure Begins 06. The World Is Ahead (Test 1) (Test 2) (Test 3) 07. An Ancient Enemy 08. Radagast The Brown (Tests 1 & 2) (Test 3) 09. The Trollshaws 10. Roast Mutton (Standard Version & Extended Version) 11. A Troll-Hoard 12. The Hill Of Sorcery 13. Warg-Scouts (Test 1) (Test 2) 14. The Hidden Valley (With EE Footage) 15. Moon Runes (Standard Version & Extended Version) 16. The Defiler 17. The White Council (Standard Version) (Extended Version) 18. Over Hill 19. A Thunder Battle 20. Under Hill 21. Riddles In The Dark (Test 1) (Tests 2 & 3) 22. Brass Buttons (Tests 1 & 2) (Test 3) 23. Out Of The Frying-Pan 24. A Good Omen (Tests 1 & 2) (Test 3) (Test 4) (Test 5) Bonus Videos 25. The Coming Of Smaug 26. The Edge Of The Wild (With DOS Footage) THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG 01. The Quest For Erebor (With EE Footage) 02. Wilderland 03. A Necromancer 04. The House Of Beorn (With EE Footage) 05. Mirkwood 06. Flies And Spiders (Tests 1 & 2) 07. The Woodland Realm 08. A Feast Of Starlight 09. Barrels Out Of Bond 10. The Forest River (Tests 1 & 2) 11. Bard, A Man Of Laketown 12. The High Fells 13. The Nature Of Evil 14. Protector Of The Common Folk 15. Thrice Welcome 16. Girion, Lord Of Dale 17. Durin's Folk 18. In The Shadow Of The Moutain 19. A Spell Of Concealment (Standard Version & Extended Version) (With EE Footage) 20. Thrain (Tests 1 & 2) 21. On The Doorstep 22. The Courage Of Hobbits 23. Inside Information 24. Kingsfoil 25. A Liar And A Thief 26. The Hunters 27. Smaug 28. My Armor Is Iron (Tests 1 & 2) 29. Beyond The Forest Bonus Videos 30. Thrain & On The Doorstep 31. The Courage Of Hobbits & The Palantir THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES 01. Fire And Water 02. Shores Of The Long Lake 03. Beyond Sorrow And Grief (Tests 1 & 2) 04. Dragon Sickness 05. Guardians Of The Three (Tests 1 & 2) (With EE Footage) 06. The Ruins Of Dale 07. The Gathering Of The Clouds (With EE Footage) 08. Mithril (Tests 1 & 2) 09. Bred For War (Tests 1 & 2) 10. A Thief In The Night 11. The Clouds Burst (With EE Footage) 12. Battle For The Mountain (Tests 1 & 2) (With EE Footage) 13. The Darkest Hour (Tests 1 & 2) (With EE Footage) 14. Sons Of Durin (Tests 1 & 2) (With EE Footage) 15. The Fallen 16. Ravenhill (With EE Footage) 17. To The Death (With EE Footage) 18. Courage And Wisdom 19. The Return Journey 20. There And Back Again 21. Ironfoot SPECIAL VIDEOS 01. ????? 02. The Desolation Strikes Back 03. Out Of The Scoring-Pan
  19. It is half a year away, Howard Shore's fifth entry in the world of Middle Earth. I figured this news finally warrants to start a discussion about the upcoming score. From Conrad Pope's Facebook page: Also, a man named Clifford J. Tasner is probably also on board:
  20. Thomas Newman has been confirmed to be scoring Pixar's 2014 movie "The Good Dinosaur", as confirmed by Film Music Reporter, which I am about to quote. But pay attention to the part I bolded What the heck is the other major film he is scoring this year?
  21. YES!!!
  22. I'm sure many have noticed the structural similarity between the first part of Bilbo's adventure and the first part of Frodo's. But what about the music? For each of the 15 choices, vote for your favorite piece of music from the Peter Jackson movies. Ignore OST vs SE differences for AUJ pieces and OST vs CR vs Rarities differences for LOTR stuff, just vote by whatever your favorite version of each piece of music is. Have fun!
  23. The original soundtrack for Howard Shore's score to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be released on Monday December 10th by Decca (Internationally) / Tuesday December 11th by WaterTower Records (USA). The STANDARD VERSION of The Hobbit OST (http://www.amctheatr...xpected-journey Nov 7: A sample of Old Friends (Extended Version) (5:01) began streaming on The Hobbit's Official website Nov 7: Samples of every track from the regular and Special Edition OST appeared on Standard OST: http://thefilmfatale...y-the-hobbit-an Nov 11: Amazon has begun streaming 30 second samples of every track http://www.rollingst...emiere-20121112 Nov 13: Empire Online is streaming the entire OST (Standard Version)