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Henry Buck

James Newton Howard's Defiance

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I'm liking some of it. It's interesting. He must have done some research, as he's quoting a Hebrew hymn in the main titles. The action stuff isn't really doing it for me at the moment...but I have a feeling that this one will grow on me.

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Wow, I'd missed that. Thanks for posting! JNH is one of my favorite composers, and there seems to be quite an amount of free music there. Now I know what I will do when my Indy set doesn't arrive today.

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Okay so I got this into my iTunes. I was confused when people were talking about tracks and stuff, well because this version is 28 tracks. 1 hour of music. On Amazon, the OST only has 15 tracks, but there are no track times up. So... could this possibly have a ton more music than the actual release?

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I LOVE this score. It's like The Village meets Schindler's List. Maybe that's a really shallow analogy, but it seems appropriate. And it is, believe me, high praise. This is making me very excited for the film.

Best JNH score in years!

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Okay so here are the OST track titles:

1. Defiance Main Titles

2. Survivors

3. Make Them Count

4. Your Wife

5. The Bielski Otriad

6. Bella and Zus

7. Exodus

8. Camp Montage

9. The Wedding

10. Winter

11. Escaping the Ghetto

12. Police Station

13. Tuvia Kisses Lilka

14. Nothing is Impossible

15. The Bielski Brothers/Ikh Bin A Mame

Now here are the FYC track titles with times:

Main Titles 2:29

Tuvia 2:06

Aron Finds Survivors 1:12

Mourning 1:17

Tuvia Kills Policemen 2:41

Zus Breaks Down 2:20

Town Motorcycle Attack 5:17

Tuvia Takes Command 2:00

Tuvia's Wife Is Dead 1:04

Bella And Zus 2:18

Moving Camp Exodus 1:51

Building New Camp 0:54

Tuvia And Zus Fight 2:52

Leaving Grotto 1:39

Camp Montage 2:24

Camp Montage 1:41

Wedding Dance 1:47

Winter 2:04

Police Station 3:06

Medicine 1:35

Confronting Arkady 1:28

Tuvia Gets Well 1:37

Tuvia Kisses Lilka 1:23

Beating The German 2:09

Air Raid 3:08

Escaping The Infantry 3:42

Swamp 4:11

Tank 4:26

These are the FYC tracks that could possibly (and obviously) be the same as the ones on the OST (OST tracks are in parenthesis):

1. Main Titles (Defiance Main Titles)

2. Aron Finds Survivors (Survivors)

3. - (Make Them Count)

4. Tuvia's Wife Is Dead (Your Wife)

5. - (The Bielski Otriad)

6. Bella And Zus (Bella And Zus)

7. Moving Camp Exodus (Exodus)

8. Camp Montage/Camp Montage (Camp Montage)

9. Wedding Dance (The Wedding)

10. Winter (Winter)

11. Escaping The Infantry (Escaping The Ghetto)

12. Police Station (Police Station)

13. Tuvia Kisses Lilka (Tuvia Kisses Lilka)

14. - (Nothing Is Impossible)

15. - (The Bielski Brothers/Ikh Bin A Mame)

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I will say...once again, James Newton Howard manages to sneak in a magical moment....you know...not just any magical moment...but with that ethereal transcendent quality.

How does he do it...every time?

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I ask again...

Is "Tanks" supposed to be music? :)

It's supposed to be a sleeping pill.


I love this score. There's definitely more music in the media kit, I did a calculation a few days ago: the streaming music (same as the CD) is 45 mins. The media kit is 1 hr, 5 mins, so there's about 20 minutes of music, at least, not on the CD. Depends whether the kit is the complete score or not.

I'll probably buy this and fill in the gaps with the mp3s.

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