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Found 254 results

  1. Saw this posted on the Jedi Council Boards https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/times2/john-williams-the-best-film-composer-in-the-galaxy-l7jx0f8gq (the article is behind a paywall apparently)
  2. For those of you who want to discuss spoilers, do so here. Don't post any spoilers into the old TROS thread at all. Thank you!
  3. Considering the last poll was long before we had a clearer idea of The Rise of Skywalker and its storyline, I figured it was worth updating our prediction thread with some more specific questions.
  4. My guess, The Fathiers was temptracked with TOD music, probably the Nightclub Fight. The second part of The Fathiers sounds extremely TOD.
  5. Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) has over 1200 never-before-seen candid Star Wars pictures and he's started posting them on twitter. Check it out! http://www.avclub.com/article/chewbacca-posted-a-bunch-of-candid-star-wars-set-p-106923
  6. There it is. The Original Trilogy plus The Force Awakens, live to projection! http://nyphil.org/concerts-tickets/explore/1718/star-wars
  7. Where is the music from in this second half? I know it's a pastiche of the Imperial March (Can hear that A minor - F Minor Chromatic Mediant at work).
  8. By golly...I feel like I'm about to vote YES! It's already shot up to the top ten of my iTunes play counts.
  9. Uh...what the heck?!? Just saw this on the Entertainment Weekly site!! https://ew.com/movies/2018/11/17/john-williams-new-music-disney-star-wars-theme-parks/
  10. Anyone want to weigh in on this "leak" from the ST to Rise of Skywalker? I can't hear the Rey theme as claimed, but kinda hear Kylo's theme (sorta)... and it does sound like it is about to go into the force theme at the abrupt ending.... https://www.reddit.com/user/some_famous_director/comments/czm4m0/tros_the_prodigal_son/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app More opinions on the validity here... https://www.reddit.com/r/starwarsspeculation/comments/czm5um/the_rise_of_skywalker_the_prodigal_son_way_better/
  11. The new tv spot from the preview. There is a musical theme in it I have not heard previously. I have no clue anymore as to the composer. Admin note: The poll was added by me, not by Tom!Admin note 2: Click here to read the confirmation that it was Williams
  12. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/sandy-decrescents-impact-motion-pictures-industry-paksy-plackis-cheng
  13. Haven't been paying much attention to this thread, but are the sessions still going? Saw this today: I wonder if these 300 bars could be from TROS? Could be any film though really...
  14. So, I've seen the film twice by now. Seen other reviews for context. Went with people who aren't informed in film criticism, saw what they thought. Now, I'll try to give it as professional a review as I can muster, without spoilers and in under 2,000 words. Long story short: I like the movie and I think its quite good, but nothing beyond that, really. It has too many issues with pacing, the implementation of humor and the use of some of its characters to be "great" in any real way. Now, short story long: Cinematography The visuals are very striking. I gave JJ Abrams kudos for slowing down his acrobatic camerawork for The Force Awakens in order to allow us to appreciate the setting, but here its taken to a whole other level: the film opens with a (virtual) long take down towards a fleet, and such long takes permeate much of the first act. Its a wise move not just in terms of allowing us to appreciate the corners of the frame (as opposed to just the focus) but also as a juxtaposition to the faster camerawork and cutting typical of a climax. Too much too often (a-la a Michael Bay film) and you become saturated in it. Simple, but wise nonetheless. As much as this film reflects Johnson's voice, there's an attempt to follow up in Gareth Edwards footsteps visually, with shots of big star-ships protruding out of the darkness of space, compared to the fully visible ships showcased in previous films. The action scenes especially are staged with a wink towards Samurai films (which were among George Lucas original inspirations) with flashy choreography (that still feels physical, unlike Revenge of the Sith) and exceptionally well-framed wide shots. There are a couple of faux-documentary touches that have plagued the series ever since Attack of the Clones, which I didn't appreciate and even a few shots out of focus, but no matter. There's striking use of lighting on-board the Dreadnaught, making it feel like a submarine. The white and-red planet already looked striking in the trailer, but its somewhat undone when the director has a character comment on it: "oh, its salt." There's some clever editing here. When Luke asks about Han, the film cuts to Kylo Ren, his murderer. There's cross cutting between the faces of Leia and Kylo that makes good use of the Kuleshov Effect. However, in looking at the various storylines that this film juggles, the editing ultimately fails to find a right balance between them all, a point we'll soon delve into. Production Value The film could do with a bit more polish: Many of the creatures in the film are brought to life via puppetry, but its often very obvious: It happens in some shots of the creatures on Luke's island and during the (brief) appearance of a certain character. Speaking of those creatures, they're not as annoying as previous creatures in this universe, but they're hardly essential to the film. Johnson stated that he wanted the island to feel alive, and that's on point, but the film features two or three different types of creatures just on the island and the scenes involving them, which are used to infuse the Luke-Rey storyline with some excessive humor, contribute to the film's running time to little effect. We could have done with just the caretaker-creatures. For a film series that has been taking pride of late in its reliance on practical effects, there's some shots of obvious CG when some of our characters find themselves afield in the red-and-white planet, and during a fight sequence with Phasma. In other cases, the filmmakers tried to mask the CG by darkness and extreme color grading that makes it very hard to see anything. The film sounds great, and John Williams' score is given much more presence in this. The main new theme, pertaining to the character of Rose, is a welcome addition to Williams catalogue, but the movie is otherwise thin on themes and ends up rehashing themes from the previous film, as well as The Force theme, often in very familiar settings. Johnson's temp track choice, which is apparently heavy on Williams' own score to Revenge of the Sith, is evident through the score. Characters The characters continue to be compelling. The acting is mostly strong, Johnson's superior direction shining through especially in the performance of the older cast (this is possibly the best Mark Hamil has even been, in any role), but strangely the outright corrupt villains - Snoke, Hux, Phasma and the occasional admiral - are really over-the-top, and are given very little to do. Its easily the worst we've seen of the otherwise outstanding Andy Serkis. Other characters such as Del Toro's DJ or Dern's Holdo are well-acted, but nonetheless do not feel fulfilled. Its become a fashion for films to feature a large amount of characters to evoke grandeur, but without sufficiently sly writing and ample screen time, they become too many, and most of them end up as mere figures, as opposed to a realized character. This film suffers for it. Plot and Story Unlike the previous entry, this film is original. There are nods to other films, but they're all appropriate, unless one is of the opinion that this film should go out of its way to flat-out ignore the previous entries. There's one moment which feels like fan service, because the film goes so far out of its way as to stage a fake-out death of a major character in order to create said moment. There's a fair bit of Lord of the Rings blood to this film (one scene made me want to call out for Grond), and the fake-out death is as cheap a trick here as it was there. Implementation of humor Gladly, this film somewhat subverts at least one such expectation from a "middle chapter' film, which is the darkness of tone. Yes, this film is more "serious" than The Force Awakens, and its deals with themes of murky morals, but its also very funny. Casual humor can work very well to leverage suspense, even in harrowing pieces of cinema. The first piece of dialogue in this film is of a comedic nature, and it goes on for quite a while. The humor certainly worked if my venue is of any indication, but it isn't always casual: its doesn't necessarily grow out of the situation each time, and it often overstays its welcome. Structure and Pace To return to a "long story short", there lies the main problem of this film. Its too long, and this is coming from someone whose most revered films are long films: Nolan's Batman films, Braveheart, and above all, the Middle Earth films, especially the longest chapter which - in its extended form - clocks in at nearly twice the length of this film. Part of the issue here is how out-of-character for the franchise this film's length is. Yes, its on par with Attack of the Clones, but that's the worst film of the series, and its screen-time certainly doesn't help, so its hardly a good example. The issue isn't actually so much of outright screen-time, its a structural problem in the script: that's another aspect of "middle chapters" which this film doesn't subvert. On the outside, there's nothing wrong with the structure of the film: it has a clear-cut structure with an opening action sequence to keep us pumped through the first act which follows, than a long second act in two halves (with a twist introduced in the midpoint) and a third act that concludes the film. The opening action sequence works well enough. Thankfully, its not a single scene but a drawn-out sequence. Not so thankfully, though, its too drawn out. The demise of a figure from the resistance (whose significance is only to be revealed later) is treated to a long, elegiac death scene, tenfold the length of Han Solo's death in The Force Awakens; the aforementioned comedic beat in that sequence is way too long, there's a lot of exposition and fussing around with technology: fuel, tracking technology, light-speed, dreadnoughts, etc. Its missing the point of the Star Wars setting: "A long time ago" - it owes a lot more to The Lord of the Rings than it does to anything written by Gene Roddenberry. Its not supposed to make sense in terms of technology, only to feel "used". But the core issue isn't with the first act. More often than not, in fact, its not a long first act that merits accusations of bloat: The original Star Wars clocks at forty-five minutes before Luke sets off with Ben. The audience accepts the first act as buildup, and is still hanging unto the opening action sequence, which promises more action down the line, and the long first act evokes the sense of an epic journey. Its when the first half of the second act slugs, however, that's when audiences will start groaning. Once a goal is established for our characters and they set out to it, we expect the film to kick off, but if it starts only to stall again - that's when people will be checking their watches. Use of action After the opening action scene, the film is very light on action. There is peril, but there are only two more action set-pieces: one involving Kylo Ren in the midpoint, and another one in the end of the third act on that white-and-red planet. Both are well made but are too few and too far in between, which makes this film feel excessively pensive. These action scenes, and the film as a whole, suffers from the non-linear structure. We've grown accustomed to films, especially middle chapters of trilogies, trafficking in multiple story-lines. Done right, it heightens suspense. But once you move beyond two storylines and - more importantly - once you have all those storylines running through the entire film, you risk creating a fragmented film. Where in Empire Strikes Back, we cut back to Leia and Han every time when the audience craves action, here we cut from the action and drama to this film's version of Monte Carlo. Instead of one storyline elevating another, here one storyline pulls the others down. When we move from this to the action scenes, all the storylines are firing simultaneously, and it becomes too much. Think about the finale of The Dark Knight Rises, where we have a battle in the streets, a dooms-day-device in need of deactivation, a fight scene with Batman, an attempted evacuation, a fake character-death and major reveals all happening simultaneously, and it does a disservice to the sequence as a whole. Here it happens twice, with one of them only being halfway into the film. The film peaks so high with that action set-piece, that the next one almost feels redundant. The former action scene was apparently difficult for the filmmakers to come to grips with, and it involves some of the worst tricks in the Star Wars arsenal coming to the aid of our heroes: namely, contrivance and incompetence on the behalf of the villains. The latter action scene is much more competent, but is surprisingly thin on Rey's presence, because it doesn't serve to further her arc (it having already concluded at the midpoint) but rather Luke's. One can imagine that Carrie Fisher's death informed the editing choices of this set-piece, and there's a little bit of poignancy to it. Sadly, rather than end here, the film has two scenes that almost feel like the sort of scenes you'd see throughout the credits of a movie, with the latter not featuring our characters in any capacity. Surprises vs. Planting and Payoff Another structural problem involves the use of planting and payoff. The Empire Strikes Back has given fans of the series an appetite for surprising twists. Writer-Director Rian Johnson was so eager to provide us with such twists that in doing so his script forgoes the mechanism of planting and payoff. This film waits until the very end to showcase a new ability made possibly through The Force, and while it can be seen as related to an ability showcased at length earlier in the film, it comes off as something of a Deus-ex-Machina, due to lack of being set-up well enough. As part of a trilogy which is supposed to conclude the story of the main Star Wars episodes, this film feels more conclusive than middle chapters usually do. In a way, its appropriate given the way the last film ended: you can't end two of three films in a cliffhanger. Neverthelss, one could have wished for these films to be shot simultaneously like the Middle Earth features to create better continuity. With Abrams returning to conclude the trilogy, Johnson's entry seems destined to remain the odd film out due to his unique voice shining through.
  15. MCU's boss Kevin Feige is developing new Star Wars movie for Disney https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/marvel-s-kevin-feige-developing-star-wars-movie-disney-1243481 And he already told a major actor he has a role in mind
  16. The Force Awakens by John Williams Complete Score Breakdown & Other Info by Jason LeBlanc Do not repost anywhere without my permission!! I have no clue what any of Williams' original cue names are, so I made up my own names for all of them, usually just using a description of the scene or some dialogue from it rather than trying to imitate Williams' naming style. I'm sure I missed some things here and there so I welcome any at all questions and updates and corrections. Without further ado here we go! # Title On FYC? On OST? THE FILM SCORE 1 Main Title 1:26 01A [0:00-1:26] Main Title 1:26 2 Starry Night 2:09 01A [0:00-2:09] The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 1 2:09 01B [1:26-3:07] The Attack on the Jakku Village 1:41 3 Village Attack 3:18 01B [2:09-end] The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 1 3:18 01C [3:07-5:03] The Attack on the Jakku Village 1:56 4 I Will Show You The Dark Side 0:43 5 Kill Them All 1:53 02 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 2 1:53 01D [5:03-end] The Attack on the Jakku Village 1:22 6 Submit Your Blaster For Inspection 0:44 7 Rey The Scavenger 2:21 03 The Scavenger 1:52 02A [0:00-2:21] The Scavenger 2:21 8 Lunchtime 1:18 04 Lunchtime 1:12 02B [2:21-end] The Scavenger 1:18 9 BB-8 Meets Rey 0:52 10 It's In The Droid 0:19 11 Not For Sale / You Need A Pilot 1:01 12 I Can Fly Anything 4:09 05 I Can Fly Anything 4:09 03B [0:30-end] I Can Fly Anything 2:41 13 Finn’s Trek 1:35 06 Finn’s Trek 1:35 14 Stolen Jacket 0:36 08B [0:35-1:11] That Girl With The Staff 0:36 15 Follow Me 3:09 07A [0:00-3:09] Follow Me 3:09 05 Follow Me 2:54 16 The Falcon 4:00 07B [3:09-end] The Falcon 4:00 07 The Falcon 3:32 17 Finn, I'm Rey 0:35 08A [0:00-0:35] That Girl With The Staff 0:35 18 The Droid Stole A Freighter? 0:47 08C [1:11-end] That Girl With The Staff 0:47 19 Poisonous Gas 1:33 09A [0:00-1:01] The Rathtars! 1:01 20 You're Han Solo! 2:05 ** released via LEGO The Force Awakens as "MX_HUBFALCON" 2:10 21 Tasu Leech 1:10 22 Rathtars Unleashed 1:19 08 The Rathtars 1:19 09C [1:22-2:13] The Rathtars! 0:51 23 Rey Closes Door 0:16 24 Escape In The Millennium Falcon 1:52 09D [2:13-end] The Rathtars! 1:52 25 Supreme Leader Snoke 2:07 09 Snoke 2:07 17A [0:00-1:02] Snoke 1:02 26 It's True, All Of It 1:19 27 Arrival at Takodana 0:42 10B [0:52-1:17] Finn's Confession 0:25 28 You Got A Name? 1:32 10 You Got A Name? 1:32 10C [1:17-end] Finn's Confession 0:51 29 Informants 0:21 04B [1:10-end] Rey Meets BB-8 0:21 30 I Will Finish What You Started 1:06 31 Maz Examines Finn 1:21 11A [0:00-1:21] Maz's Counsel 1:21 32 I'm No Hero 1:06 11 I’m No Hero 1:06 10A [0:00-0:52] Finn's Confession 0:52 33 Rey Underground 0:36 34 Rey's Vision 0:56 35 Maz and Rey 1:53 11B [1:21-end] Maz's Counsel 1:46 36 The Starkiller 1:52 12 The Starkiller 1:52 12 The Starkiller 1:51 37 Kylo Ren Arrives At The Battle 2:15 13 Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle 2:15 13 Kylo Ren Arrives At The Battle 2:01 38 The Resistance 1:35 14 The Resistance 1:35 39 The Abduction 2:27 15 The Abduction 1:35 14 The Abduction 2:25 40 Finn and Poe, United 3:08 16 Finn and Poe, United 2:01 15A [0:00-2:52] Han And Leia 2:52 41 Han and Leia Discuss Kylo 2:01 15B [2:52-end] Han And Leia 1:49 42 You Still Want To Kill Me 0:36 43 You Will Never Be As Strong As Darth Vader 1:29 44 Bring Her To Me 1:03 17B [1:02-end] Snoke 1:01 45 Jedi Mind Trick 0:36 46 Ren's Rage 0:53 47 Precint 47 1:35 48 Bring Him Home 1:17 49 Landing At Light Speed 1:12 50 Weapon Charged In 15 Minutes 0:18 51 Group Enters Base 0:57 52 The Bombing Run 2:07 17 The Bombing Run 2:07 53 Escape Now, Hug Later 0:22 54 Bag of Explosives 0:48 18A [0:00-0:48] On The Inside 0:48 55 Planting Charges 2:06 18B [0:48-end] On The Inside 2:06 18 On The Inside 2:05 56 Torn Apart 4:24 19 Torn Apart 4:24 19 Torn Apart 4:19 57 Rey Gets The Lightsaber 0:48 20A [0:00-0:45] The Ways Of The Force 0:45 58 The Trench Run 1:44 20A [0:00-1:20] The Ways of The Force 1:20 59 Rey Vs Ren 2:38 20B [1:20-end] The Ways of The Force 2:38 20B [0:45-end] The Ways Of The Force 2:30 60 Time To Complete His Training 0:51 61 The Journey Home 2:18 21 The Journey Home 2:18 22A [0:00-2:05] Farewell and The Trip 2:05 62 R2 Shows The Map 1:10 22A [0:00-1:10] Farewell and The Trip 1:10 04A [0:00-1:10] Rey Meets BB-8 1:10 63 Rey's Trip 2:42 22B [1:10-end] Farewell and The Trip 2:39 22B [2:13-end] Farewell and The Trip 2:42 64 The Jedi Steps 2:12 23A [0:00-2:12] The Jedi Steps 2:12 23A [0:00-2:12] The Jedi Steps 2:12 65 Finale 7:46 23B [2:12-end] Finale 7:46 23B [2:21-end] Finale 6:39 CONCERT / ALBUM ARRANGEMENTS 66 Rey’s Theme 3:11 06 Rey’s Theme 3:11 67 March of the Resistance 2:35 16 March of the Resistance 2:35 68 Scherzo For X-Wings 2:32 21 Scherzo For X-Wings 2:32 ALTERNATES 69 I Can Fly Anything (Alternate Opening) 0:30 03A [0:00-0:30] I Can Fly Anything 0:30 70 UNUSED MUSIC 0:21 09B [1:01-1:22] The Rathtars! 0:21 Google Spreadsheet version of this table here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rDuRXT-67ETwF2cy4lNkgp5AV_QcIDivxUwCLtLOGfg/pubhtml# (Third tab) CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER OF OST: THE FILM SCORE: 01 Main Title and the Attack on the Jakku Village (6:25) 02 The Scavenger (3:39) 03 I Can Fly Anything (3:11) 08B [0:35-1:11] (0:36) "Stolen Jacket" 05 Follow Me (2:54) 07 The Falcon (3:32) 08A [0:00-0:35] "Finn, I'm Rey" 08C [1:11-end] "The Droid Stole A Freigher?" 09 The Rathtars! (4:05) 17A [0:00-1:02] (1:02) "Supreme Leader Snoke" 10B [0:52-end] (1:16) "Arrival At Takodana / You Got A Name?" 04B [1:10-end] (0:21) "Informants" 11A [0:00-1:21] (1:21) "Maz Examines Finn" 10A [0:00-0:52] (0:52) "I'm No Hero" 11B [1:21-end] (1:46) "Maz and Rey" 12 The Starkiller (1:51) 13 Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle (2:01) 14 The Abduction (2:25) 15 Han and Leia (4:41) 17B [1:02-end] (1:01) "Bring Her To Me" 18 On the Inside (2:05) 19 Torn Apart (4:19) 20 The Ways of the Force (3:15) 22A [0:00-2:05] (2:05) Farewell 04A [0:00-1:10] (1:10) "R2 Shows The Map" 22B [2:13-end] (2:42) The Trip 23 The Jedi Steps and Finale (8:51) THE CONCERT ARRANGEMENTS: 06 Rey's Theme (3:11) 16 March of the Resistance (2:35) 21 Scherzo for X-Wings (2:32) DETAILED OST BREAKDOWN: 01. Main Title and the Attack on the Jakku Village (6:25) [0:00-1:26] = cue 1 Main Title [1:26-3:07] = cue 2 Starry Night (FYC 01A [0:00-2:09]) [3:07-5:03] = cue 3 Village Attack (FYC 01B [2:09-end] [5:03-end] = cue 5 Kill Them All (FYC 02) 02. The Scavenger (3:39) [0:00-0:39] = unknown, possibly unused opening of: [0:39-2:21] = cue 7 Rey The Scavenger (FYC 03) [2:21-end] = cue 8 Lunchtime (FYC 04) 03. I Can Fly Anything (3:11) [all] = cue 12 I Can Fly Anything (FYC 05) 04. Rey Meets BB-8 (1:31) [0:00-1:10] = either cue 9 BB-8 Meets Rey or cue 61 R2 Shows The Map (up for debate which is the intended position and which is the tracked) [1:10-end] = cue 29 Informants 05. Follow Me (2:54) [all] = cue 15 Follow Me (FYC07A [0:00-3:09]) 06. Rey’s Theme (3:11) [all] = concert arrangment of Rey's Theme 07. The Falcon (3:32) [all] = cue 16 The Falcon (FYC07B [3:09-end]) 08. That Girl With The Staff (1:58) [0:00-0:35] = cue 17 Finn, I'm Rey [0:35-1:11] = cue 14 Stolen Jacket [1:11-end] = cue 18 The Droid Stole A Freighter? 09. The Rathtars! (4:05) [0:00-1:01] = cue 19 Poisonous Gas [1:01-1:22] = not in film, probably unused opening to next cue [1:22-2:13] = cue 22 Rathtars Unleashed (FYC 08) [2:13-end] = cue 24 Escape In the Millenium Falcon 10. Finn’s Confession (2:08) [0:00-0:52] = cue 32 I'm No Hero (FYC 11) [0:52-1:17] = cue 27 Arrival At Takodana [1:17-end] = cue 28 You Got A Name? (FYC 10) 11. Maz’s Counsel (3:07) [0:00-1:21] = cue 31 Maz Examines Finn [1:21-end] = cue 35 Maz and Rey 12. The Starkiller (1:51) [all] = cue 36 The Starkiller (FYC 12) 13. Kylo Ren Arrives At The Battle (2:01) [all] = cue 37 Kylo Ren Arrives At The Battle (FYC 13) 14. The Abduction (2:25) [all] = cue 39 The Abduction (FYC 15) 15. Han And Leia (4:41) [0:00-2:52] = cue 40 Finn and Poe, United (FYC 16) [2:52-end] = cue 41 Han and Leia Discuss Kylo 16. March of the Resistance (2:35) [all] = concert arrangment of The Resistance theme 17. Snoke (2:03) [0:00-1:02] = cue 25 Supreme Leader Snoke (FYC 09) [1:02-end] = cue 44 Bring Her To Me 18. On the Inside (2:05) [all] = cue 55 "Planting Charges" (FYC 18B [0:48-end]) 19. Torn Apart (4:19) [all] = cue 56 Torn Apart (FYC 19) 20. The Ways Of The Force (3:14) [0:00-0:45] = cue 57 "Rey Gets The Lightsaber" [0:45-end] = cue 59 "Rey Vs Ren" (FYC 20B [1:20-end]) 21. Scherzo For X-Wings (2:32) [all] = concert version of cue 58 "The Trench Run" (FYC20A [0:00-1:20]) 22. Farewell And The Trip (4:55) [0:00-2:05] = cue 61 "The Journey Home" (FYC 21) [2:05-end] = cue 63 "Rey's Trip" (FYC 22B [1:10-end]) 23. The Jedi Steps And Finale (8:51) [0:00-2:12] = cue 64 The Jedi Steps (FYC 23A [0:00-2:11]) [2:12-6:07] = End Credits part 1 (FYC 23B [2:11-6:04]) [6:07-7:28] = Repeated section of "March of the Resistance" (FYC 23C [6:04-8:34]) [7:28-end] = End Credits part 2 (FYC 23D [8:34-end]) QUICK FYC BREAKDOWN: FYC 01 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 1 (5:27) [all] (5:27) = OST 01 [1:26-5:03] (3:37) Main Title and The Attack on the Jakku Village FYC 02 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 2 (1:53) [all] (1:53) = OST 01 [5:03-end] (1:22) Main Title and The Attack on the Jakku Village FYC 03 The Scavenger (1:52) [all] (1:52) = OST 02 [0:36-2:21] The Scavenger FYC 04 Lunchtime (1:12) [all] (1:12) = OST02 [2:21-end] The Scavenger FYC 05 I Can Fly Anything (4:09) [0:00-1:00] (1:00) = Previously Unreleased [1:00-end] (3:09) = OST 05 [0:30-end] (2:24) I Can Fly Anything FYC 06 Finn’s Trek (1:35) [all] (1:35) = Previously Unreleased FYC 07 Follow Me and The Falcon (7:09) [0:00-3:09] (3:09) = OST 05 Follow Me (2:54) [3:09-end] (4:00) = OST 07 The Falcon (3:32) FYC 08 The Rathtars (1:19) [all] (1:19) = OST 09 [1:22-2:13] The Rathtars! FYC 09 Snoke (2:07) [all] (2:07) = OST 17 [0:00-1:02] Snoke FYC 10 You Got A Name? (1:32) [0:00-0:45] (0:45) = Previously Unreleased [0:45-end] (0:47) = OST 10 [1:17-end] (0:51) Finn's Confession FYC 11 I’m No Hero (1:06) [all] (1:06) = OST 10 [0:00-0:52] (0:52) Finn's Confession FYC 12 The Starkiller (1:52) [all] (1:52) = OST 12 The Starkiller (1:51) FYC 13 Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle (2:15) [all] (2:15) = OST 13 Kylo Ren Arrives At The Battle (2:01) FYC 14 The Resistance (1:35) [all] (1:35) = Previously Unreleased FYC 15 The Abduction (1:35) [all] (1:35) = OST 14 [0:56-end] (1:29) The Abduction FYC 16 Finn and Poe, United (2:01) [all] (2:01) = OST 15 [1:13-2:52] (1:39) Han and Leia FYC 17 The Bombing Run (2:07) [all] (2:07) = Previously Unreleased FYC 18 On the Inside (2:54) [0:00-0:48] (0:48) = Previously Unreleased [0:48-end] (2:06) = OST 18 [0:03-end] (2:02) On The Inside FYC 19 Torn Apart (4:24) [all] (4:24) = OST 19 Torn Apart (4:19) FYC 20 The Ways of the Force (3:58) [0:00-1:20] (1:20) = Previously Unreleased [1:20-end] (2:38) = OST 20 [0:45-end] (2:20) The Ways Of The Force FYC 21 The Journey Home (2:18) [all] (2:18) = OST 22 [0:00-2:05] (2:05) Farewell and The Trip FYC 22 Farewell and The Trip (3:49) [0:00-1:10] = OST 04 [0:00-1:10] (1:10) Rey Meets BB-8 [1:10-end] (2:39) = OST 22 [2:13-end] (2:42) Farewell and The Trip FYC 23 The Jedi Steps and Finale (9:58) [0:00-6:53] (6:54) = OST 23 [0:00-6:59] (6:59) The Jedi Steps and Finale [6:53-8:05] (1:12) = OST 16 [tbd-tbd] (tbd) March of the Resistance [8:05-end] (1:53) = OST 23 [6:59-end] (1:53) The Jedi Steps and Finale Simple FYC/OST Combo Playlist, no Editing Required OST 06 Rey's Theme (3:11) OST 16 March of the Resistance (2:35) OST 21 Scherzo for X-Wings (2:32) FYC 01 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 1 (5:27) FYC 02 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 2 (1:53) OST 02 The Scavenger (3:39) OST 04 Rey Meets BB-8 (1:31) FYC 05 I Can Fly Anything (4:09) FYC 06 Finn’s Trek (1:35) FYC 07 Follow Me and The Falcon (7:09) OST 08 That Girl with the Staff (1:58) OST 09 The Rathtars! (4:05) FYC 09 Snoke (2:07) FYC 10 You Got A Name? (1:32) FYC 11 I'm No Hero (1:06) OST 11 Maz's Counsel (3:07) FYC 12 The Starkiller (1:52) FYC 13 Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle (2:15) FYC 14 The Resistance (1:35) OST 14 The Abduction (2:25) OST 15 Han and Leia (4:41) OST 17 Snoke (2:03) FYC 17 The Bombing Run (2:07) FYC 18 On The Inside (2:54) FYC 19 Torn Apart (4:24) OST 20 The Ways of the Force (3:15) OST 22 Farewell And The Trip (4:55) FYC 23 The Jedi Steps and Finale (9:58) TOTAL TIME - 1:30:00 Some notes: I like the concert arrangements first but you could certainly put them after instead Obviously the main title isn't here, but I don't mind. I've been listening to that piece for 20 years and don't need to hear it everytime I listen to this score. Obviously if you can't live without it, you can use OST track 1 instead of FYC tracks 1 and 2. For "The Way of the Force", I went with the OST version to get the great music for Rey getting the saber. The FYC version replaces that bit with the music for the X-Wings attack, which is great but since we have similar music in the Sherzo track it was easy to keep the OST version. For "The Starkiller", and "Torn Apart" you could swap in the OST version if you prefer. Torn Apart has a softer ending on album than the FYC version OST Track 10 Finn's Confession can replace FYC tracks 10 and 11 if you prefer that album arrangement with the Arrival at Takadona music. Longer Chronological Edit of OST + FYC, In-Track Editing Required: THE SCORE OST 01A [0:00-1:26] (1:26) Main Title / FYC 01 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 1 (5:27) FYC 02 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 2 (1:53) OST 02 The Scavenger (3:39) FYC 05 I Can Fly Anything (4:09) FYC 06 Finn’s Trek (1:35) OST 08B [0:35-1:11] (0:36) "Stolen Jacket" FYC 07 Follow Me and The Falcon (7:09) OST 08A [0:00-0:35] "Finn, I'm Rey" OST 08C [1:11-end] "The Droid Stole A Freigher?" OST 09 The Rathtars! (4:05) FYC 09 Snoke (2:07) OST 10B [0:52-1:17] (0:25) "Arrival At Takodana" FYC 10 You Got A Name? (1:32) OST 04B [1:10-end] (0:21) "Informants" OST 11A [0:00-1:21] (1:21) "Maz Examines Finn" FYC 11 I’m No Hero (1:06) OST 11B [1:21-end] (1:46) "Maz and Rey" FYC 12 The Starkiller (1:52) FYC 13 Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle (2:15) or OST 13 if you prefer its version of Kylo's Theme in the middle FYC 14 The Resistance (1:35) OST 14 The Abduction (2:25) note that FYC 15 has an alternate ending if you prefer it OST 15 Han and Leia (4:41) OST 17B [1:02-end] (1:01) "Bring Her To Me" FYC 17 The Bombing Run (2:07) FYC 18 On The Inside (2:54) FYC 19 Torn Apart (4:24) OST 20A [0:00-0:45] (0:45) "Rey Gets The Lightsaber" / FYC 20 The Ways of the Force (3:58) FYC 21 The Journey Home (2:18) FYC 22 Farewell and The Trip (3:49) FYC 23 The Jedi Steps and Finale (9:58) ALBUM ARRANGEMENTS OST 06 Rey's Theme (3:11) OST 16 March of the Resistance (2:35) OST 21 Scherzo for X-Wings (2:32) THE RAW NUMBERS: 102 minutes of score in the final cut of the film (not including Miranda/Abrams source music). 77 of that released between the OST and FYC, leaving 25 completely unreleased. The OST has another 15 minutes of music that isn't used in the film anywhere, meaning in total 92 minutes out of the 175 recorded has been released. With 25 of that being the music heard in the film that is unreleased, this leaves about 58 minutes completely unreleased and unheard. All comments welcome!
  17. OK, back from the film and some general comments on the music: First of all, I was a BIT disappointed by the score. The keyword here, I think, is "whimsical". There's a LOT of rhytmic and energetic stuff with all the usual Williams trademarks, but if you want thematic setpieces like a "The Asteroid Field" or "The Forest Battle" or whatever, you won't find it. In fact, the most striking theme was the "rebel" theme (also in the way it appeared in the film). In that case, it has a lot in common with INDY 4. Rey's theme had some nice renditions -- especially of the more pastoral kind (an extension of what you heard in the TV spot) when she is first introduced. Finn's theme and Kylo Ren's theme are more motivic than thematic, IMO. A big treat was the appearance of the original themes -- they're almost used more extensively than in the first six films. The "Force" theme appearances were undoubtedly those that made the biggest impression. There is dark choral music for one particular scene, but it's not in the big, overt "Duel of the Fates" kind. More like the choral music for Palpatine in REVENGE OF THE SITH. To be fair, I think the music will fare much better on album. At least I hope so. It's mixed fairly high in the film, but there's still a lot getting lost in the sound mix.
  18. I like Rose’s Theme. But there are several oddities about it: It (or something damned close) was composed and recorded for TFA. It appears to be a major-key variant of the Force Theme. I know it’s controversial, but IMO the TLJ concert suite makes for a very satisfactory piece. It marries Rose’s Theme to the Luke in Exile Theme. These are two characters who have nothing to do with each other in the film. And it’s named “The Rebellion is Reborn,” which has nothing to do with either Rose or with Luke’s exile, however, Luke is the one who utters those words which seem to have captured JW’s fancy. I’m curious to hear your speculations about this. The best idea I can come up with is that JW originally wrote it for Leia. We know there were a lot of Leia scenes cut from TFA, including the one where Maz hands her the lightsaber (it can be seen in TFA Teaser Trailer #2) and all of the TRoS footage with her (the scene in TRoS Teaser Trailer #1 with the Throne Room medallion - Throne Room of course contains a rendition of the Force Theme). Then, if JW still thought of it as Leia’s theme for some time into the composition of TLJ, the suite perhaps can be thought of (much more satisfactorily) as being about Luke and Leia.
  19. Is this new/from IX? No music, but very nice to see!
  20. What's this music? Probably library stuff, but it does sound orchestral.
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