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Found 4 results

  1. Petition: Star Wars Complete Scores

    Okay, yes, before you call me an idiot for making a petition, be aware that I already know that. Anyway, I remember what Shawn Murphy said about complete scores for the prequels, that if there's enough outcry for them, maybe Lucasfilm would consider it. Well, I though, perhaps a petition could help boost that outcry. I see petitions for crap all the time on Facebook, and they seem to be doing well. So, I though, why not? Maybe it could gain some degree of popularity with JW fans, and maybe it would show Lucasfilm that people do in fact want more music. So if you have the time, please consider signing the petition below, and don't forget to spread the word! That is, unless, you hate John Williams.
  2. Alternate version of "Goodbye, Old Friend"

    Anyone hear this version before? Start the video at 2:58 ‚Äč
  3. Grievous Travels to Utapau (No Choir)

    I know that one of the video game rips contains this cue without choir, but I can't remember what game. I just got GAL Rage of the Wookiees today thinking that was it, but it's not in there (that I can find anyway). Anyone know what rip it was in?
  4. Star Wars Flash Mob

    Not sure if this has been posted previously, but, it convinces me that I'm moving to Europe. BKL: Packing as we speak.