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Complete Cue Lists

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Where are the complete cue lists for JW's scores that were once so easy to find?

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I think most of them were fan made, not the true original titles. I could be wrong about that...but when Ricard updated the site they weren't put back onto the main page along with a few other stuff.

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You can still find most of them on the internet archive. Some of them are still very handy and excellent material to use if you're editing something chronologically etc. It's been requested here many times before to put them back, but for some reason or other it's never been put back on.

Which one are you looking for in particular? I may have saved it to my pc.

(PS: and yes, many of them were fan-made and did not feature the correct cue list titles, if that's what you're looking for.)

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I'm looking for as many of them as I can find. They were a great resource.

I'm hearin' you there Elliot.

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I know of only a few... Harry Potter, some of the star wars, Jurassic Park... I think we have Schindlers List too... uhm...

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Yeah, I think the only (official) complete cue lists for Williams scores that I know of are:

* Superman


* Raiders

* E.T.


* Jurassic Park

* Sleepers



Of course, there are probably a few I've forgotten, and there are few others (like Hook) that we have partial lists for, but that's about it.

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I wouldn't be surprised if some of the recent label releases are fairly accurate to the original cue titles, but we'll probably never know. Stuff like Home Alone 2 and Heartbeeps, for instance, seemed pretty accurate, whereas the Star Wars SE's were clearly not, with all their geeky technical titles.

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I believe the labels do tend to use the original titles. FSM did for Star Trek II, III and the Ron Jones set as well as Blue Box Superman set. La-La Land has with Batman, Independence Day, Godzilla, The Edge and I believe Bad Boys. Intrada did with Back To The Future. Varèse for the most part did with Star Trek.

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1) Raiders of the Lost Ark

01. In the Jungle [1m1]

02. The Cave [1m2]

03. The Rolling Ball [1m3 Insert]

04. The Rolling Ball [1m3]

05. Flight to Freedom [2m1]

06. The Book [3m1]

07. Thinking of Marion [3m2]

08. To Tibet [3m3]

09. The Medallion [3m4-4m1]

10. To Cairo [4m2]

11. Escape in the Alleys (Basket Chase) [4m4-5m1]

12. Poisoned Dates [5m3]

13. Don't Touch That [5m5-6m1]

14. Discovering the Script [6m2]

15. Reunion in the Tent [6m3]

16. The Floor that Moves [7m1]

17. Uncovering the Ark [7m2-8m1]

18. Marion Into The Pit [8m2]

19. Escaping the Pit [8m3 Fix Insert] (Unknown slate)

20. Escaping the Pit [8m3 fix]

21. Escaping the Pit [8m3 Orig]

22. Pffist Fight [8m5]

23. Indie In Pursuit [9m1]

24. Truck Chase [9m1A]

25. Indie's Feats [9m1B]

26. En Bateau [10m4]

27. The German Sub [10m5]

28. The Nazi Hideout [10m6]

29. Indy Rescues The Ark [11m1]

30. The Miracle Of The Arc [11m2-12m1]

31. End Credits [Part I] (UNNUMBERED)

32. End Credits [Part II] (UNNUMBERED)

33. End Credits [Part III] (UNNUMBERED)

2) Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom

Composed by John Williams

Arranged by Herbert Spencer(*) and Alexander Courage (@)

01. *High Life in Hong Kong [1m1] – (26 Measures) [0:40]

02. *Anything Goes – Part II [1m2] – (40 Measures) [0:54]

03. *Anything Goes – Part II A [1m2a] – (63 Measures) [1:15]

04. @ Anything Playoff (Band Mix) [1m3] – (10 Measures) [0:14]

05. A Tribute to Vernon [1m4] – (36 Measures)

06. *Indy Negotiates [1m5] – (109 Measures) [3:59]

07. @ Once in a Vial [1m6] – (109 Measures)

08. @ Once in a Vial (Source) [1m6a] – (30 Measures)

09. *Through Chinatown [1m7/2m1] – (159 Measures) [3:51]

10. *Out of Fuel [2m2] – (115 Measures)

11. *Revised “Map Extension” - (21 Measues)

12. *Bar 34 Insert – (4 Measures)

13. *Bar 76 Insert – (6 Measures)

14. New Intro [2m3a] – (19 Measures)

15. Down the Snowbank [2m3] – (106 Measures)

16. *The Indian Village [2m4] – (28 Measures)

17. The Old Priest's Tale (Original) [3m1] (61 measures)

18. The Old Priest [3m1 Revised] – (63 Measures)

19. *Alternate Beginning [3m2a] – (8 Measures)

20. *The Child Returns [3m2] – (50 Measures)

21. *The Elephant Ride [3m3/4m1] – (94 Measures)

22. *The Scroll [4m2]

23. *To Pankot Palace [4m3] – (First 36 Measures) (Part I)

24. (POSSIBLY) Insert [4m3]

25. *To Pankot Palace [4m3] – (Measure 37 to 84) (Part II)

26. *The Emperor's Entrance [5m1x] – (18 Measures)

27. Entrance of the Boy King [5m1] – (10 Measures)

28. (Palace Source I) [?]

29. (Palace Source II) [5m2]

30. The First Supper [5m2a]

31. Exchange of Glances [5m2b] (7 measures)

32. *Nocturnal Activities [5m3] – (46 Measures)

33. Strangle Hold [5m4/6m1] – (93 Measures)

34. *The Inner Chamber [6m2] – (67 Measures)

35. The Walls Come Down [6m3] – (126 Measures)

36. Sanskrit Sacrifice [7m1]

37. More Sacrifice [7m2] (47 measures)

38. Sanskrit Sacrifice [7m1]

39. Sacrifice Sweetener [7m1a]

40.Sacrifice Sweetener [7m1d]

41. @ Approaching the Stones [7m3] (67 measures)

42. *Slave Children [7m4/8m1] (57 measures)

43. Slave Children (Insert) [7m4/8m1] (4 measures)

44. *Moloram's Speech [8m2] (47 measures)

45. *The Evil Potion [8m3] (66 Measures)

46. @ Short Round Escapes [9m1] (71 measures)

47. Sanskrit Continued [9m1x] (24 measures)

48. Willie in the Fryer [9m2]

49. Saving Willie [9m3] (128 measures)

50. *Crusade of the Slave Children [9m7/10m1] (81 measures)

51. *Short Round Helps Out [10m2] (35 measures)

52. *Indy Takes Charge [10m3] (141 measures)

53. *Mine Car Chase [10m4/11m1] (150 measures)

54. *Water Music [11m1] (71 measures)

55. Water Music Insert [11m1 Insert] (7 measures)

56. The Sword Trick [11m2] (39 measures)

57. Bridge Music [2:08]

58.*The Broken Bridge [11m4] (135 measures)

59. *British Relief [11m5/12m1] (39 measures)

60. Finale [12m1] (108 measures)

61. End Credits [12m5] (142 measures)

3. Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade

01. 1m2 "Main Titles"

02. 1m3 "Stealing The Cross"

03. 1m4/2m1 "Escape From The Train"

04. 2m2 The Boat Scene

05. 2m3/3m1 Sinister Visitors

06. 3m2a The Holy Grail

07. 3m3 Father's Study

08. 3m4 "Flight To Venice"

09. 4m1 "X Marks The Spot"

10. 4m2 Beneath The Floors

11. 4m3/5m1 Kazim and the Rats!

12. 5m3 "The Boat Chase"

13. 5m6 Into Bavaria

14. 5m6/6m1 Bringing On Father

15. 6m2 Discussing The Book

16. 6m3 "Elsa's Betrayal"

17. 6m4 Market Source

18. 6m5 The Capture Of Marcus

19. 7m1 The Austrian Way

20. 7m2 Room In Flames

21. 7m3 "The Motorcycle Chase"

22. 7m4/8m1 To Berlin

23. 8m2 Koeniggraetzer March

24. 8m3 Meeting Hitler

25. 8m5 Intrigue On The Dirigible

26. 8m7/9m1 Turning Around

27. 9m2 "The Biplane Chase"

28. 9m3 Palace Source

29. 9m4 Kasim Meets Max

30. 10m1 The Death Of Kazim

31. 10m2 "The Tank Chase"

32. 10m3/11m1 On The Tank

33. 11m2 "Indy Vs Vogel"

34. 11m4/12m1 The Canyon Of The Crescent Moon

35. 12m2 The Penitent Man Will Pass

36. 13m1 "The Name Of God/The Path Of God"

37. 13m2 "The Keeper Of The Grail"

38. 13m3 The Wrong Choice

39. 13m4/14m1 Letting It Go

40. 14m2 End Credits

1m3 Stealing The Cross (Circus Organ Sweetener)

1m4-2m1x Escape From The Train (Sweetener)

4m1 X Marks The Spot (Insert)

5m3 Intro

5m3 The Boat Chase (Mandolin Sweetener 1)

5m3 The Boat Chase (Mandolin Sweetener 2)

5m3 The Boat Chase (Mandolin Sweetener 3)

7m2 Insert #1

7m2 Insert #2

6m2x New Ending

6m3 Alternate Start New

9m2 New Ending

9m2 Final Ending

10m1 The Death Of Kazim (Insert 1)

10m1 The Death Of Kazim (Insert 2)

10m1 The Death Of Kazim (Insert 3)

10m1 The Death Of Kazim (Insert A)

10m1 The Death Of Kazim (Fix For Bar 65)

10m3-11m1 On The Tank (Insert 1)

10m3-11m1 On The Tank (Insert 2)

11m4-12m1Overlap Indy Dad Alternate Start

4) Jurassic Park

01. Opening Titles (1m1a)

02. The Island Incident (1m1b)

03. The Encased Mosquito (1m2)

04. The Entrance of Mr Hammond (2m1)

05. Que Milagros Chaparrita Source (2m2)

06. To the Island (2m3)

07. Record Intro (3m2 Booth) *For Theme from Jurassic Park Album edit

08. The Dinosaurs (3m2)

09. The Entrance to the Park (3m2a)

10. Cartoon Demonstration (3m3)

11. Hatching Baby Raptors (4m1)

12. You've Bred Raptors (4m2)

13. The History Lesson (5m1)

14. Jurassic Park Gate (5m2)

15. Goat Bait (5m3)

16. An Ailing Monster (6m2)

17. A Storm is Coming (6m3)

18. Dennis Steals the Embryos (7m1)

19. The Trouble with Dennis (8m1)

20. The Falling Car (9m1)

21. The T-Rex Chase (9m2)

22. A Tree for my Bed (9m3)

23. Remembering Petticoat Lane (10m1)

24. My Friend the Brachiosaurus (10m2)

25. Eggs in the Forest (10m3)

26. Eggs in the Forest (10m3) Alt. Ending

27. System Ready (11m1)

28. Preparing to Meet the Monster (11m2)

29. High Wire Stunts (11m3-12m1)

30. Hungry Raptor (12m2)

31. Into the Kitchen (13m1)

32. March Past the Kitchen Utensils (13m2)

33. T-rex to the Rescue (14m1)

34. End Credits Part I (14m2)

35. End Credits Part II (14m2)

5) Harry Potter: Sorcerer's Stone

01) [1m2] WB Potter Logo V1 (Alternate) - [00:17]

02) [1m2] WB Potter Logo V2 (Film) - [00:18]

03) [1m1] The Prologue - [04:15]

04) [1m3] The Friendly Reptile - [02:59]

05) [1m4] Don't Burn my Letter - [02:04]

06) [1m5] Mail Delivery - [01:39]

07) [2m1] The Beach and the Arrival of Hagrid - [01:22]

08) [2m2] You're a Wizard, Harry - [03:29]

09) [2m3] The Wizard's Pub (Source) - [01:19]

10) [2m4] Diagon Alley - [04:37]

11) [2m4] Diagon Alley Insert (Take 568a) - [00:31]

12) [2m4] Diagon Alley Insert (Take 569a) - [00:26]

13) [2m4] Diagon Alley Insert (Take 570a) - [00:30]

14) [2m4] Diagon Alley Insert (Take 575a) - [00:17]

15) [2m4] Diagon Alley (Revised Take) - [04:36]

16) [2m5] Harry Gets His Wand - [02:04]

17) [3m1] Hagrid Flashback - [02:52]

18) [3m2] Platform Nine and Three Quarters - [02:38]

19) [3m3] Escaping Frog - [00:49]

20) [3m4] Arrival at Hogwarts - [02:04]

21) [3m5] Entry into the Great Hall - [01:57]

22) [3m6] House Selection - [03:28]

23) [4m1] The Banquet - [03:40]

24) [4m2] Lonely First Night - [01:04]

25) [4m2] Lonely First Night (Alternate Take) - [01:05 *Null - Turns out to be the same take

26) [4m3] Mail Drop - [01:32]

27) [4m4] Mr Longbottom Flies - [03:32]

28) [5m4] The Moving Stairs - [01:57]

29) [4m6] It's Guarding Something (Revised) - [00:33]

30) [4m7] Introduction to Quidditch - [01:30]

31) [5m1] Hermione's Feather - [00:40]

32) [5m1x] Troll in the Dungeon - [00:22]

33) [5m2] Fighting the Troll - [03:45]

34) [5m3] Nimbus 2000 - [01:13]

35) [5m4 Pt I] Let the Games Begin - [02:12]

36) [5m4 Pt II] The Scoring Begins - [01:37]

37) [5m4 Pt III] Slytherin Scores - [02:26]

38) [5m4 Pt IV] Harry's Great Victory - [02:24]

39) [6m1] Hagrid's Christmas Tree - [00:55]

40) [6m1a Alt] Cast a Christmas Spell (Ghosts) - [01:44]

41) [6m1a] Christmas Music Box - [01:16]

42) [6m1] Christmas Morning - [02:08]

43) [6m2a] The Library Scene - [05:16]

44) [6m3] Dumbledore's Advice - [02:28]

45) [6m4a] Hedwig's Time Transition - [01:10]

46) [6m4] Owl's Flight (Take 34) - [01:14]

47) [6m4] Owl's Flight (Take 35) - [01:12]

48) [6m4] Owl's Flight (Take 36w) - [01:17]

49) [6m4] Owl's Flight (Take 37w) - [00:41]

50) [6m4] Owl's Flight (Take 38w) - [00:19]

51) [6m5] Hermione's Reading (Rev) - [01:06]

52) [6m6] Norwegian Ridgeback - [01:37]

53) [7m1] Filch's Fond Remembrance - [01:30]

54) [7m2] The Blue Forest - [05:14]

55) [7m3] Three Note Loop - [03:37]

56) [7m3a] Hagrid Playing the Flute - [00:41]

57) [7m4] Running to mcGonagall - [02:12]

58) [TRACKED] Petrified Longbottom - [00:38]

59) [7m6] Fluff'ys Harp - [02:29]

60) [7m7] In the Vinesnakes - [02:28]

61) [7m8] The Flying Keys - [01:57]

62) [8m1] The Chess Board - [01:58]

63) [8m2] The Game Begins - [03:46]

64) [8m3] Checkmate - [01:58]

65) [8m4] The Mirror Scene - [06:11]

66) [8m5] Love, Harry - [01:40]

67) [9m1] Gryffindor Wins - [02:37]

68) [9m2] Leaving Hogwarts - [02:14]

69) [unnumbered] End Credits Pt. I - [05:25]

70) Family Portrait (Children's Suite) - [03:22]

71) Fluffy's Harp (Children's Suite) - [02:40]

72) Hedwig's Theme (Children's Suite with Inserts) - [05:03]

73) Hedwig's Theme (Miniature Children's Suite) - [02:12]

74) Hogwarts Forever (Children's Suite) - [01:53]

75) Diagon Alley (Children's Suite) - [02:50]

76) Nimbus 2000 (Children's Suite) - [02:25]

77) Quidditch (Children's Suite) - [01:47]

78) Voldemort (Children's Suite) - [02:18]

79) Coke Ad 60second - [01:01]

80) Trailer 1

82) Trailer 2

83) Trailer 2 Intro

84) New Trailer Intro

85) MX 8 & 10

6) Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets

01) 1M1 “Prologue: Book II” - Album Disc 1/ Unreleased

02) 1m2 ?

03) 1m3A Gather Around - Unreleased

04) 1m3 Introducing "Dobbie"

05) 1m4 Dobby Warns Harry

06) 1m5 Unsent Letter/ Cake

07) 1m5b Unsent Letters/ Cake Ending (Revised Ending)

08) 1m6 (TRACKED)

09) 1m7 Escape from the Dursley's

10) 1m8 Magical Household - Unreleased

11) 1m9 Letters from Hogwarts/ Floo Powder

12) 1m9 insert Errol Delivers The Mail

13) 1m10 Borgin and Burkes

14) 1m11/2mA Knocturn Alley/ Diagon Alley

15) 2m1a Flourish and Blotts

16) 2m1b Harry Meets Lucius

17) 2m2 The Train Station

18) 2m2 Insert (4 bars)

19) 2m3 The Flying Car

20) 2m4 The Whomping Willow

21) 2m4a Car Escapes

22) 2m5 Filches Warning

23) 2m6 Boys Receive Detention

24) 2m7 (TRACKED)

25) 2m8/ 2m8s Introducing Colin/ Mail Delivery

26) 2m8a Mail Delivery Insert (13 Bars)

27) 2m9 Howler Letter for Ron

28) 2m10 Gilderoy Lockhart

29) 2m11a Cornish Pixies

30) 2m11b Flying Pixies / Flying Pixies Recised Ending (2 bars)

31) 3m1 Eat Slugs

32) 3m2 Hermione and the Mudbloods

33) 3m3 The Writing on the Wall

34) 3m4/ 3m5 Dumbledore's Caution/ Night Corridor

35) 3m6 Transformation Class

36) 3m6 Insert

37) 3m7 The Library

38) 4m1 Pt 1 "Quidditch Stadium Part I"

39) 4m1 Pt 2 "Quidditch Stadium Part II" Bludger Attack

40) 4m1 Pt 3 Chasing the Snitch

41) 4m1 Pt 4 Harry Catches the Snitch

42) 4m2 Petrified Colin

43) 4m3 Moaning Mrytle

44) 4m4 Dueling Club

45) 5m1 Harry is a Parselmouth/ The Mountain

46) 5m2 Harry on the Mountain

47) 5m3 (TRACKED)

48) 5m4 Petrified Justin

49) 5m4a The Introduction of Fawkes

50) 5m5 Fawkes is Reborn

51) 5m6-5m7 Christmas Break

52) 5m8 Cakes for Crabbe & Goyle

53) 5m9 Insert Polyjuice Potion

54) 5m10a Worse Than Dumbledore

55) 6m1 (TRACKED)

56) 6m2 The Diary

57) 6m3 (TRACKED)

58) 6m4b Meeting Tom Riddle

59) 6m5 Ransacked Dormitory

60) 6m6 Petrified Hermione

61) 6m7-7mA Time to Get Dad's Cloak

62) 7m1 Hagrid's Arrest

63) 7m2 The Spiders (Pt I)

64) 7m3 Aragog

65) 7m4 The Spiders (Pt II)

66) 7m5a/b Car Drives Off/ It's a Basilisk

67) 7m6/8m1 Ginny Gets Snatched

68) 8m2 Mrtyle's Tale

69) 8m2a Insert The Chamber Door Opens

70) 8m2b Goodybe To Memories

71) 8m2b Pt II Harry Goes to Find Ginny

72) 8m3 Fawkes Delivers the Hat

73) 8m4 (TRACKED)

74) 8m5 Dueling the Dragon

75) 8m6 (TRACKED)

76) 8m7/9m1 Fawkes Heals Harry

77) 9m2 Dumbledore and Harry

78) 9m3 Lucius Visits Dumbledore/ Dobby is Freed

79) 9m4 A Reunion of Frieds

80) 9m4 Alt Ending

81) 10m1x Fawkes the Phoenix

82) End Credits Pt I

83) 10m3x The Chamber of Secrets

84) 10m4x Dobbie (the House Elf)

That's all i care to drudge up heh

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please forgive my ignorance but I have a question regarding the cues in COS list that say "(TRACKED)."

Does this mean that there aren't actually new cues recorded (for 8m4, 8m6 for example), but it was planned to track music from other cues into those spots? Again, sorry if it is a dumb question and thanks for the awesome post!

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If I may answer for GoodMusician...that's correct. :lol: Nothing new was recorded for those parts of the film.

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Like In Episode III, they planned out certain moments to simply utilize tracked music and so williams would skip those slate numbers... so exactly right ;-)

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Like In Episode III, they planned out certain moments to simply utilize tracked music and so williams would skip those slate numbers... so exactly right ;-)

Personally, I don't have a problem with that... It's just they could have tracked the almost unlistable underscore instead and let Williams compose new music for new scenes, like the controversial March to the Jedi Temple.

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Well considering the march to the Jedi temple was nearly 99% CG it probably wasn't finished in time for the spotting sessions.

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That's an assumption though... Williams never scores a scene that doesn't exist. He doesn't write music to nothing. If anything, he had animatics to score to... but it was still part of "Lament"

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