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Found 4 results

  1. The Illustrious Jerry

    Top 10 Works by Russian Composers

    Fire away with your top ten pieces by Russian composers. My answer is on the way.
  2. We all know John Williams is one of (if not the) best film-score composer of all time. We also know that because of this, we cannot really compare him with classical composers; film composing is just something different. However because he does write for a symphony orchestra, we can compare composing techniques and styles. My question then becomes: where would you rank him among the well known classical composers? For example, in my opinion, both in creating melodies as well as in colourful orchestration, he really is (almost?) on par with the great Russian composer Tchaikovsky. Let me give an example. If you compare Luke and Leia (from ROTJ) with In a Pine Forest (from the Nutcracker ballet, composed by Tchaikovsky), I think one cannot immediately say one of the pieces is better than the other as a composition, even without the film/ballet. What are your opinions? Curious to find out!
  3. Found this video today. It's from 2012, but apparently, in this clip, Hopkins is hearing the music for the first time in 50 years. André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra performing "And The Waltz Goes On" in Maastricht. A Waltz composed by Sir Anthony Hopkins. (Taken from "André Rieu - Under the Stars. Live in Maastricht 5.") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M57Fi19vcSI#t=357
  4. Hello there, couse of JW was the creator of my childhood and couse i decided to study music at Prague conservatory because of his influence, i want to present there next composition i have written in January this year 2014. Its called "Organismus chalybeius de Gustave Eiffel " " Steel organism of Gustav Eiffel " i wanted to show, that even a steel construction could have some kind of a life, organism inside it self. Eiffel Tower in Paris I was inspirated by Impressionism and Romanticism period. Thanks you for watching and thanks to John Williams!