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On 9/27/2018 at 11:07 PM, Holko said:

Do they already know which is the real ending? There was word a while back that they filmed 5-6 of them and even the actors won't know which one is the real one.


Rumours to that effect were put out during the production, but the chances of them being true are surely close to zero. It provides a certain amount of cover from any spoiler leaks coming from members of the crew or from spies, and from any inadvertently revealing comments that might be made by members of the cast.

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What I liked about season 7 was it closed out a huge portions of storylines and combined many others.


All we have left is Sansa and Arya in charge of Winterfell with Baelish dead, Cersei running Kings Landing with Jamie starting to lose faith in her, and Danerys and Jon Snow united and unaware they're related (but Bran and Sam know)

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3 minutes ago, Quintus said:

Wait - Littlefinger is dead? I can't even remember that event.


Hard to believe right, if you recall the character in season one.


But yeah mate, your memory is seriously fucked. 

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