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Found 9 results

  1. Ed Harris joins the cast of HBO's Westworld. By god! He'll be playing 'the man in black':
  2. Couldn't find one. And damn it the show deserves one! Mid season finale for Season 4 just wrapped up. Glad to see them . It was also probably the best of the series (entire show, for you UKers), perhaps even better than the series premier.
  3. Martin Freeman will play the William H Macy character, and Billy Bob Thornton is playing a new character Show is exec produced by the Coen Brothers, and the pilot is written by Noah Hawley (Bones, The Unusuals, My Generation) and directed by Adam Bernstein (Breaking Bad, Californication, House of Lies)
  4. TV spot for Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD (new TV series):
  5. As I predicted, they are no longer referring to the 8 episodes that aired in 2012 as "Season 5 Part 1", it's just "Season 5". The 8 episodes airing this July-Aug are "Season 6". Here's the press release for the Season 5 DVD/Blu Ray! (There are no spoilers within for Season 5 or 6)
  6. This will for sure be the best new show on television next year. The books this show is based on are on par with Lord of the Rings quality wise, but more realistic, dark and gritty. By the way "Game of Thrones" is scored by oscar winner Stephen Warbeck, not bad in my eyes and this further shows the ambition and quality HBO is known for! This is a 10 minutes behind the scenes look
  7. As far as I know, it hasn't made an appearance in the U.S yet But I enjoyed every Episode of the 3 Episode pilot of this. What also stood out was the music, some of which was gripping. Plenty of lietmotif. Last night, Holmes was sitting around bored waiting for a case, and when he picked up the phone, his 'theme' as such began to play . And the finale of last night's one had gripping music. Decided to finally see who had composed the music, and apparently it is David Arnold and Michael Price. The 3 episodes are on BBC Iplayer if you're in Britain and missed the three episodes. I hope they make more, and I hear it has been very successful so I would think we will see more. I think the casting was superb. It was one of those ideas that right away I interestingly thought - "Yeah, that will work" when the premise was a modern day version of Holmes and Watson. Here is the basic intro theme, but clever variations of this appear through the episodes in a more orchestral form. Unfortunatley there are no example of its music, to share yet. Although I'll try and grab some from Iplayer sometime.
  8. Hey, so I was thinking the other day that we don't really have a thread for TV shows that don't generate enough discussion to warrant their own threads, but you might want to discuss them when something important happens or whatever. Like for example, the other day there was random discussion of "Breaking Bad" buried in the "what was the last film you watched?" thread, that will never be easily found in a search. Of course the individual threads should continue, so I'll link them here. If I missed any let me know!'>24'>Battlestar Galactica'>Doctor Who'>Dollhouse'>Fringe'>Heroes'>LOST'>MythBusters'>The Office (US)'>Scrubs'>South Park I'll kick it off: This season of Big Love is excellent! Anybody watch? Also: Has anybody checked out Kings or Castle? I was curious how they were.
  9. I was one of those that grew up with the late Tom Baker stories, and I wanted to BE Peter Davison when I was littler....Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy weren't helped by some dumb stories (it never really got any better than Tom Baker and the Genesis of the Daleks, story-wise....though Colin Baker had a few good'uns to chew on....) And so, 16 years have passed since the good Doctor and Ace went off for that cup of tea, and in a little under 24 hours a new series starts......finally....... .....not to discard the Paul McGann show, but it just wasn't Dr Who.....not really.....half human, huh?......though Eric Roberts made a good Master (not in Roger Delgado's league though.....) So - 16 years' wait are almost at an end - I can only hope it was worth it all, but by the look of the trailers, boy, am I in for a treat for the next few Saturday nights at 7pm...... Greg - who feels that we should move our living-room around so that there is room to hide behind the sofa.....