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Film Score Monthly announces the Blue Box - Superman.

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On 1/29/2019 at 8:52 AM, Jurassic Shark said:


I guess the box might have more extensive liner notes(?)

Well there might be that. Some consolation at least.

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12 minutes ago, Stefancos said:

Inky, you can solve the problem by not buying the new LLL release.

Can I Stefan?! Can I truly?!! With its new-fangled improved sound quality and Mike Matessino liner notes! I don't think so!

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14 hours ago, SyncMan said:

According to SAE, the "blue box" is gone:


Yet, LLL's Superman CD didn't make to February's schedule. 😥


OMG!! We might have to wait a few more months for Matessino's third release of this score?? Noooooo!!!

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On 11/21/2007 at 11:47 AM, El Jefe said:

Ok, time for the fanboy in me to come out.

The boxed set is either:

1. complete remastered Superman I, II, III and IV scores with alternates and outakes.

2. The original Star Trek TV series with Jerry Goldsmith's Complete Star Trek TMP to include alternates and outakes.

3. A Hitchcock boxed set to include the first legit release of the original scores to Psycho, Marnie, Family Plot and Herrmann's Torn Curtain.

4. An Alex North box set with Spartacus

5. A Miklos Rozsa set with Quo Vadis

6. Something for either Korngold or Steiner

7. And while this is a pure fanboy wish because it doesn't fit the hints Lukas Kendall gave, a remastered film score set for the films of Ray Harryhausen.



I’d like to call back to this fan boy speculation post I made before the Blue Box was announced.


We ended getting 5 of those box sets/ releases and technically we did get a sixth set with the Herrmann box set, although it was his 20th Century Fox scores.

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I still have hope that a L2P Superman-The Movie concert will happen.  Warner Bros or any concert production company can’t be that stupid to pass this up.

Having said that:

On 1/25/2019 at 1:58 PM, Jay said:

Wow!  People snatching it up!

Assuming that this is true, I am wondering if whoever is buying up these sets is one group—a concert hall that may be doing the Superman L2P concert.  Since they are purchased at the 50% discount, the venue can sell the “blue box” at a mark-up in the hopes that people buying them will be casual symphony concert goers who are just starting to enjoy these programs—not us nerds, here, who know better. 😁  I say that because I was at the Harry Potter…Chamber of Secrets concert in Rochester, NY, last month, and at the lobby of The Eastman Theater, they were selling the old Warner Sunset/Nonesuch/Atlantic soundtrack CD.  I didn’t stop to look at the price.


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