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2 hours ago, Disco Stu said:

Who are you implying is actually Canada‘s finest?  Neil Young?  I agree, if so.


2 hours ago, Sweeping Strings said:

Well it's not Celine 'all the vocal histronics but no discernible genuine emotion' Dion, that's for damn sure.

Guys, take a long look at my avatar...;)

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So, the White Album is the Fab4 throwing shit at the wall, not really caring whether it sticks - which somehow still becomes very good. Probably would work better as a single LP with selected highlights, but still has a charm in the concept of hearing what kind of experimenting went on in the studio. 

Like with Pepper last year, my very very first reaction is not absolute enthusiasm at all, but I'm 100% sure it will grow on me and I will love it when I'll already know the lyrics by heart. I don't mean that in a "forcing myself to like it because I already paid money for it" way, it's just still strange and new, I have to get acquainted with it. Maybe I just need to get used to the album as a format instead of DIY cherrypicked best-of compilations.

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@Holko, which version have you got: standard issue, or the huge box?

Most people agree that it would make a killer single album, but no-one can agree on what to include. Any thoughts?

"I'll love it when I'll...know the lyrics..."?

#Cream tangerine, montelemar. Ginger sling with a pineapple heart#.

If they don't get ya, then nuthin' will!

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15 minutes ago, Stefancos said:

But the "common" folk don't understand them as well as you do, right?


What is there to understand? You either like what you hear or you don't.


16 minutes ago, Richard said:

BEATLES FOR SALE wasn't, when first released, and a lot of contemporary critics weren't all that taken with REVOLVER.

One critic (whose name I can't remember) called LET IT BE a "cardboard tombstone".


Revolver was too progressive for some critics at the time but Revolver is wildly popular and often cited as their best album.

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CHRIST, I still adore this 27 years on.

It's the track that knocked Bryan Adams off the UK No. 1 spot after 'Everything I Do' had been there for 15 weeks.  

It's got Larry Mullen laying down a beat that wouldn't shame a hip-hop track.

It's got Edge playing his BALLS off, heavy AF riffs and knocking out a solo that you can ... well, you can somehow hear it GLEAMING. And he does a down-camera look towards the end of the video that suggests he'd fucking END you, sonny. 

It's got Bono's vocals ranging from a subterranean growl to his 'fat lady sings' falsetto.


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