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Dr. Jones

NEW Star Wars Soundtrack Box in 2007

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Whilst I agree with most of NewRisingSun's suggestions, I think that the ultimate sounding versions of the Original Trilogy scores can be met by adopting the following simple points:

1.) Use the original film mixes – no extra reverb or trickery

At least no extra reverb or "trickery" that WASN'T there originally....

BTW, does anyone know if "Solo's encounter with Jabba" cue somehow made it into this box set? It's listed in the liner notes for the Special edition and as far as I know should have appeared at about 57 seconds into the "Millenium Falcon/Imperial Cruiser Pursuit", but it was never there.....

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Getting all upset over the way how the Main Title for Star Wars was edited? :roll:

As Spock would say.. "Totally illogical".

Agree. Unless you don't understand how and why film music is recorded and handled the way it is.....

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