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John Mulder Simpson

Yes I'm a newbie!

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hello everybody!!!

My name is John (YEAH!!)

I'm 25, (26 on sunday) I'm from Mexico and I fell in love with the Maetro's music back in 1993 with Jurassic PArk, when I got the album i listended like 4 tiomes every day for about two months!!!!

now I have more than 40 albums (the only one I dont like is Seven Years In Tibet) and I wait for every new record like a kid waits for Santa!!

what else? ok, just to be "original",my top 5, which obviously changes every time I hear a different album, hehehe

1.- Memoirs of a Geisha

2.- TESB

3.- Schindler's List

4.- The Lost World

5.- Jurassic Patk (for sentimental reasons, hehehe)

PS: i say "hehe" a lot, please be patient with me, I like to have laughs.... hehehe

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