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Doctor Who (2005-) - Murray Gold

Source: Old interview, Series 4 soundtrack booklet & Ace Repertoire


Series 1


Adam and Rose


Series 2


The Christmas Invasion
Christmas Song
Tooth and Claw
Escape From Observatory
School Reunion
3DW16 ["the 'downloading' music"]

The Girl in the Fireplace

4DW1 Versailles





4DW4 Clockwork Nightmare

4DW5 Not Looking For It

4DW6 Fireplace Man



4DW9 Reinette

4DW10-Pt 1

4DW11-Pt 2


4DW12b Inside Her Mind

4DW13 Walking in Memories


4DW15-Pts 1&2


4DW17 The Monsters and The Doctor







The Age of Steel
The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

Welcome to Hell

We Must Feed

Black Hole

Human Beings Are Amazing!

Start Worrying

Disappearing Forever

Point Zero

Capsule Going Down
8/9 – DW Devils

The Satan Pit
Army of Ghosts
13DW19 'Requiem'
13DW – End
Rose's Theme, Part 2


Series 4


Voyage of the Damned


1X2 - Into Titles




Feeding Frenzy
The Feed
Cars and Trombones


Series 6


The Doctor's Wife
DW6 4M1
DW6 4M2
DW6 4M3
DW6 4M4
DW6 4M5
DW6 4M6
DW6 4M7
DW6 4M8
DW6 4M9
DW6 4M10
DW6 4M11
DW6 4M12
DW6 4M13
DW6 4M14
DW6 4M15
DW6 4M16
DW6 4M17
DW6 4M18
DW6 4M19
DW6 4M20
DW6 4M21
DW6 4M22
DW6 4M23
DW6 4M24
DW6 4M25
DW6 4M26
DW6 4M27
DW6 4M28
The Rebel Flesh
DW6 5M1
DW6 5M3
DW6 5M4
DW6 5M5
DW6 5M6
DW6 5M7
DW6 5M8
DW6 5M9
DW6 5M10
DW6 5M11
DW6 5M12
DW6 5M13
DW6 5M14
DW6 5M15
DW6 5M16
DW6 5M17
DW6 5M18
DW6 5M19
DW6 5M20
DW6 5M21
DW6 5M22
DW6 5M23
DW6 5M24
DW6 5M25
DW6 5M26
DW6 5M27
A Good Man Goes to War
DW6 7M1
DW6 7M2
DW6 7M3
DW6 7M4
DW6 7M5
DW6 7M6
DW6 7M7
DW6 7M8
DW6 7M9
DW6 7M10
DW6 7M11
DW6 7M12
DW6 7M13
DW6 7M14
DW6 7M15
DW6 7M16
DW6 7M17
DW6 7M18
DW6 7M19
DW6 7M20
DW6 7M21
DW6 7M22
DW6 7M23
DW6 7M24
DW6 7M25
DW6 7M26
DW6 7M27
DW6 7M28
Lets Kill Hitler
DW6 8M1
DW6 8M2
DW6 8M3
DW6 8M4
DW6 8M5
DW6 8M6
DW6 8M7
DW6 8M8
DW6 8M9
DW6 8M10
DW6 8M11
DW6 8M12
DW6 8M13
DW6 8M14
DW6 8M15
DW6 8M16
DW6 8M17
DW6 8M18
DW6 8M19
DW6 8M20
DW6 8M21
DW6 8M22
DW6 8M23
DW6 8M24
DW6 8M25
DW6 8M27
DW6 8M28
DW6 8M29
DW6 8M30
DW6 8M31
DW6 8M32
DW6 8M33
DW6 8M34
DW6 8M35
DW6 8M36
DW6 8M37
Night Terrors
DW6 9M1
DW6 9M2
DW6 9M3
DW6 9M4
DW6 9M5
DW6 9M6
DW6 9M7
DW6 9M8
DW6 9M9
DW6 9M10
DW6 9M11
DW6 9M12
DW6 9M13
DW6 9M14
DW6 9M15
DW6 9M16
DW6 9M17
DW6 9M18
DW6 9M19
DW6 9M20
DW6 9M21
DW6 9M22
DW6 9M23
DW6 9M24
DW6 9M25
DW6 9M26
DW6 9M27
DW6 9M28
DW6 9M29
DW6 9M30
Dolls Singing
The God Complex
DW6 11M1
DW6 11M2
DW6 11M3
DW6 11M4
DW6 11M5
DW6 11M6
DW6 11M7
DW6 11M8
DW6 11M9
DW6 11M10
DW6 11M11
DW6 11M12
DW6 11M13
DW6 11M14
DW6 11M15
DW6 11M16
DW6 11M17
DW6 11M18
DW6 11M19
DW6 11M20
DW6 11M21
DW6 11M22
DW6 11M23
DW6 11M24
DW6 11M25
DW6 11M26
DW6 11M27
DW6 11M28
DW6 11M29
DW6 11M30
DW6 11M31
DW6 11M32
DW6 11M33
DW6 11M34
DW6 11M35
DW6 11M36
DW6 11M37
DW6 11M38
Closing Time
DW6 12M1
DW6 12M2
DW6 12M3
DW6 12M4
DW6 12M5
DW6 12M6
DW6 12M7
DW6 12M8
DW6 12M9
DW6 12M10
DW6 12M11
DW6 12M12
DW6 12M13
DW6 12M14
DW6 12M15
DW6 12M16
DW6 12M17
DW6 12M18
DW6 12M19
DW6 12M20
DW6 12M21
DW6 12M22
DW6 12M23
DW6 12M24
DW6 12M25
DW6 12M26
DW6 12M27
DW6 12M28
The Wedding of River Song
DW6 13M1
DW6 13M2
DW6 13M3
DW6 13M4
DW6 13M5
DW6 13M6
DW6 13M7
DW6 13M8
DW6 13M9
DW6 13M10
DW6 13M11
DW6 13M12
DW6 13M13
DW6 13M14
DW6 13M15
DW6 13M16
DW6 13M17
DW6 13M18
DW6 13M19
DW6 13M20
DW6 13M21
DW6 13M22
DW6 13M23
DW6 13M24
DW6 13M25
DW6 13M26


Series 7


DW7B 7M1
DW7B 7M2
DW7B 7M3
DW7B 7M4
DW7B 7M5
DW7B 7M6
DW7B 7M7
DW7B 7M8
DW7B 7M9
DW7B 7M10
DW7B 7M11
DW7B 7M12
DW7B 7M13
DW7B 7M14
DW7B 7M15
DW7B 7M16
DW7B 7M17
DW7B 7M18
DW7B 7M19
DW7B 7M20
DW7B 7M21
DW7B 7M22
DW7B 7M23
DW7B 7M24
DW7B 7M25
DW7B 7M26
DW7B 7M27
DW7B 7M28
DW7B 7M29


Series 8


Into the Dalek
Blue Rescue One
You Are a Good Dalek
Kill the Moon
Hello Earth, We Have a Terrible Decision to Make
They've Been Here the Whole Time
There's a Rather Big Problem
NASA is That Way


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Torchwood (2007-2008) - Ben Foster

Source: composer's SoundCloud


Series 1


Day One
The Visitor
Carys Consumed
Ghost Machine
Ed Morgan
Ed Morgan Makes a Deal
Small Worlds
Photographing Fairies
Estelle's Death
The Abandoned Village
The Harvest
Harvest Chase
Tractor Attack
Gwen's Betrayal
Greeks Bearing Gifts
Toshiko Finds Out
Tosh Falls in Love
The Pendant
They Keep Killing Suzie
Bringing Back Suzie
Driving Through the Night
Suzie Explains
Out of Time
End of Days
The Plague
Owen is Fired
Bilis Shows the Future
Retina Scan SR
Jack Fights Abbadon
Jack in His Coffin
Jack's Resurrection


Series 2


From Out of the Rain
10TW15 Ghosts Forever


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Paranoia - Tom Holkenborg

Source: BMI

All Cues without Slates


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K9 (2009-2010) - Christoper Elves

Source: BMI Repertoire




Arriving at the Mansion
Special Delivery
A Full Report in 24 Hours
On the Run
Close Call
Entering the Mansion
S-TM Control of Space and Time
Jixen Arrive
Alien Threat Detected
K9 Was Being our Friend
Well Elo I'm Darius Pike
K9 Regenerates
This Unit is Not a Dog
My Name is K9
The City of London
Bonding Over Fallen Angels
Jorjie Arrives at Ballet
VR Detention
Innocent Aliens in Prison
Are You at Ballet Class?
Pink Frilly Tutu
Music in Memory Section
Unit Retains Memory Fragments
K9's Brain
Jixen Finds Starkey
Starkey Seeks Refuge
Good Boy Heel
June Oh Fig
A Tad Messy in There
Darius Plays it Cool
K9 and Starkey Hide
Department Servlience
The Prof's a Great Guy
K9 Gives Starkey His Whistle
Starkey will be Hunted
The Unit is a Cybernetic



Gryffen Misses His Family
Beating Jixen 400 Billion to 1
Jorjie Arrives
Dauntless Prison
Meron is Jixens Enemy
K9 Goes to Dauntless Prison
Starkey and Darius Make a Deal
A Drive to Dauntless Prison
Hunter Mines Take-Down K9
K9 Falls into Garbage
Breaking in the Back Door
CPPC Imprison Starkey/Darius
Cell with Mr Whiffy
Send the Aliens Back Home
K9 is Alive
How Do I Get Out of Here?
Darius Picked Thorne's Pocket
Mass Breakout
Jixen Has Starkey Cornered
Check-Mate/Locked in Cell
Meron Morphs
Imprisoning Aliens
Quite a Team
The Prison is Being Shut Down
Ready for Action Young Master

The Korven


Kicking Surveillance Butt
The Dissident and Alien Life Form
Hiding from the Camo
Trial and Error
The Korven Arrives
Gryffen Abducted
Jorjie and June Bond
Cooking Baked Beans
Analyse Your Analyser
Darius Call Jorjie for Help
Where are You Prof
Medawn Galen
The Gang Knows What Happened
Leeching is the Korven's Weakness
In the Tunnels
Plan Save the Prof
The Leeching Starts
Darius and K9 Save the Day
This Unit Needs to Recharge
Being Heroic is What I Do
Starkey is No Longer a Dissident
Starkey Moves into the Mansion

The Bounty Hunter


Zanthus Pia
All the Memory K9 Has
Going Walkies
Dissident Attack
The Bounty Hunter Arrives
Publicity Stunt
Cybernetic Device Known as K9
Saving the Day
Where is K9
Stand Trial for Murder
Drake We Need to Talk
Finding a Place to Hide
Failure of Your Section
It's Not a Drain, It's a Sewer
Galactic Bounty Hunter
I Don't Know Where They Are
Meeting with the Department
Find the Dog
Could K9 Have Killed?
This Unit is Guilty
Surrendering to Authorities
Time to Face Justice
The Truth Comes Out
All Moral Conflicts Resolved
Lost in Space

Sirens of Ceres


Vibeka Protests
CCPC's Arrest Starkey and Jorjie
Deploy the Inhibiter
Drake is Very Angry
June Scolds Jorjie
The Right to Rebel
It Was Sunday, I Was Bored
Gryffen Scolds Starkey
June's Domestic Distractions
Drake Suggests Magdalen Academy
Two Weeks Later
Jorjie's 1st Day at Magdalen
Don't Put on the Bracelet
Hyper Logarithms
Don't Join Melena's Study Group
Applause for Melena
This is Jorjie with Two J's
Vibeka Rejects Melena's Offer
Worst Day of Jorjie's Life
Everything About it is Perfect
Vibeka Joined Melena's Group
Jorjie in Trouble
Vibeka is Wearing a Bracelet
Starkey Breaks into Magdalen
Vibeka Seduces Starkey
Starkey Abandons Jorjie
Cerulum Destroys Free Will
Jorjie Gets a Bracelet
Jorjie Seduces Darius
K9 Destroys Jorjie's Bracelet
K9 Saves Magdalen Academy
Reflecting on the Adventure

Fear Itself


Darius in Wardrobe of Fear
Everywhere Panic and Terror
A Deep Dark Nameless Dread
Darius Arrives
K9 Causes a Diversion
Where was the Wardrobe
I am Not Afraid of You
Darius Afraid of Enclosed Spaces
Fear Throughout History
The Alien Threat is Real
Trying to Scare K9
Feelings are a System Error
The Case Becomes Mine
Gryffen and K9 Discuss Feelings
Drake Interrogates Starkey
It's Okay to be Scared
Riots in London
Fear Alone Would Destroy the City
You're the Most Fearful Darius
K9 Goes into the Wardrobe
System Error
Arm the Bomb
You Are Not Real
K9 is Safe
K9 Arrives Home Alive
Feelings Make Things Messy

The Fall of the House of Gryffen


Playing Chess on a Stormy Night
Thunder Claps
Going Bump in the Night
I Saw a Little Boy
Mother of all Electrical Storms
The History of Prof Gryffen
June Check Jorjie is Safe
Following the Crazy Giggling
Gryffen Listens to Music
Gryffen is Called
Chasing the Boy and Girl
I'm Right Behind You
I'm Not Holding Your Hand
They're Gryffen's Children
Eleanor Arrives
S-TM Saps Darius and Jorjie
We Must Tell Their Dad on Them
Daddy's S-TM is Not a Toy
Don't Interfere with Our Family
These Entities are Echos
You Are Not My Family
I Shall Be as I Was

Jaws of Orthrus


Protesting the Department
Erase Your Alarm
I Went for a Wonder
Negotiate a Peaceful Solution
Just a Machine
What Will Happen to Him
Music on the Radio
CCPCs Arrest Darius
Do We Have a Deal?
He's Your Friend
Smug Smile
Trip Wire
Focus Please
Operation Orthrus
Being Yourself is Always Enough
Warrant for the Arrest of K9
On the Run from the Department
This is a Cannon



Shared Nightmares
Course of Action Terminate
Nightmare Dreams/Bad Design
Gryffen Muttering in His Sleep
Mr Floppy Fun Pants
Worst Birthday Party of my Life
Where is Everybody
Something Very Odd Is Going On Here
The Sleepy Streets of London
Bodach Arrives
Give me the Eye of Oblivion
Gryffen Has the Eye of Oblivion
Arise my Legion of Sleepers
Gryffen and K9 Go to Sleep
Did Anybody Order Zombies?
Alarm Clock Rings
K9 in the Sleep Relm
Darius Lets in the Bodach
Gryffen Wakes
June is the Bodach
Lights Out for the Human Race
I'm Going Into Mum's Nightmare
Jorjie Wakes June
K9 Destroys the Obelisk
Jorjie Just Saved the World
Perhaps I'll Sleep On It

Curse of Anubis


Security Breech
It Was Just a Meteor
All Hail the Mighty K9
I Didn't Do It
Legacy of the Great Liberator
Anubian History Lesson
Redecorating the Mansion
Lord Fancy Pants Himself
Jogging Memory Banks
Darius Banished
K9's Changed
Enslaving Everyone
Darius Comes Back
Reasoning with the Liberator
Master Bids You Enter
Door Now
Liberation Has Already Begun
Not Slaves Only Masters
I Got Your Spaceship
K9 and Darius Save the Day
Almighty Sorry
Great Redecorator



The S-TM Powers Up
Plasma Thruster Off System Secure
Something Has Breached the Vortex
K9 Goes to Investigate
Gryffen Makes Breakfast
What is Starkey Allergic to
Don't Try and Scam a Scammer
Analyse Starkey's Historical Data
Temporal Error Detected
Who Else Was Here
Starkey's Blood Results
Starkey Has Alien Antibodies
The S-TM Powers Up Again
Gryffen Accuses Starkey
Starkey Investigates the Cellar
Are You Coming?
Time Shifts All Over London
Trains Arriving Before They Leave
Discovering Snake Skin
Whatever's There is Stealing Time
Oroborus Predator That Leeches Time
I Have to Stop it Alone
Devising a Plan
Using Starkey as Bait
Starkey Confronts the Oroborus
Oroborus is Gone/Starkey is Safe
A Tender Moment

Alien Avatar


Wait for the Fish to Bite
Humans, When Will They Learn?
Fast Breaking Bone Shaking
It Might Be Fun to Try and Read
Sell No
He Gonna Blister if Ya Twister
Voice Training
Medes Appear
What is Wrong with K9
That Would be Unfortunate
Starkey's Eyes on Spin Cycle
Avatar Projection
Following the Tunnels
Mysterious Circumstances
Going in
Can't I Just be Afraid of Spiders?
K9 Get Us Out of Here
A Shared Triumph
Down Bellow
Medes Clean Up
No More Fishing



Darius Plays Guitar
This Sucks
Jorjie Listens to the Radio
A Storm's Brewing
Badum Bam Bam
I Don't Sleep
The Storm Hits
Music Causing the Weather
That's Somebody Singing
The Roof Collapses
Jorjie is Trapped
The Aeolians
Drake Watches the Destruction
Is Gryffen Behind It?
Aeolian's Love Song
The Storm Intensifies
Jorjie Needs Help
Darius Comes to Resue Jorjie
June Questions Gryffen
Maing Call of the Female Aeolian
The Love Song Intensifies
Darius Saves Jorjie
Vibrate the Planet to Death
Jorjie and Darius Bond
Get Out of the Tunnel
Jorjie is Freed
The Aeolian Found
From Across the Universe
The Aeolians are One Again
The World is Saved
Disaster Area
What is Love

The Last Oak Tree


Sherwood Forest
Robin Hood
Acquiring Sample
Crime of the Century
Electro Magnetic Interference
Maybe the Postman Lost it
Starkey Gets Caught
The Centurapede Hatchery
Flying Home
The Oak Tree Lives On
This Family It'll Have to Do

Black Hunger


Garbage Everywhere
Cleaning the Tunnels
Black Hunger on the Loose
In the Lab
Contamination in the Lab
Not Equipt for Household Duties
Darius Borrows the Imploder
Darius the Cleaning Man
Where is the Imploder
Back in Your Little Box
Jorjie Comes to Help Clean Up
Something Isn't Quite Right Here
Where Did You Buy it
I Presume You Stole it
Analysing the Microbes
They Can Eat the Whole World
Bluffing the CCPC
People Need Rules
K9 Creates a Diversion
Spring Cleaning
Initiate Self Destruct
Into the Thames
The Earth Will Be Devoid of Life
K9 Swallows the Swarm
Drake Out Thorne in
Stroke of Genius
No Accidents on the Carpet
How the Past Influences the Future

The Cambridge Spy


A Stormy Night in the Manor
Chess Battles
Don't Knock my Threads Man
Jorjie Goes Back in Time
Meeting Will Pike
Come Along with Me
Neat to Meet You Peach Fuzz
Exit Strategy
Stuck Behind Bars
K9 Arrives
A Coincidental Anomalie
Vidcom with the Future
Engineering a Prison Break
Next Stop Interrogation Room
This Unit Does Not Appreciate Patting
It's Perfectly Safe
Think of the Children
Distracting the Cop
Spies Have No Rights
Chill Baby
We're Busting out of Here
A Small Hitch
Logical Option Prove Innocence
Manners, This Unit is Still Reading
Documents Self Destruct
Less Than One Minute
Back to the Future
Spy Meets Spy
Close Call Inspector
The Real Russian Spy Revealed

Lost Library of Ukko


Department Open Day
No Stragglers No Questions
Starkey Set Up and Sucked
Friction in the Department
Librarian Arrives
Risk of Contamination
Starkey the Contaminant
Affirmative to the Enth Degree
2 Hour Time Limit
Thorne's Plan
Science is the Pursuit of Truth
Tidiness Comes Before Truth
K9's Facts
Sweeten the Deal Bony Man
Double Crossers
Untidy Earthlings
Come a Long Way
Tell Someone Who Cares
Thorne and Starkey Become One
A Pleasure Retreaving You
Don't Experience Emotion Much

Mutant Copper


Powers for Public Safety
JJ You Mean Jorjie
Human Beings Aren't Robots
He Was Trying to Help Us
Nothing to See Down Here
Poor Birdie
Human Intelligence Isn't Perfect
Borrow Your Toothbrush
It's Beautiful
Nothing to see but Breakfast
Department Regulations
Find Unit 18FEB6
Remove His Human Side
Breaking into the Department
Cherrio Lads
The Unit Has a Plan
The Name's Jorjie
He Had Us All Fooled
Free as a Bird

The Custodians


Join the Invasion Today
20 Million Children
Defence Mechanism
Green Room Entertainment
Senior VP John
Leave a Message
These are the End of Days
Level 3
Appears to be an Infection
Scanning Memory Banks
It's an Etydian
Good and Quiet Children
Pull the Dog
Tranformation Progresses
You Never Had Control
Let Me Show You My Home

Taphony and the Time Loop


Taphony's Jailbreak
It's a Birthday Cake
A Complete Time Blank
I Owe Her an Explanation
Showcase of Taphony's Powers
I Feel Lost
The Only Friends She Ever Had
A Dried Up Pile Of
So Cool
Let's Have Some Fun Frisbee
Speed Things Up a Bit
Sucking Up Jorjie's Life Force
June Arrives
Running Out of Time
No More Games
All Offer to Take Jorjie's Place
Darius Get a Wiggle On
That's What Friends Are for
Back in Time

Robot Gladiators


Rules are for the Little People
A Mockery of my Thought Matrix
Undercover Work
Come on Pup
Clowns Now Gladiators
Lesson Number 16 Be Prepared
Boris vs Painmaker
Right Now It's Crash Club
K9's Turn Will Come
I'm Changing the Plan
One More Undercover Operative
Searching Freddie's Office
Setting a Trap
Let's Get Ready for Mayhem
K9's in Danger
It's Fight Time
Self Destruct Sequence
Back Luck Mr T
Thorne Wants K9's Regeneration
Call from Chuckles
Muffling the Dog

Mind Snap


S-TM Powers Up
K9 Loses His Memory
Human Identified
Dog Standing Down
More Serious Than I Thought
This Unit is a Dog Woof Woof
He Protected Us
Sacrifice was Necessary
Remembering Jorjie and Darius
Puppy Dreams
Woof I'm Only a Dog
Tall Human/K9 Wants a Bite
June Turner
Existence Here is an Error
Illogical Totally Illogical
You Think You're a Dog K9
Gryffen Plays the Lute
Robots, Clones and Pod People
You're a Machine Not a Dog
Back in the Gladiator Pen
All in this Together

Angel of the North


K9 at the Crash Site/The Angel
The Missing Element
Mind Over Matter
VR Encasement Suit
Safe and Sound
He's Gone North/North
The Situation is a Little Unstable
These Pods are Empty
Nothing's Are Loose in the Tunnels
Default Location
Starkey Follows K9
Korven Loose in the Tunnels
Define Contained
He's Gone Outside
Nice to be Home

The Last Precinct


Chased by a Jixen
Hitting a Raw Circuit Nerve
The Last Precinct Group
You're all Under House Arrest
Final Stand of the Last Precinct
Usurped Total Control
Pike vs Turner
K9 Back Online
Unreliable Alien Machines
Crush All Resistance
We Don't Give into Threats
Alien Technology in Every Unit
Subdugate All Humans
CCPC's Attack the Department
CCPC Glitches
Neutralised It
Great Minds Think Alike
Subdugate This
Father Son Time
Can't Live Without Them

Hound of the Korven


Snot so Sweet Dreams
Do the Crime, Do the VR Time
Sweetening the Deal
K9's Memory Disk
Double Crossed and Armed
Walking Around with a Live Bomb
Fresh Jixen Slime
Do Your Duty
The Jixen Speaks
Host or Horse
Jixen Reads
The Emissary's Guard
Jixen vs Meron and Korven
The Tables are Turned
A Friendly Speaking Jixen
Stay K9 Stay
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Bang Joke
Remarkable Development
What Does He Want it for

The Eclipse of the Korven


Black and White
An Invasion
Meet Project Trojen
Breath Mint DNA
Nice to Have a Hobby
Commence S-TM Generation
Invading Personal Space
Quiet Missus
Good Prof is so Predictable
Korven Invasion Arrives
Communications are Down
Omega, Sigma, Theta, Um
Get Down
The S-TM is Gone
A Creature at War with Itself
Any Side Effects
K9 Always Wins But Not This Time
You're My Best Friend


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John Debney - The Hot Chick (2002)
Source: bootleg


1M1    Absynia
1M4    Eden Places Hex
1M7    Mambuza
1M9    Mambuza Drums 1
1M10    Steaking Earrings
1M11    Gas STation
1M12    Clive Finds Earring


2M4    Wakes As A Man
2M5    Clve Apt
2M6    Bestest Friends
2M7    It's Really You
2M9    Tell Me I'm Beautiful


3M1    Jess' Boner
3M2    Meeting Dad
3M6    Eden's Story


4M1    April Gets Dumped
4M2    Fingerprints
4M3    Pharmacy
4M7    Booger Finds Note
4M8    Taquito Tries To Tell
4M9    Earring Sting
4M10    Mambuzu Drums 2
4M12    Locker Room


5M1    Painting Toenails
5M2    April And Jess Talk
5M4    Clive Steals Car
5M9    Booger Sees Jess
5M12    Hildenburg In Alley
5M16    April And Jess Kiss
5M18    Billy Kisses A Dude


6M5    Goodbye Spence
6M8    Happy Ending

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John Debney - Christmas With The Kranks (2004)
Source: bootleg


1M1    Chips Market
1M2    White Chocolate Run
1M4    Counting Receipts
1M4ALT    The Typewriter
1M5    Scheming Nora
1M7    Caribbean Brochure
1M8    Skipping Christmas
1M9    Total Boycott
1M10    Contribution Agreement
1M11    Letter To Colleagues


2M1    Stiffing The Scouts
2M2A    Vic's Intro
2M2    Vic Frohmeyer
2M3    Vic Confronts Luther
2M5    Walt Confronts Luther
2M6    Mr Scrooge Goes To Work
2M7    Demanding Frosty
2M8    Nora Escapes
2M12    Fx-2000 Demo
2M14    Father Zabrisky
2M15    Front Page Kranks
2M17    Luther Confronts Walt
2M17    House With No Lights


3M1    No Calendar This Year
3M3    Christmas Horror
3M5    Frosty In Cellar
3M7    Nora Reads To Children
3M10    Blair's Coming Home
3M11    Seventy-Five Bucks


4M1    Borrowing A Tree
4M2    Removing The Ornaments
4M4    Losing Out On Ham
4M6    Stopped By The Cops
4M7    Squashed Ham
4M8    The Tree's A Disaster
4M9    Carmel Cream Pie
4M12    Putting Frosty On Roof
4M13    Paramedics Arrive


5M1    Vic Rallies Neighbors
5M7    Randy Blows Fuse
5M8    Need More Time
5M9    Disturbance Call
5M10    Burglar Arrest
5M11    Blair's Arrival Home


6M2    Walt & Bev
6M3    Luther's Realization
6M4    Luther Gives Trip
6M5    Frozen Ned
6M6    Krank's Finale
6M7    End Credits

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Star Wars The Clone Wars (2008-2014) - Kevin Kiner, Takeshi Furukawa, Matthew St. Laurent, David Glen Russell & Russ Howard III.

Source: Composer's site, Clone Wars Adventures game & BMI Repertoire


Theatrical Film


CW100 1M10 Sneaking Under the Shield
Castle of Deception
CW101 1m2 [Original cue title unknown] (Released as Jabba's Palace)
Castle of Doom
CW103 2m1
CW103 2m3 [Original cue title unknown] (Released as Dooku Speaks with Jabba)
CW103 2m6
CW103 3m2
CW103 3m3a
CW103 3m3b


Series 1


Yoda Lands [Kevin Kiner]
Clones Attack [Kevin Kiner]
Retaliation [Kevin Kiner]
CW108 2m1
CW108 2m3
Yoda and Tank [Kevin Kiner]
Clones Move Rock [Kevin Kiner]
Rising Malevolence
CW107 1m3 Grievous Destroys the Ship
Alone in the Pod [Kevin Kiner]
CW107 2m1 Anakin Redeployed
CW107 2m3 Plo Koon Fights Back
CW107 3M1 Battle Won
Plo Koon Rescued
Ion Cannon
Ion Cannon Chase
Hope Prevails
Shadow of Malevolence
CW109 1m2
CW109 1m3
CW109 2m2
CW109 3m3
Destroy Malevolence
CW111 2m3a
CW111 2m3b
CW111 3m1
CW111 3m4
CW111 3m5
Radio Source [Kevin Kiner]
It's an Ambush [Kevin Kiner]
CW114 1m3
CW114 3m4
Downfall of a Droid
CW102 1m4
CW102 2m2
CW102 2m4
CW102 3m1
CW102 3m2
CW102 3m3
Duel of the Droids
CW106 1m3
CW106 1m5
CW106 2m2
CW106 2m3
CW106 3m3
Bombad Jedi
CW105 1m2
CW105 1m3 Approaching Rodia [Kevin Kiner]
CW105 1m4
Uncle Rodia [Kevin Kiner]
Jedi Jar Jar [Kevin Kiner]
Creature [Kevin Kiner]
3P0 Captured [Kevin Kiner]
Viceroy Defeated [Kevin Kiner]
Cloak of Darkness
Luminara [Kevin Kiner]
CW110 1m3
CW110 2m4
Cw110 3m4 Luminara Ending [Kevin Kiner]
Lair of Grievous
CW112 1m2
Landing on Vassek [Kevin Kiner]
Viceroy's Trap [Kevin Kiner]
Grievous Barely Escapes [Kevin Kiner]
Grievous Chase [Kevin Kiner]
CW112 3m1 Dooku Tests Grievous [Kevin Kiner]
Moncalamari's Death [Kevin Kiner]
Percussion Fight [Kevin Kiner]
CW112 3m4
Dooku Captured
Chasing Dooku [Kevin Kiner]
CW116 1m4
Landing on Vanqor [Kevin Kiner]
Poisonous Gas [Kevin Kiner]
Ransom Preparations [Kevin Kiner]
CW116 3m2 Indian Pop Source
CW116 3m4 Banquet Source [Kevin Kiner]
The Gungan General
Ransom Preparations [Kevin Kiner]
Pub Source [Kevin Kiner]
Jedi Crash
Battle Over Planet [Kevin Kiner]
Inside the Battleship [Kevin Kiner]
Reckless Docking [Kevin Kiner]
Formulating the Plan [Kevin Kiner]
CW122 2m1b Crash and Aftermath
Defenders of Peace
Warning the Lemurs [Kevin Kiner]
Battle Preparations [Kevin Kiner]
Aayla Rescues Clones [Takeshi Furukawa]
Fight to Save the Lemurs [Takeshi Furukawa]
Village Saved [Takeshi Furukawa]
Orto Plutonia [Kevin Kiner]
Senate Must Represent [Kevin Kiner]
Diplomatic Meeting [Takeshi Furukawa]
To War [Takeshi Furukawa]
Preemptive Strike [Takeshi Furukawa]
Rescuing Chairman Cho [Kevin Kiner]
The Hidden Enemy
CW201 1m2
Tower Battle Evacuation [Takeshi Furukawa]
Character in Question [Matthew St. Laurent]
CW201 3m4 Slick Fight & Clone Theme
Blue Shadow Virus
Professor Vindi [Kevin Kiner]
Ahsoka's Diversion [Takeshi Furukawa]
Finding the Bomb [Takeshi Furukawa]
Bomb Diffused [Kevin Kiner]
Mystery of a Thousand Moons
Space Ska [Kevin Kiner]
Safety Chamber [Matthew St. Laurent]
Monster Plant Attack [Takeshi Furukawa]
Obi's Plan and Leaving Iego [Kevin Kiner]
Attempting to Escape [Matthew St. Laurent]
CW202 3m5 [Original cue title unknown] [Kevin Kiner] (Released as Padmé and Ahsoka)
Storm Over Ryloth
CW115 1m2
Ahsoka's Battle [Kevin Kiner]
Ahsoka Retreats [Kevin Kiner]
Anakin Surrenders [Kevin Kiner]
Ahsoka's Victory [Kevin Kiner]
Ahsoka's Failure [Kevin Kiner]
CW115 3m2
Innocents of Ryloth
Enemy's Plan [Kevin Kiner]
Bunker Attack [Kevin Kiner]
Scouts Move In [Kevin Kiner]/
Destroyed Home [Kevin Kiner]
Obi Traps Beasts [Takeshi Furukawa]
Troops Free Prisoners [Takeshi Furukawa]
CW117 3m4 Bad Guy Loose [Takeshi Furukawa]
Liberty on Ryloth
Attack on Enemy Lines [Takeshi Furukawa]
Lighting Troop Attack [Takeshi Furukawa]
Dooku Talking to Wat [Takeshi Furukawa]
Prepare the Bombers [Kevin Kiner]
Tribal Dance [Takeshi Furukawa]
Windu Answering Com [Takeshi Furukawa]
Anakin in Fighter [Takeshi Furukawa]
Droids Crossing Bridge [Kevin Kiner]
Activating Bridge [Kevin Kiner]
Freedom Fighters Attack [Kevin Kiner]
Start My Ship [Takeshi Furukawa]
Hostage Crisis
CW204 1m2 Cad Bane Lands
CW204 1m3 Anakin and Padmé [Kevin Kiner]
Anakin Captured [Matthew St. Laurent]
Ziro Released [Takeshi Furukawa]
CW204 3m1a
CW204 3m2


Series 2


Holocron Heist
CW123 1m3 Battle of Felucia
Battle of Felucia 1 [Takeshi Furukawa]
Battle of Felucia 2 [Kevin Kiner]
Ahsoka Reprimanded [Kevin Kiner]
Cad Bane's Plot [Kevin Kiner]
Investigating [Kevin Kiner]
Accomplice [Takeshi Furukawa]
Investigation [Takeshi Furukawa]
Breaking In [Takeshi Furukawa]
Cargo of Doom
CW113 1m3
CW113 2m4
CW113 3mx
Zero-G Battle [Kevin Kiner]
Cad Bane's Escape [Kevin Kiner]
Children of the Force
CW203 1m2
CW203 2m1
Bane on Rodia [Kevin Kiner]
Bane's Fuel Computer and Mustafar [Matthew St. Laurent]
Bane on Rodia [Takeshi Furukawa]
Ban'e Trap [Takeshi Furukawa]
Anakin and Ahsoka Rescue [Takeshi Furukawa]
Landing at Point Rain
CW207 1m3b
CW207 1m4
CW207 2m1a
CW207 2m1b
CW207 2m1c
CW207 2m4
Air Assault [Takeshi Furukawa]
Yularen's Command [Takeshi Furukawa]
Eastern Fortress [Takeshi Furukawa]
Up the Wall [Matthew St. Laurent]
On the Wall [Matthew St. Laurent]
Triple Strike [Takeshi Furukawa]
Weapons Factory
CW208 1m2 Luminara and Barriss [Takeshi Furukawa]
CW208 1m3 Padawan Introduction
CW208 1m4 Entering The Weapons Factory
CW208 1m5 The First Battle
Tunnel [Matthew St. Laurent]
CW208 2m2 Tracking The Padawan
Dynamic Duo Tracked [Takeshi Furukawa]
CW208 2m4 fix New Weapons [Takeshi Furukawa]
CW208 3m1 Losing The Battle
CW208 3m2 Ahsoka's In Danger
CW208 3m3 Ahsoka's Ingenuity
CW208 3m4 Elevating the Rocks
Legacy of Terror
Queen [Takeshi Furukawa]
Padawan Fight [Kevin Kiner]
Tractor Beam [Kevin Kiner]
Fight on Bridge [Kevin Kiner]
CW209 3m3
Brain Invaders
Brain Washed Clones [Matthew St. Laurent]
Interrogation [Takeshi Furukawa]
CW212 3m7
Grievous Intrigue
CW214 1m3
CW214 1m4
CW214 2m1
The Deserter
CW206 2m2
CW206 3m3
Lightsaber Lost
CW211 2m2
Duchess of Mandalore
CW216 3m2
The Mandalore Plot
Obi Arrives [Takeshi Furukawa]
Explosion Aftermath [Matthew St. Laurent]
Obi Calls for Help [Matthew St. Laurent]
Deathwatch Attacks [Takeshi Furukawa]
Voyage of Temptation
Obi and Satine [Takeshi Furukawa]
Senate Murders
Padme's Speech [Takeshi Furukawa]
Lolo Assaulted [Takeshi Furukawa]
Inspector [Matthew St. Laurent]
Spy Caught [Kevin Kiner]
Cat and Mouse
Trench Hologram [Russ Howard III]
There She Is [Kevin Kiner]
CW217 3m1b
CW217 3m2
Bounty Hunters
Pirates Attack [Takeshi Furukawa]
The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
Beast Detained [Matthew St. Laurent]
Zillo Goes Into Sweet Night [Takeshi Furukawa]
Zillo Runs Amok [Matthew St. Laurent]
Death Trap
CW215 2m2
R2 Come Home
R2's Message [Matthew St. Laurent]
In the Rubble [Takeshi Furukawa]
Lethal Trackdown
Indian Pop Chill [Matthew St. Laurent]
In Da Club [Matthew St. Laurent]

Series 3


Arc Troopers
Sergeant's Talk [Kevin Kiner]
Underwater Enemy [David Glen Russell]
Plan to Strike Back [David Glen Russell]
DNA [David Glen Russell]
CW302 3m2 A True Trooper [David Glen Russell]
Arc Troopers [David Glen Russell]
Warehouse Shootout Pt 1 [Takeshi Furukawa]
Warehouse Shootout Pt 2 [Kevin Kiner]
Hunt for Ziro
Hutt Lovin [Kevin Kiner]
Heroes on Both Sides
Voting Disturbed [David Glen Russell]
Pursuit of Peace
Senate Debates [Matthew St. Laurent]
Padme and Bail [David Glen Russell]
Those Still Undecided [David Glen Russell]
CW307 3m2 Bail Attacked [David Glen Russell]
CW307 3m3 Your People Are Waiting
CW307 3m4 Padmé's Speech
Eliminate Her [Kevin Kiner]
Dathomir [Kevin Kiner]
Story of Ventress [Kevin Kiner]
Fierce Battle Pt 1 [Kevin Kiner]
Space Battle Pt 2 [Matthew St. Laurent]
Fierce Battle Pt 2 [Takeshi Furukawa]
Ventress Rescued [Kevin Kiner]
Invisibility Potion [Kevin Kiner]
Clandestine Attack [Kevin Kiner]
Dooku on Dathomir [Matthew St. Laurent]
Lineup [Takeshi Furukawa]
Witches of the Mist
Reckless Animal Pt 2 [Kevin Kiner]
Dooku's Training [Kevin Kiner]
Unwelcome Party [Takeshi Furukawa]
Information [David Glen Russell]
Mother Talzin [Takeshi Furukawa]
Savage Kidnaps King [David Glen Russell]
Jedi Fight Opress Pt 1 [Kevin Kiner]
Jedi Fight Opress Pt 2 [David Glen Russell]
Two on One [Kevin Kiner]
Opress Visits Talzin [Kevin Kiner]
Anakin and Obi Separated [David Glen Russell]
Ship's Gone [David Glen Russell]
Anakin's Mother [David Glen Russell]
Replace Me [Matthew St. Laurent]
Obi and Ahsoka Captured [Takeshi Furukawa]
Let Them Go [Takeshi Furukawa]
Altar of Mortis
Fly to Rescue Ahsoka [David Glen Russell]
Anakin and Obi Discuss [David Glen Russell]
Ahsoka in Chains [Matthew St. Laurent]
Obi Gets Blade [Matthew St. Laurent]
Anakin Fights Ahsoka I [David Glen Russell]
CW311 3m1 Everyone Fighting [David Glen Russell]
Death of Light [Kevin Kiner]
CW311 3m3 Hamlet-Like Tragedy [Kevin Kiner]
Ghosts of Mortis
Anakin and Darkside [David Glen Russell]
CW313 3m3 Father's Sacrifice [Takeshi Furukawa]
The Citadel
Carbon Freezing [David Glen Russell]
Scanning for Life Forms [David Glen Russell]
Citadel Rescue
CW317 2m4 Passing the Secret [Takeshi Furukawa]
Avoiding Dooku 2 [David Glen Russell]
Padawan Lost
CW316 1m2 Calm Before the Storm
CW316 1m4 Ahsoka Captured
CW316 2m1 Drop Off
CW316 2m3 First Hunt
CW316 2m5 Ahsoka Fight
CW316 3m1 Plans
CW316 3m2b More Attack
CW316 3m2 Second Attack
Wookiee Hunt
CW318 1m2 Ahsoka Chased
CW318 2m2 Scavenging


Series 4


Water War
CW322 2m3 Crazy Battle
CW322 3m2 A Born Leader
Shadow Warrior
Meeting with Jar Jar/Boss Possessed [Kevin Kiner]
In-League With Dooku Pt 1 [Matthew St. Laurent]
Uncanny Resemblance [Matthew St. Laurent]
Sacrifice Pt 1 [Kevin Kiner]
Sacrifice Pt 2 [Matthew St. Laurent]
Dooku Surprises Anakin [David Glen Russell]
Anakin Outnumbered [David Glen Russell]
Mercy Mission
Another Planet [David Glen Russell]
Riddle [David Glen Russell]
CW407 1m2 Sniper Attack
CW407 3m3 Escape
CW412 2m3F Train Fight Part II


Series 5


Tipping Points
CW418 2m3 Hondo's Services
CW418 3m3 Withdraw the Army
CW508 1M2.3 Buzz Droids [Kevin Kiner]
The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
CW509 1m2a Jedi Eulogy [Takeshi Furukawa]
CW509 3m1 Running For a Ship [Takeshi Furukawa]
CW509 3m2 Anakin Wants Her Alive [Kevin Kiner]
CW509 3m3 Fugitive in the Sewers
CW509 3m4 Wish Me Luck [Kevin Kiner]
To Catch a Jedi
CW510 1m3 Coruscant Runner
CW510 1m5F Runaway Elevator
CW510 2m3 Send Out the Probes
CW510 2m5 The New Ventress
CW510 3m2 Mystery Attacker
CW510 3m3 Lightsaber Duel on Level 1315
CW510 3m4 Ahsoka is Captured
The Wrong Jedi
CW511 1m3 Jedi Council Hearing
CW511 2m2 Entering the Chambers
CW511 3m1 Questioning Barris
CW511 3m2 Duel in the Jedi Temple [Kevin Kiner]
CW511 3m3 The Truth Emerges
CW511 3m4 Ahsoka's Decision
CW511 3m5v1 Anakin Talks to Ahsoka [Kevin Kiner]


Series 6


Tumor [Takeshi Furukawa]
One in Our Dreams [Kevin Kiner]
Isn't an Accident [Matthew St. Laurent]
Protocol 66 [David Glen Russell]
I Have Proof [Kevin Kiner]


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Class (2016) - Blair Mowat

Source: Composer's Twitter


For Tonight We Might Die

Requiem For Rodea

Death Awaits Us


The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo

Quill-Locked [Unused]

Once Upon A Time in the Classroom

Night Visiting

April's Past

Here She Comes In A Ruddy Great Bus

The Lost

Souls Released

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl - Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, Ramin Djawadi, Steve Jablonsky, Blake Neely, James Dooley, James McKee Smith, Nick Glennie-Smith and Geoff Zanelli (2003)

Source: Sessions leak


1M2-4 Fog Bound

1M5 Smitten Will

1M6 Captain Jack Sparrow

1M7S or 1M8S or 2M7S or 2M8S Rule Britannia by Thomas Arne (Source Music)

2M9 Corset Problems

2M10 No Real Ship

2M11S Concerto Grosso Op.6 No.12, 3rd Movement by Georg Friedrich Händel (Source Music)

2M12 Liz Falls - Medallion Calls

2M13-14 Jack’s Escape

2M13-14Alt Jack’s Escape (Alternate)

2M15 Breaking The Chains

2M15Alt Breaking The Chains (Alternate)

2M17 Sword Fight Pt. 1

2M18 Sword Fight Pt. 2

2M20 The Dog Is Never Going To Move

3M21 Black Pearl Arrives

3M21Alt Black Pearl Arrives (Alternate)

3M22 Sacking The Village Pt.1

3M22Alt Sacking The Village Pt.1 (Alternate)

3M22 Liz Hides

3M23 Sacking The Village Pt.2

3M23Ins Sacking The Village Pt.2 (Insert)

3M24 You Know Nothing Of Hell - Liz Meets Barbossa

3M24Ins You Know Nothing Of Hell - Liz Meetz Barbossa (Insert)

3M25 Boarding The Dauntless

3M26 Commandeering The Interceptor

3M27 Under The Command Of A Pirate

3M28S or 4M28S Pirate Musk by Craig Eastman (Source Music)

4M29 Going After The Pearl  

4M29Ins1 Going After The Pearl (Insert 1)

4M29Ins2 Going After The Pearl (Insert 2)

4M30 The Captain’s Table

4M31 Story Of The Medallion

4M32 Moonlight Serenade

4M33 You Best Start Believin’

4M34 We’re Catching Up

4M34Alt We’re Catching Up (Alternate)

4M35 Time To Go Poppett

4M36 Jack’s Legend

4M37 The Grotto

5M38 Blood Ritual

5M38Alt Blood Ritual (Alternate)

5M39 Curse Is Still Upon Us

5M40-41 Not More Pirates - Keep To The Code

5M42 Transitional Cue

5M43 Will Bandages Liz's Hand

5M44 Ship To Ship Chase

5M45 Ship To Ship Battle

5M45Alt Ship To Ship Battle (Alternate)

6M46-47 Will Trapped

6M48-49 Elizabeth Walks The Plank

6M48-49Alt Elizabeth Walks The Plank (Alternate)

6M50 Welcome To The Caribbean

6M52 A Ship Is Freedom

6M52Alt A Ship Is Freedom (Alternate)

6M53 Bootstrap Bill

7M54 Nothing I’d Lament Being Rid Of

7M55 Jack Row To Pirate Cave

7M56 Cuz It Was Mr. Sparrow Who Said It

7M57 Until The Opportune Moment

7M58 Underwater March

7M58Alt Underwater March (Alternate)

7M58Alt2 Underwater March (Alternate 2)

7M59 Pirates Attack Pt.1

7M59Ins1 Pirates Attack Pt.1 (Insert 1)

7M59Ins2 Pirates Attack Pt.1 (Insert 2)

7M60AB Pirates Attack Pt.2

7M60Alt1 Pirates Attack Pt.2 (Alternate 1)

7M60Alt2 Pirates Attack Pt.2 (Alternate 2)

7M60Alt3 Pirates Attack Pt.2 (Alternate 3)

7M61 Bloody Pirates

7M61Ins Bloody Pirates (Insert)

7M61Alt Bloody Pirates (Alternate)

7M62 Curse Reversed

8M64 Will Rescues Jack

8M64Alt Will Rescues Jack (Alternate)

8M65 Happy Ending

8M65Alt Happy Ending (Alternate)

8M67 A Happy Out - End Title Cards

Jack Cello Theme

Pirates Original Demo

Pirates, Day One, 4:56 AM





- In italics are the slate numbers I had to guess since those cues were not included on the sessions leak. Two of those are pre-existing pieces of music, so I didn’t make up the title. The last one is a source music cue written specifically for the film: the title, I took from the end credits, where the piece is listed.


- Skipped slate numbers (i.e. no music is heard in those spots in the film): 1M1, 2M16, 2M19, 6M51 and 8M66. Between 1M6 and 2M9, there is only one cue heard in the film (Rule Britannia, played as source music), but as you can see, there are two slate numbers missing here: 1M7 (or 2M7) and 1M8 (or 2M8), so one of those was a skipped slate number too. Finally, 7M63 (or 8M63) is either a skipped slate number or possibly the source snare drums heard during the scene at the gallows.


- The three source music cues heard in the film (Rule Britannia, Concerto Grosso Op.6 No.12 and Pirate Musk) were not included on the sessions leak. While Pirate Musk was written and recorded specifically for the film (it was composed by Craig Eastman and can be heard on his website), it is unclear whether the other two source music cues were recorded for the film, or if pre-existing recordings of those pieces were used in the film (I’d assume these were new recordings). It is worth noting that, oddly enough, only Pirate Musk is listed in the end credits.


- The insert for 3M23 Sacking The Village Pt.2 found in the recording sessions is different from the film version, which has brass playing the “moonlight” motif over it (possibly an overlay added late in the game).


- In the film, right after 4M33 You Best Start Believin’, there is a short cue that reprises the melody heard at the beginning of 4M32 Moonlight Serenade and that doesn’t appear in the sessions leak. Since the next cue’s slate number is 4M34, it means this short unreleased cue is either 4M33A, an insert for 4M33 or possibly an editorially created cue (it sounds like a slightly muted version of 00:03-00:09 of 4M32 Moonlight Serenade but with more prominent drums). Since I believe that last guess is the most likely, I did not include that cue on the list.


- 5M42 Transitional Cue was not used in the film: 4M30 The Captain’s Table was tracked in its place.


- The film version of 6M52 A Ship Is Freedom is an edit combining the first half of the original version of the cue with the second half of the revised version.


- The cue Nothing I’d Lament Being Rid Of is given the slate number 6M54 in a version of the sessions leak, but in another version, as well as on Klaus Badelt's website, the slate number is 7M54 and that is the one I used on this list.


- 7M58 Underwater March has only one alternate included on the sessions leak: however, a second one can be found on Klaus Badelt's website (hence why I listed two alternates for that cue).


- In the film, there’s a short brass moment at 03:53 in 7M59 Pirates Attack Pt.1 that does not appear in the cue as presented in the sessions leak. I believe it to be an overlay added late in the game, rather than an actual insert, hence why I didn’t list it.


- The film version of the insert for 7M59 Pirates Attack Pt.1 is different from the one included in the sessions leak, hence why I listed a second one.


- The insert for 7M61 Bloody Pirates that appears in the list was not included in the sessions leak, but can be heard in the film (thanks to Holko for pointing that out!)


- Some versions of the sessions leak include an “alternate” to 8M67 A Happy Out - End Title Cards, but it is no true alternate: it is in fact simply a recreation of  the end credits edit, with music from 5M44 Ship To Ship Chase and 7M61 Bloody Pirates inserted in the middle of 8M67 A Happy Out - End Title Cards.


- Jack Cello Theme is listed as an alternate to 2M15 Breaking The Chains in a version of the sessions leak. I believe this is incorrect, and that this cue is in fact just a short theme presentation that was recorded at the beginning of the sessions.


- While Pirates, Day One, 4:56 AM (the track found on the Treasures Collection set) sounds like simply an edited down version of Pirates Original Demo, it’s actually not quite it: a big chunk of it does come from that cue, however, the synth samples seems to have been improved on the album track (I suppose they replaced the 2003 samples with better-sounding 2007 samples), and a new ending was added to the cue as well.

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest - Hans Zimmer, Trevor Morris, Lorne Balfe, Tom Gire, John Sponsler, Henry Jackman, Geoff Zanelli, Mel Wesson, Nick Glennie-Smith, Bruce Fowler, Martin Tillman and Bart Hendrickson (2006)

Source: Sessions leak &


1M1 The Wedding - Beckett’s Arrival

1M2 Captain Jack Sparrow

1M3 Turkish Prison

1M4 Jack In The Box

1M4Alt Jack In The Box (Alternate)

1M5 Monkey Sting

1M6 Jack Vexed - Will Brought To Beckett

1M7A Beckett Wants Compass

1M7B Drunk Jack - Maps

2M8 Rum Locker

2M8Alt Rum Locker (Alternate)

2M8Alt2 Rum Locker (Alternate 2)

2M10 Jail Love - Jack Sparrow Montage

2M11 Will Arrives On Island

2M12 or 2M13 Jail Sting

2M13 or 2M14 Swann Helps Elizabeth

2M14 or 2M15 Elizabeth Threatens Beckett

2M16 Pintel And Ragetti In Rowboat

2M17S or 3M17S Cannibal Drums #1

3M18 Jack’s First Escape

3M19A Cannibal Drums #2

3M19B The Waltz

3M19BAlt The Waltz (Alternate)

3M19C Climbing Up

3M19D Cannibal Drums #3

3M19E Cannibal Lights Fire

3M20A Rolling Ball Cages

3M21A Cannibal Island Escape

3M21B Crew Run To Pearl

3M22 Beach Chase

3M23 Cannibals Chase Dog

3M24 Jack Shows Will The Cloth

3M24Alt Jack Shows Will The Cloth (Alternate)

3M25 Row To Tia Dalma

3M26 or 4M26 Tia Dalma Recognizes Will

4M27 Tia Dalma Tells Davy Jones' Story

4M27Alt Tia Dalma Tells Davy Jones' Story (Alternate)

4M28 A Touch Of Destiny

4M28Alt A Touch Of Destiny (Alternate)

4M29 Dutchman Arrival

4M29Alt Dutchman Arrival (Alternate)

5M34 The Haunted Dress

5M35S Tortuga (Two Hornpipes)

5M35A Norrington Overlay

5M35B Old Habits

5M36S Tortuga Bar Fight by Skip Henderson (Source Music)

5M37 Elizabeth Helps Norrington

5M38 Davy Jones Plays His Organ

5M39 The Whipping Scene

5M39Alt The Whipping Scene (Alternate)

5M40 or 6M40 or 5M41 or 6M41 The Dock Scene

5M40Alt or 6M40Alt or 5M41Alt or 6M41Alt The Dock Scene (Alternate)

5M41 or 6M41 or 5M42 or 6M42 Swann & Beckett Make Deal

5M42 or 6M42 or 5M43 or 6M43 David Jones Plays His Organ #2

6M44 The Dice Game

6M46 Will Steals The Key

6M47 Father And Son Goodbye

6M48A Persuade Me

6M48B Norrington Teases Liz

6M49 Waking The Kraken

6M49Alt Waking The Kraken

7M50A Kraken Second Attack

7M50AAlt Kraken Second Attack (Alternate)

7M50B No Survivors

7M51 Almost Kiss

7M52A Finding The Chest

7M52AAlt Finding The Chest (Alternate)

7M52B Down!!!

7M52BAlt1 Down!!! (Alternate 1)

7M52BAlt2 Down!!! (Alternate 2)

7M52C Unearthing The Chest

7M53 Will Arrives

7M54 Three-Way Swordfight

8M55 Heart Madness

8M56 The Dutchman Appears

8M57 Davy Jones Ship To Ship

8M57Alt Davy Jones Ship To Ship (Alternate)

8M57B Kraken Attaches To Black Pearl

8M57BAlt Kraken Attaches To Black Pearl (Alternate)

8M58 Preparing

8M59 Jack Develops Conscience

8M60 Kraken Third Attack

8M60Alt Kraken Third Attack (Alternate)

9M61A Abandon Ship

9M61B Jack’s Demise

9M62 Davy Opens Chest

9M62Alt1 Davy Opens Chest (Alternate 1)

9M62Alt2 Davy Opens Chest (Alternate 2)

9M63 Fetching Back Wicked Jack

9MD Dog Button

10M64 End Titles

Jack Theme

Kraken Theme


Jack Theme (Demo)

The Heart Of Davy Jones (Demo)





- In italics are the cues that were not included on the sessions leak. The slate numbers of some of those I had to guess. As for the titles, these come from the page for the complete score (I do not know if these are the official titles or not).


- Skipped slate numbers (i.e. no music is heard in those spots in the film): 2M9, 2M12 or 2M13 or 2M14 or 2M15, 4M30 (or 5M30), 4M31 (or 5M31), 4M32 (or 5M32), 4M33 (or 5M33) (given that it’s a lot of slate numbers skipped here, and given the length of 4M29 Dutchman Arrival, I would assume that one cue actually has a different slate number: something like 4M29-4M31), one slate number between 5M39 and 6M44 (there are only three pieces of music heard between these two cues in the film) and 6M45.


- The cue 1M2 Old Habits seems to be mislabeled on the sessions leak. The lists it as Captain Jack Sparrow, and lists another cue heard later in the film as Old Habits, more specifically the one heard when Norrington first appears: the title is more fitting here since it is something the character says. Hence why I believe 1M2 is mislabeled on the sessions leak, and I replaced the title on the list. That also explains why I decided to replace the titles for 1M3 and 1M4 found in hte sessions leak with those found at


- The film version of 2M8 Rum Locker features music from the original version, the alternate found in the sessions leak and another alternate not included in those (in the film, the bit heard at 03:46 in the cue is different than both the original version and the alternate found in the sessions leak).


- The cue 2M13 (or 2M14) Swann Helps Elizabeth was not included in the sessions leak, but is partially available via the DVD menu.


- 3M19C Climbing Up can be found on Lorne Balfe’s website (it is mislabeled Wheel Of Fortune there).


- 3M25 Row To Tia Dalma is a bit of an oddity. The cue opens with a short brass intro ending with a crescendo segueing straight into the percussive rendition of the Black Pearl theme. On the OST, the brass intro  was edited out, the track starting right away with the rendition of the Black Pearl theme: however, the end of the brass crescendo cannot be heard at the beginning of the track. What is odd is that a clean beginning for the rendition of the Black Pearl cannot be achieved with the original cue, so it feels as if this brass intro was a late addition, and the OST track presents an early version of the cue, without that intro.


- While not listed on the page, there is another rendition of the Tortuga music heard in the film: it is heard right after 5M34 The Haunted Dress, and is a slightly slower performance of the cue heard on the OST track and on the sessions leak. As far as I can tell, this is indeed a different recording, and not an editorially slowed down version of 5M36 Tortuga Bar Fight (the same applies to the second David Jones Plays His Organ cue), which is heard later in the scene.


- 5M37 Elizabeth Helps Norrington was once available on the At World’s End official website, but that was on the old version of said website and it is now apparently long gone (tried to access it via, but it did not work).


- In the film, in the cue 7M50A Kraken Second Attack, the big Kraken theme statement as the creature breaks the ship is preceded by a rising string figure that does not appear in either the original version of the cue or the alternate. However, I am not sure if it is in fact a true alternate, or a case where the additional bit was in fact tracked, so I did not list a second alternate for that cue.


- An interesting thing I noticed is that I originally thought that the Davy Jones organ theme statement heard during the end credits was simply taken from 5M38 Davy Jones Plays His Organ, but it’s actually a different performance. Since I don’t know if it’s an alternate for this particular cue that was used in the end credits or something recorded specifically for the end credits or even something else entirely, I did not include it on the list.

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End - Hans Zimmer, Tom Gire, John Sponsler, Geoff Zanelli, Henry Jackman, Gore Verbinski, Atli Örvarsson, Lorne Balfe & (2007)

Source: Sessions leak and


1M1 Hoist The Colours

1M2 Arrive In Singapore

1M3A East India Trading Company

1M3B Getting Ready

1M4S Hoist The Colours Music Box (Source Music)

1M5-7 Entering The Bath House

1M8 Steam Room

1M9A Sao Feng Negotiation

1M9B Battle With The Brits

2M10 Battle Continues - Will Makes Deal

2M11 Crew Embarks

2M12 Trying To Get Lost

2M13A Davy Jones Command

2M13B Over The Top

2M14S Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) by George Bruns (Source Music)

2M15 Multiple Jacks

3M16A Crabs

3M16 Captain Jack Sparrow

3M17 Rescue Jack

3M18 Who’s Captain - Below Deck

3M19 Souls At Sea

3M20A Dreadlock Jack

3M20B The Green Flash

4M20C We’re Back - Wet Powder

4M21 Jiggy Kraken

4M22 Jack & Beckett

4M22Alt Jack & Beckett (Alternate)

4M23 Seduction

4M24 Sao Feng’s Death

4M24Alt Sao Feng’s Death (Alternate)

5M25 Chinese Captured By Brits

5M26 Bootstraps - Elizabeth Locker

5M27 Jack Catches Will

5M27A Jack Catches Will Pt.2

5M28 Escape - Norrington Dies

5M29A Mrs. Fish

5M29B Pt.1 Davy Jones Tells Calypso’s Story

5M29B Pt.2 Shipwreck Cove

5M29BAlt Pt.2 Shipwreck Cove (Alternate)

5M29BAlt2 Pt.2 Shipwreck Cove (Alternate 2)

6M30 Brethren Court Begins

6M31 Calypso Must Be Released

6M32 Davy Jones Visits Tia Dalma

6M33 Cuttlefish

6M34 Teague & The Code

6M35S Teague Plays The Guitar (Source Music)

6M36 King Elizabeth

6M37 Parlay

6M37Alt Parlay (Alternate)

6M38 Trading Places

6M39A Flying Dutchman Prison

6M39 Immortality

7M40 Calypso On Deck

7M41 Releasing Calypso

7M42 Hoist The Colours Declaration

7M42Alt Hoist The Colours Declaration (Alternate)

7M43A Maëlstrom Pt.1

7M43AIns A Lost Bird (Insert)

7M43B Getting The Chest

7M43BEndFix Getting The Chest

8M44A The Wedding

8M44AAlt The Wedding (Alternate)

8M44B Maëlstrom Pt.2

8M44BAlt Maëlstrom Pt.2 (Alternate)

8M44C Davy’s Death

8M44D Liftoff

8M44E Beckett’s Death

8M44EIns Beckett’s Death (Insert)

8M44F Celebration

8M45 (or 9M45) Will & Bootstrap

9M46 One Day

9M47 The Ship Is Gone

9M48 The Fountain Of Youth

9M49A End Titles A

9M49B End Titles B

9M50 Hoist The Colours Suite

9M51 10 Years Later

Beckett Theme (Original Demo)

Just Good Business

Lord Cutler Beckett

The Pirate Lord Of Singapore

New Love Suite

Marry Me

Hoist The Colours Suite (Album Version)





- In italics are the cues that were not included on the sessions leak. The slate numbers of some of those I had to guess. As for the titles, I made them up.


- The cue 1M1 Hoist The Colours included in the sessions leak was actually taken straight from the OST: it has the exact same length, the exact same waveform, and it ends abruptly, just like the OST track (the music heard in it segueing directly into the next track). The full unedited cue remains unreleased.


- There is no cue labelled 1M4 in the sessions leak. However, I do not believe it is a skipped slate number, given there is a piece of music heard between 1M3 Getting Ready and 1M5 Entering The Bath House: more specifically, it is the music box version of Hoist The Colours played by Jack The Monkey, so this is what I assume is 1M4.


- Same with 1M14: while there is no cue with that slate number included in the sessions leak, in the film, inbetween 2M13B Over The Top and 2M15 Multiple Jacks, there is music that is heard, more specifically music from the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride (which explains why it was not included in the sessions leak: they simply reused the pre-existing recording), and I believe that it is this music the slate number 2M14 is attached to.


- In between 5M27 Jack Catches Will and 5M28 Escape - Norrington Dies, there is a cue that is not included in the sessions leak: the first half of it actually seems to be tracked music from Dead Man’s Chest (more specifically from the cue 2M8 Rum Locker), but the second half is definitely new material written specifically for the scene.


- No cue is labelled 6M35 in the sessions leak. In the film, inbetween 6M34 Teague & The Code and 6M36 King Elizabeth, Captain Teague is heard goofing around with a guitar, so it is possible that 6M35 is for that little source music bit (if the guitar playing was in fact recorded during post-production and not on set).


- 7M43BAlt Getting The Chest seems to be mislabeled in the sessions leak: it is actually not an alternate to 7M43BEndFix Getting The Chest but the cue that precedes it in the film (though its first half was replaced by 7M43AIns A Lost Bird).


- The reason I listed an insert instead of an alternate for 8M44E Beckett’s Death is simple: when comparing both the original cue and the alternate, it appeared both have the exact same length as well as the exact same waveform except for one short part (hence it appears the alternate is the original cue with an insert directly edited into it).


- The cue corresponding to8M45 (or 9M45) was not included in the sessions leak, but it is definitely not a skipped slate number: music can be heard in the film between 8M44F Celebration and 9M56 One Day.


- 9M50 is the Hoist The Colours suite heard during the end credits. It should be noted that this version is different from the one found on the Treasures Collection CD. Hybrid Soldier from (a reliable source) pointed out that all the suites found on the Treasures Collection were slightly reochestrated and rerecorded for the CD release. This is of course easily confirmed after comparing the Hoist The Colours suite as heard in the film and the one found on the Treasures Collection CD (hency why I included it two times on my list). The same can be noticed with the Just Good Business track found on the CD and the version found on Lorne Balfe’s website (titled Beckett). And of course, there is also the Pirates, Day One, 4:56AM demo found on the CD and the one included on the sessions leak of The Curse Of The Black Pearl. Oddly enough, while Hybrid Soldier said that each suite was rerecorded for the CD, he does not list an alternate for each suite on the complete score page: only for Hoist The Colours, Marry Me (titled New Love Suite) and Lord Cutler Beckett (this is why I decided to only add those to my list).

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John Ottman - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)


1M1A    The Procession
1M1B    The Transference
1M1C    Conspirators
1M1D    Pyramid Collapse
1M2    Main Titles
1M3    Scott's Gift
1M7    Angel Escapes
1M8    Erik's New Life
1M9    Bedtime Stories


2M1    No You Didn't
2M2/3    Favorite Tree
2M4    Rug Shopping
2M4B    Apocalypse Awakes
2M5    Ginger Dreams
2M7    Just A Dream
2M8    Ghost From The Past
2M9    Shattered Life
2M10    Is This What You Want From Me


3M1    The Bazaar
3M4    Storm's Ploy
3M5    Must Be Painful
3M6    Moira's Photos
3M8    Free Information
3M10    Learning
3M12    Going Grey
3M13    Scott's New Glasses
3M15    Psylocke's Blade


4M1    Hank's Big Plane
4M2    You Want To Know Who I Am
4M3    Who The F Are You?
4M4    Rebirth
4M8    Moira To House
4M9A    Looking For Erik
4M9B    Looking For Erik - Part 2
4M10    Beethoven
4M11    Taking Charles


5M1    They Look Up To You
5M2    Stryker Strikes
5M3    I Should Have Been There
5M4    Someone More Powerful
5M5    Here's My Dad
5M6    Message To The World
5M7    Piece Of His Past
5M8A    New Pyramid - Part 1
5M8B    New Pyramid - Part 2
5M9    Jet Memories


6M1    Magneto Effect
6M2    Split Them Up!
6M3    That's What I Came To Tell You
6M3B    More Family Than You Know
6M04    Taking Charles Back


7M1    Leaving Magneto
7M2    Still Connected / Punching Bag
7M3    Great Hero
7M4    I Can Get In His Head
7M5    Magneto
7M6    Killing Apocalypse
7M7    Revivals
7M8    Reprecussions
7M9    Danger Room
7M10    Overture
7M10A    End Titles
7M12    Tag Late Night Visitor
7MX    MacFassy


8M0    Tag

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Hans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli, Matthew Margeson, Guillaume Roussel, Tom Gire, John Sponsler, Jacob Shea & Rodrigo Y Gabriela (2011)

Source: Recording Sessions


1M1 Opening

1M2 The Courtroom

1M3 Paddy Wagon

1M3 Paddy Wagon Sting

1M4 Palace Courtyard

1M5 Creampuff - King’s Entrance

1M6 Barbossa’s Entrance

1M7 Jack’s Escape

2M8A Carriage Chase

2M8B Filthy Pirate

2M9S or 2M10S Tripping Up The Stairs (Source Music)

2M10S or 2M11S Jolly Sailor Bold (Source Music)

2M12 Imposter Swordfight

2M13AB Meet Angelica - Jack & Angelica Bicker

2M14 British Attack

2M15 Gibbs Burns Map

2M16A Jack Wakes Up

2M16 Aboard The QAR

2M17AB First Mate Is A Her - The Prophecy

3M18 Barbossa Seeks Heading

3M19 Spanish Ignore Barbossa

3M19A Spanish Still Ignore Barbossa

3M20 Mutiny Meeting

3M21 Mutiny

3M22-23 Blackbeard’s Entrance - Mutineers Hang

3M22A Upside Down Jack

3M24-25 Fry The Cook

3M26 Blackbeard’s Cabin

3M26R Blackbeard’s Cabin (Revised)

3M27 Barbossa Having Tea

3M27Alt Barbossa Having Tea (Alternate)

3M28 Barbossa Rallies The Crew

4M30-31AB The Dance - Bottle Room - Voodoo Doll

4M32AB Mermaid Hunt - Mermaid Tale

4M32Ins Mermaid Hunt (Insert)

4M34-36 Mermaids Appear - Mermaids Attack

4M37-5M39 The Beach - To The Fountain - Jungle Trek

5M40A Syrena Needs Air

5M40B The Cliff

5M40C The Cliff

5M40D The Cliff

5M40DIns The Cliff (Insert)

5M41 Jack Jumps

5M42Full Shirtless - Naming Syrena - Ponthz De Leon

5M42Ins Naming Syrena (Insert)

5M43 Chest Sting

5M44 Don’t Touch The Map

5M44R Don’t Touch The Map (Revised)

5M45 Ole

5M46 Mermaid Pools

5M47 Mermaids Are Tough

5M47Alt Mermaids Are Tough (Alternate)

5M48 Spanish Camp

5M49 Mermaid’s Tears

6M50 Palm Tree Grove

6M51 Jazz Hands

6M51Ins Jazz Hands (Insert)

6M53 Is That It

6M54 Water Drop

6M56A Aqua De Vida

6M57 The Fountain Of Youth

6M58 The Faceoff

6M59A Pt.1 Battle For The Fountain Of Youth

6M59AIns Pt.1 Battle For The Fountain Of Youth (Insert)

6M59AIns2 Pt.1 Battle For The Fountain Of Youth (Insert 2)

6M59A Pt.2 Battle For The Fountain Of Youth

6M59B Philip Returns To Syrena

6M59C The Battle Continues

6M60 Spanish Arrive

7M61 Angelica Cut

7M62 Blackbeard’s Demise

7M62Ins Blackbeard’s Demise (Insert)

7M63 Syrena Saves Philip

7M64 One Pistol, One Shot

7M65 Jack Leaves Angelica

7M66 Make Way For Tortuga

7M67 Jack & Gibbs

7M67Ins Jack & Gibbs (Insert)

7M67Ins2 Jack & Gibbs (Insert 2)

7M68 End Credits

7M69 Voodoo Doll

Angelica Suite

Mermaids Suite

Mermaids Suite (Album mix)

The Pirate That Should Not Be

South Of Heaven’s Chanting Mermaids

Angry And Dead Again





- In italics are the cues that were not included on the sessions leak (or that I think are mislabeled and to which I gave another slate number and/or title than the one they have in the leak). The slate numbers of some of those I had to guess. As for the titles, I either made them up or found them in the end credits (for the source music cues).


- Skipped slate numbers (i.e. no music is heard in those spots in the film): 2M9 (or 2M10 or 2M11), 3M29 (or 4M29. It is possibly the guitar bit played by Scrum before he finally plays Angelica’s theme), 4M33, 6M52 and 6M55.


- The two source music cues heard during the scene taking place at the The Captain’s Daughter tavern (2M9S (or 2M10S) Tripping Up The Stairs and 2M10S (or 2M11S) Jolly Sailor Bold) were not included in the sessions leak. The title of both cues can be seen during the end credits.


- The cue 2M18A seems to be mislabeled in the sessions leak: in the film, it appears in between 2M15 Gibbs Burns Map and 2M16 Aboard The QAR, so technically, the correct slate number should be 2M15A or 2M16A (which is the one I chose for the list). On, that cue is listed as an alternate to 2M16 Aboard The QAR (which, as far as I know, is incorrect). Interestingly enough, that cue was not included in the demos leak.


- The cue 5M42 Naming Syrena (Insert) is mislabeled in the sessions leak: it is actually the cue that is heard between 5M40C The Cliff and 5M41 Jack Jumps in the film (in the demos leak, this music is actually part of 5M40C The Cliff and forms the second half of that cue). In my list, I decided to label it 5M40D The Cliff (though the slate and title could possibly be different). As for 5M42 Naming Syrena (Insert 2), it is actually an insert for 5M40D The Cliff (it is the equivalent of 5M40C The Cliff (Insert) on the demos leak).


- The second 5M47 Mermaids Are Tough in the sessions leak is labelled as an insert, but it is actually an alternate to the full cue (hence why it appears as an alternate in my list).


- The cue with the slate number 6M51 is titled Jazz Hands in the demo leak but The Escape in the sessions leak. I have no idea which is the actual title of the cue, but for my list, I decided to go with Jazz Hands.


- The cue with the slate number 7M61 is titled Angelica Cut in the demo leak but Blackbeard Is Stabbed in the sessions leak. I have no idea which is the actual title of the cue, but for my list, I decided to go with Angelica Cut.

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John Du Prez - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret Of The Ooze

Source: Recording Sessions


1m1 Opening
1m2 Keno Interrupts Robbery
1m2 Turtles Arrive
1m3 Main Titles
2m1 Turtles Disappear (Alternate)
2m2 April's Apartment
2m4-5 Junkyard
2m6 Shredder's Revenge
2m7 Splinter Sees The News
3m1 Mutant Dandelions
3m2 New Mission
3m3 Splinter's Decision
3m3Alt Splinter's Decision (Alternate)
3m5-6 Ooze Football
4m1 Keno Finds The Boys
4m2 New Recruit
4m3-4 Professors Protest
4m5 New Home
4m6 Shredder Grows Impatient
5m1 Mutants Revealed
5m2 Professor Pleads
5m3 Keno and Raph
5m4 Keno's Test
6m1-2 Escape From Junkyard
6m3 Junkyard Ambush (Alternate)
6m4 Junkyard Fight (Alternate)
6m5 A Way Out (Alternate)
6m6 This Little Tokka
7m3 Meet Your Maker
7m5 Donatello's Troubles
7m6 Teeth and Claws
8m1 Shredder's Message

8m2 Weird Science
8m2Alt Weird Science (Alternate)
8m3 Mikey's Idea
8m4 Warehouse Ambush
8m5 Tokka and Rahzar
9m1 Keno and Splinter
9m2 Shredder Crashes The Party
9m2a Guitar Shredder
9m5 Super Shredder
10m1 Dock Aftermath
10m2 Boys Return Home
10m2Alt Boys Return Home (Alternate)
Bells and Timpani Roll


There are some film versions missing mainly 2m1, 6m3, 6m4, and 6m5. 8m2alt Weird Science I'm sure was mislabeled as 9m4 Cowabunga.  That scene had no music at all and the timing was identical to 8m2 Weird Science.  There are a few other short cues missing.

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On 2017. 09. 18. at 7:11 PM, BloodBoal said:

7M61 Bloody Pirates

7M61Alt Bloody Pirates (Alternate)



Bloody Pirates has a missing insert for when Ragetti's eye pops out that can be ripped pretty clean from the 5.1 channels.

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John Du Prez - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Turtles In Time

Source: Recording Sessions


1m1 Prologue
1m3 April Brings Gifts / The Sceptre
1m4-2m1 Walker Arrives At Norinaga Castle / A Present From The Past
2m2 Out Cold
2m3 April and The Guards
2m4-2m5 Some Sort Of Witch
2m7a She Has No Power
2m7b I Want Her To Suffer
2m8 Heavy Artillery
3m1 April Caged
3m3 Turtles Back In Time
3m4 We're In Shogun
3m5 Michaelangelo Taken / Back To The Future
3m6 Turtles At Norinaga Castle
4m1 The Three Stooges
4m2 Prison Breakout
4m2a Mud Bath
4m5 Serenity
4m6 Ambush
4m7 Good News
5m1-5m1a Burning The Village
5m2 Rescuing Yoshi
6m1 Guns For Gold
6m2 Lighthorse Turtle
6m3 April Showers
6m4 Kenshin's Demands
6m5 Hockey Match
6m6 Running Out Of Time
6m7-6m8 Yoshi Plays / Firing Range
7m2 Cultural Exchange
7m3 The Deal Is Signed
7m4 Butter Fingers
7m5 Sceptre Found
7m6-8m1 Mitsu and The Sceptre Taken
8m2 Getting Totally Vertical
8m3-8m4 Ancient Us / Good Job Us
9m1-9m2 Fight At Norinaga
9m3-9m4-9m4a Leonardo's Bluff
9m5-9m5a Walker's End
10m2 Kenshin Activates The Sceptre
10m4 Destiny, What A Drag
10m5-10m6 History Restored
10m7 Yo, Dude!



2 hours ago, Fal said:

Keno and Raph has a bit of the tracktime still stuck on it @Trent B.

Thanks for that, I fixed it.

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On 11/10/2017 at 7:55 PM, Holko said:

Bloody Pirates has a missing insert for when Ragetti's eye pops out that can be ripped pretty clean from the 5.1 channels.


Thanks for pointing that out! Added to the list.



Main post updated.

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On 10/11/2017 at 4:16 PM, Trent B said:

John Du Prez - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Turtles In Time



Have the sessions for the first TMNT ever leaked?  All I've heard is crappy movie rips with sound effects dialed down.  I'd love for that to get a real release.

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