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I like the premiere more then I thought I would. I was disappointed they took a non-specific "ambiguous" approach to white nationalism, but the stuff with Cartman & Alexa was hilarious at least, so there's that. Also the home commercial parodies were funny, but they went for longer then they should have.

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South Park 21x01 White People Renovating Houses


Well, I thought it was funny!


Randy's TV show was very funny; I normally wouldn't get the references at all, but every time we visit my wife's parents, I flip around on their cable system because I have't had cable myself for 5 years and counting now.  This parody was SPOT ON, especially about how MANY hous renovating shows there are!  Good stuff.

Cartman with Heidi was also VERY funny.  It's very relateable if you've been in a relationship you've known wouldn't work but wasn't over yet, or dating someone like that, or just can't come to grips with the part that comes after the honeymoon phase.  Clever stuff


All the Alexa/Siri/etc jokes were good too!  Never got old.


The rednecks filling in for Alexa, etc was pretty good, but their story overall was the weakest part of the episode.

Good stuff!

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