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Golden State Pops Orchestra performs Indy and Jurassic

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POPS for Pops

Saturday June 14th 2008 @8:00 PM*

LIVE! Onstage at the historic

Warner Grand Theatre

478 West 6th Street, San Pedro

To Buy Tickets: www.gspo.com or call the GSPO Box Office: 310 433 8774


Celebrate Father’s Day with the Golden State Pops Orchestra – we’ve created a show for the guy in every Dad! Bring your Dad and enjoy hearing music culled from his favorite films and sports events.

In celebration of the release of the newest chapter in the Indiana Jones saga, GSPO wil be performing end credit music from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade by John Williams.

Featuring our Very Special Guest:

Sam Spence conducting his original music from the NFL film series.

The Saturday June 14th concert at the historic Warner Grand Theatre

will include selections from:

Music from the NFL Films Series by Sam Spence

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - John Williams

Jurassic Park Suite – John Williams

Godfather Suite - Nina Rota

Theme from Rudy - Jerry Goldsmith

End Credits from Back to the Future III - Alan Silvestri

Music from Gladiator – Hans Zimmer

Magnificent 7 – Elmer Bernstein

New USC Fight Song written and donated by Sam Spence

Ticket Prices:

GSPO Anytime 07/08 Season Tickets - $125

Buy six get one free!

Six tickets, useable all season for any GSPO Warner Grand concert at a $25 savings!

Single tickets: General Admission - $25, Seniors and Students - $15

How to Order Tickets:

Call Us •• (310) 433-8774 •• Buy Tickets on the Web: www.GSPO.com

We accept Credit Card: VISA, MasterCard and Discover

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These concerts are usually great. Why so few Southern California film music fans show up is rather baffling to me. At least very few seem to post about them at FSM and such.

I went to the Memorial Day-themed one and the Williams pieces (Summon The Heroes, Born On The Fourth of July, & JW arrangement of National Anthem) were all excellent.

I can't wait for the concert NEXT June which is supposed to be all Williams....

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In case I sit through the music from Gladiator, do I get 5 $ off?

Is it Gladiator or is it Holst's Mars? Either way, a little fluff to get some other great stuff is still a great evening out at an inexpensive price.

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