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The Complete Cue Lists Thread

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Carter Burwell - Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017)
Source: cocatalog.gov


1M1    Tree Of Memory
1M2    Trenches
1M5    Ordinary Decent People
1M6    Birth
1M8    First Night
1M9A    Cotchford Farms
1M9B    Toys And Stars

2M11    Into The Forest / Bees
2M13    To The Zoo
2M14    Nou Leaves
2M15    Bear Hunt


3M16    Goes To Town In A Golden Gown
3M18    Snowfall, Snowrise
3M19    Balloons
3M20    Drawing Pooh
3M21    Mum Is Back
3M22    I'm Billy Moon, And I'll Be Back Soon

4M23    When We Were Young
4M24    Fame
4M28    The People A Person Loves
4M30    Tea With Christopher Robin

5M31    Keep You Memories
5M33    Not Another Word
5M34    A Song Of Wisdom
5M35    Down The Stairs, Nobody Cares
5M37    Private Milne
5M38    Billy Leaves
5M39    Telling Nou

6M40    Well If It Isn't Billy Moon
6M41    How I Should Think

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Rupert Gregson-Williams - Wonder Woman (2017)

Source: Recording Sessions


1m1-1m2 DC Logos / Opening / Amazons Of Themyscira
1m3-1m4 Bedtime Story / Training Diana
1m6 Fighting Antiope
1m7 Cliff View
2m8 Plane Crash 
2m8a-2m11 You're A Man / Beach Battle / Death Of Antiope / Interrogation
3m13a Steve and Diana
3m13b-3m15 Steve Questions Diana / Diana Tests Her Strength
3m16 Leaving The Island
3m17 Sleeping 
3m18 Ludendorff 
3m19 London
3m20 Baby 
4m21 Selfridges 
4m22 Bad Guys
4m23 Alley Shootout
4m24 Gas Test 
4m25 Reading The Notebook 
4m28 Diana Tosses Bar Guy
4m29 Steve Tells Of His Plan 
4m31 Wounded Soldiers 
5m32 Gassing The Officers 
5m34 Charlie's Nightmare 
5m36 No Man's Land 
5m37-5m39 Fighting In Veld 
5m40 He Cannot Shoot 
6m41 Diana's Realization 
6m44a First Kiss 
6m44b Green Grow The Rashes 
6m45 Approaching The Castle 
6m46 The Lady In A Blue Dress 
6m48 Diana Enters The Ballroom
6m49 Gassed Village 
7m50 Killing Ludendorff 
7m51 Steve Leaves 
7m52 Ares 
7m53 Tower Explosion 
7m54 Steve Says Goodbye
8m56 Showdown
8m56a Rage 
8m57a-8m57b Hearing / Diana Wins 
8m57c Aftermath 
8m58-8m58a Victory Celebration / Trafalgar Photo 
8m59a Only Love 
8m59b Wonder Woman 
8m60 Action Reaction (Main On Ends) 
9m62 End Roller Part B 

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Theodore Shapiro - One Chance (2013)
Source: sgae.es


1M1 Prologue

1M3 Right As Rain


2M7 Brad Meets Cameron

2M8 One Foot And Then The Other

2M10 Kiss At The Station

2M14 Venice


3M19 The Ride Through Venice

3M22 Wish You Were Here

3M27 Pavarotti

3M28 Dark Steel Mill

3M29 The Dream Is Dead

3M30 Bloody Loser


4M32 Wedding Day

4M37 Newlyweds


4M38 Collapsed

4M39S Aida Orchestra Warming Up

4M42 Hospital Bed


5M45 I Can Sing

5M48 Shower Aria


6M49 Flip A Coin

6M52 Practicing Montage

6M54AS The Judging Panel

6M55 This Is Your Chance

6M57B Moment Of Truth

6M58 Nine Months Later

6M60 Together In Venice

6M62 Newlyweds

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John Debney & Joseph Trapanese - The Greatest Showman (2017)
Source: cocatalog.gov, ASCAP


1M6C    Factory Accounting Idea //Joseph Trapanese
1M7    Broken Down Barnum //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese
1M8    Extraordinary Machine
1M8B    Bankers Waiting Room //Joseph Trapanese


2M9A    Walk To Museum / Reveal Of Museum //John Debney
2M13    Gathering Customers Montage //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese
2M13A    Meet Tom Thumb (Tom Thumb Idea) //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese
2M13B    Lettie //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese
2M13C    Oddities Montage //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese
2M16    Barnum Looks To Charity //John Debney
2M18    Thank You Mr. Bennett //John Debney
2M19    Mansion Surprise //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese
2M22    Smells Like Peanuts //John Debney


3M26    Anne On Trapeze //John Debney
    Trapeze Act Circus Source //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese
3M29    Protesters //John Debney
3M30    London Invitation //John Debney
3M34S    Palace Regal Fanfare //John Debney
3M35    Meet Jenny Lind //John Debney
3M37    Come To New York //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese
3M38S    Orchestra Tuning 1 //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese


4M43    Planning The Tour
4M43A    Orchestra Tuning 2 //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese
4M44    Anne Attends The Theatre //Joseph Trapanese


5M48A    Tightrope Intro //Joseph Trapanese
5M50S    Intro Pt 1 / Never Enough Reprise //Joseph Trapanese
5M52    Freak Fight //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese
5M53    Barnum's Dream Burns Down //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese
5M56    A Celebration Of Humanity //John Debney


6M59    Anne And Philip Kiss / I Would Like To See My Wife //John Debney
6M61    Partners Fifty-Fifty //John Debney
6M63/64    End Credit Suite


    Cosi Fan Tutte, K. 588: Overture //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese
    German Dance, Woo 8: No. 10 In D-Major //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese
    String Quartet No. 6 In C-Major, Op. 1 //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese
    Violin Sonata In G Minor, Op. 1, No. 10 //John Debney & Joseph Trapanese

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Jack Tillar - Classic Creatures: Return of the Jedi (1983)

Source: UBC


Tease Montage


Cast Montage

Black Lagoon



Eaten Policeman

King Kong



Dark Crystal

Miss Piggy Dives

E. T. Phenomenon

Weird Cast

Creatures Bite

Flame Dragon

Pan Am Commercial

Production Activity

Sarlacc Aerial

Warm Wrap-Up

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Jed Kurzel - Assassin's Creed (2016)

Source: sessions

1M2    Initiation
1M5    Intro Running
1M6    Execution Onwards
1M7    Abstergo Rooftop

2M9    The Animus Room
2M10    1st Regression Wagon Chase
2M11    Cal Recuperates
2M12    Sofia And Rikkin - Part 1
2M13    Assassins Brotherhood Drum
2M14    Bleeding Effect - Part 1

3M15    Sofia's Lab
3M17    Bleeding Effect - Part 2
3M20    Ancestors
3M24    Execution Drums
3M25    2nd Regression Rooftop Chase
3M26    2nd Regression Leap Of Faith

4M27    History Of Violence
4M28    Joseph And Cal
4M29    Cal Attacked
4M30    Take Me To The Animus

5M32    Patio Underground
5M33    Underground Fight
5M34    Tunnel Chase
5M35    To The Port
5M36    Ancestors

6M38    Assassins Mutiny
6M39    Abstergo Breakout
6M40    Flying Into Seville
6M41    Church / Seville To London
6M42    Assassination
6M43    Sofia And Rikkin - Part 2
6M44    Take Me To The AnimusTheme End Credits
6M46/47    Rooftop Chase / Tunnel Chase / Columbus Suite / Abstergo Rooftop / Sofia's Lab / The Office

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Henry Jackman - This Is The End (2013)
Source: Sony leak


2M1 (6M27B) CAT
2M3 Babcock Car Bump By
2M6 (2M1) Rapture On Melrose
2M9/10 (2M2) The Sinkhole
2M11 (2M3) Foreboding News Report


3M1A/B/C (3M4-6) Can't Sleep
3M4/5 (3M7/8) Head Guy
3M6 (3M9) The Sinkhole Remains
3M7 (3M10/11) This Shit Is Biblical
3M8 (3M12) Boredom Montage
3M11 (3M13) Emma Returns


4M1 (4M14) Drawing Matches - Part 1
4M2 (4M15) Craig Gets The Water
4M3 (4M16) Creepy Basement Memorabilia


5M1 (5M18) Devil Rapes Jonah
5M2 (5M19) Drawing Matches - Part 2
5M3 (5M20) Jay & Craig Go Outside
5M4 (5M21) Something's Wrong With Jonah
5M5 (5M22) Jonah Is Possessed
5M6 (5M23) Demonic Chase Sequence
5M7 (5M24) Lights Out / Jay's Got A Plan
5M9 (5M25) The Exorcism Of Jonah Hill


6M1 (6M26A) Fire Chase
6M2 (6M26B) Craig's Last Stand
6M6 (6M28) Franco's Demise
6M7 (6M29) The Rapture Of Seth & Jay

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John Paesano - Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)
Source: cocatalog.gov


1M1A    Train Heist
1M1B    Train Heist End
1M2    The Last City


2M1    Started This Together
2M2A    Minho's Dream (Glade)
2M2B    Minho's Dream (Hallway)
2M3    Overrun Check Point
2M4/5    Krank Tunnel
2M7    Teresa Remembers


3M1    Fugitive Alert
3M2    Gally
3M4    Lawrence
3M5    The Virus
3M6    Handle This
3M7    Lost Highway
3M8    A Way In


4M1    Newt's Veins
4M2    You're A Traitor
4M3    Visions Of Thomas
4M4    Nice To See You
4M5    Brenda's Last Treatment


5M1A    Breaking In
5M1B    Breaking In Cont'd
5M2/3    Searching For Minho
5M4    Saving Minho
5M4B    Gally Reveal
5M5    Bus Escape


6M1    Nobody's Perfect
6M2    Finding A Cure
6M3    Storming The City
6M4A    Newt Turning
6M4B    Newt Fight
6M5    Newt Death
6M6    What Have You Done


7M1    Krank Lab
7M2    Teresa's Death
7M3    Safe Haven

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Edward Shearmur - Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (2017)
Source: cocatalog.gov


1M2    The Heffleys
1M4    Heffleys At The Table
1M6    Rescuing Manny
1M7    Wimpy Titles
1M8    Evolution
1M9    Viral
1M11    Great Famous
1M12    Packing The Van
1M16    I Must Confess


2M17    Manny Pacifier
2M18    We Need To Eat
2M20    Hotel Pool
2M21    Disgusting
2M22    Pizza
2M23    Greg Gets His Phone
2M26    Hot Tub
2M27    Deal With Dad
2M28    Beardo Kids
2M29    Denting The Van
2M30    Waking Up With Beardo
2M36    Agreeing To A Treat
2M38    Beardo Alert
2M40    Manny's Pig
2M41    Beardo Spots Greg

3M42    Manny's Prize
3M43    Cross Your Legs
3M44    Pig Fart
3M45    Pig Bed
3M47    Rodrick's Gum
3M49    Still Connected
3M50    Greg Fixes The GPS
3M51    Saying Goodbye To Piggie
3M52    Memory Book / Buying A Gift
3M53    Uber
3M54    I Told You So
3M56    Van Fixed
3M57    Missing Persons
3M58    Meeting Mac Digby
3M61    Greg Is Diaper Hands
3M62    I Give Up

4M63    Reverse Camera
4M65    Beardo Roadkill
4M66    Sad Mom
4M67    The Birds
4M68    I Might Be Wrong
4M69    Heat
4M70    Mud
4M71    Beardo Motel
4M72    Beardo Bathroom

5M73    Greg In Shower
5M75    Escape From Beardo
5M76    The Hill
5M79    Mee Maw Party
5M80    Speaking Spanish

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John Paesano - Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015)
Source: cocatalog.gov


1M1    Scorch Trials Opening
1M2    Your New Lives
1M3    Whose Side Are You On
1M4    Roll Call
1M5    Thomas And Aris In The Vents
1M6    Keep Your Head Down


2M7    Griever Farm
2M8    Bunker Escape


3M9    The Mall
3M10    Cranks
3M11    Scorch Reveal
3M12    Carrying Winston


4M14    Winston Dies
4M16    Lightning Storm
4M17    Guard Dogs / Following Brenda
4M19    You've Been Tagged
4M20    Escape From Jorge's Lair


5M23A    Thomas And Brenda In Tunnel
5M23B    Chased


6M25    Crankland
6M27    Dream In WCKD Lab
6M27A    Background Beats
6M28    Bertha
6M29    Drop It
6M30    Drive To Right Arm
6M32    Brenda Collapses


7M33    Brenda Gets Serum
7M34    Thomas And Brenda
7M35    Gladers On The Ridge
7M36    Teresa Confesses
7M37    WCKD Attacks


8M38    Ava Arrives
8M39    Jorge To The Rescue
8M40    Aftermath

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Jerry Goldsmith - Dennis The Menace (1993)
Source: cuesheets


1M1    Our Town (Main Title)
1M2/2M1    Take An Aspirin
2M1X    The Plant
2M2    The Doll
3M1    Sound Games
3M2/4M1    Hide And Seek
4M2    The Dollnapping
4M3    The Shower
4M3R    Broken Flowers
4M4    Spilled Paint
4M4A    Spilled Paint - Part 2
5M1    A Funny Taste
5M2    Baby Sitting
6M1    The Dentures
6M2    The Purse
7M3    Bedtime
8M1    Shaggy Dog Story
8M3    The Visitor
9M1    Redecorating
9M2    A Mistake
9M2X    The Search
9M3/10M1    The Heist
10M2    Remembering Dennis
10M3    The Sling-Shot
10M4/11M1    Tied Up
11M2    Beans
11M3    Real Love
11M4    Hung Up
12M1    He's Back
12M2    Forgetful Sam
12M3    Toasted Marshmallows

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Jerry Goldsmith - The Haunting (1999)
Source: cuesheets


1M1    Afraid
1M2    A Place For Everything
1M3    Hill House
1M4    First Look
1M5    In The Dark


2M1    The Carousel
2M2    The Yellow Light
2M3    Nell's Story
2M5    A Broken String
2M6    Meetings


3M1    Portraits
3M2    The Curtains
3M3    Testing
3M4    Noisy Fireplace
3M5    Welcome Home, Eleanor
3M6    Greenhouse Tale


4M1    Bloody Feet
4M2    Crane's Study
4M3    Curly Hair
4M4    The Picture Album
4M5    What Am I Doing?


5M1    Out Of Bed
5M2    Return To The Carousel
5M2A    What Do You Want?
5M3    Twisted Stairs
5M4    Terror In Bed


6M1    Nell's Room
6M2    Finally Home


7M1    Home Safe
7M2    End Credits

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Jerry Goldsmith - Along Came A Spider (2001)
Source: sessions


1M1    Night Talk
1M1A    Testing
1M2    Megan's Abduction
1M3    The Message
1M4    A Closed Book


2M1    Re-Play
2M2    Watching
2M3    Hello Megan
2M4    The Missing Picture


3M1    The Photos
3M2    Please Help
3M3    Megan Overboard
3M4    Cyber Meeting
3M5    No Guard
3M6    Cop Killer
3M7    Missing Girl


4M1    The Ransom
4M1A    The Ransom - Part 2
4M2    Hi Alex
4M3    Where's Megan?
4M4    The Rat


5M1    Not Alone
5M2    Profiling
5M3    Open The Door
5M4    Not My Partner

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John Swihart - Table 19 (2017)
Source: cocatalog.gov


1M5    Misread That Entirely
1M8    She Hasn't Talked To Me

2M4    Listing The Tables (Table Rant - Part 1)
2M4    The Other Nanny (Table Rant - Part 2)
3M3    What Did You Say
3M5    Cleaning Up (Elevator)
3M6    Eloise Crying
3M9    I Always Wanted To Be
3M11    Outside
4M1    I Know Why You Came
4M2    Finding Huck
4M7    It Was Tom Pho
5M1    Shower Makeup

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Dickon Hinchliffe - Red Riding: The Year Of Our Lord 1980 (2009)
Source: sgae.es



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Harry Gregson-Williams - Total Recall (2012)
Source: sessions

1M1    The Dream
1M2A    Trapped
1M2B    Balcony
1M7    Security Elevated
1M8    Back From Work


2M10    Goodnight Harry
2M11    Redlight District
2M13    First Time
2M15/16    I'm Nobody
2M19    Lori It Was Me
2M22    Escaping Lori


3M23    Hand Call
3M25    Who Is This Guy
3M29    The Vault
3M31    Customs
3M32    Get In Now
3M34    Clear To Engage


4M35    Reed's Apartment
4M37    Hauser
4M42    The Scar On Your Hand
4M44    Harry Comes In
4M48    You're A Traitor
4M50    Elevator Chase
4M54    Through The Streets


5M56    Welcome Home
5M57    Train To Matthias
5M60    I Want To Remember
5M64    Matthias Dies
5M68    To The Fall
5M68A    Synths Loading
5M72    Saving Melina


6M73    Gravity Reversing
6M75    Quaid Falls
6M78    Up Top Fght
6M80    End Of Cohaagen
6M81    Wake Up - Part 1
6M81B    Wake Up - Part 2
6M82    Ambulance Fight
6M84    The End


7M86    End Credits

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Mark Mothersbaugh - 22 Jump Street (2014)
Source: sessions


1M5    We Run This Town
1M6    Octopus Attack
1M7    Truck Gunfight
1M8    22 Jump Street
1M10    The Case


2M14    Just Like The Last Time
2M15    Cynthia's Curriculum
2M16    The Student Union
2M18    Approaching Maya
2M19    Open Mic
2M20    Not A Single Lead
2M21    The Tattoo
2M23/24    Connecting To Zook


3M28    Dejected Schmidt
3M29    Schmidt Connects
3M35    Hooking Up
3M36    Wrong Tattoo
3M37    Jenko's Dream
3M38    Schmidt's Walk Of Shame
3M39    Broken Bromance
3M40    WHYPHY Surveillance Op
3M41    Kidnapped


4M42    Tripping
4M44    Olympic Hazing
4M45    Investigate Different People
4M50    Running Into Dickson


5M55    Zook's WHYPHY
5M57    Confronting Zook
5M63    Investigating The Shrink
5M64    The Captain's Daughter
5M66A    Don't Taze Me Bro
5M66B    Trail To The Library
5M67    Schmidt In The Library
5M68    Golf Cart Chase
5M69    End Of A Goal Post
5M78    Mercedes Revealed
5M79A    Mexican Stand-Off
5M81A/B    Lambo Chase


6M84    Girl Fight / Beach Fight
6M85    Dirty Shot
6M86    Schmidt Saves Jenko
6M87    Reconciliation
6M90    22 Jump Street Remix

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Alexandre Desplat - Isle Of Dogs (2018)
Source: FYC


1M0    Shinto Shrine
1M2    The Municipal Dome
1M4    Six Months Later
1M5    Dog Fight
1M6    The Herd Pack
1M8    First Crash-Landing
1M10    24 Hours Later
1M11    Flashback: 3 Years Earlier

2M1    2nd Second Crash-Landing
2M2    Bath House
2M3    Beach Attack
2M6    Nutmeg
2M9    TV Drumming 1
2M11    Kobayashi's Cabinet

3M2    Toshiro
3M3    Black Box Recording
3M4    Jupiter And Oracle
3M5    Aboriginal Dogs
3M6    Sushi Scene
3M8A    Pagoda Slide - Part 1
3M8B    Pagoda Slide - Part 2

4M1-4    Cause-Way To The Far-Away Cuticles / Flashback / The Secret Tooth
4M5    TV Drumming 2
4M6    Kobayashi Canine-Testing Laboratory
4M7    The Black Owls Message
4M10    Sake Bar - Part 1

5M1-3    Re-Election Night - Parts 1-3
5M5    TV Drumming 4
5M8    End Titles

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Nick Glennie-Smith - Heaven Is For Real (2014)
Source: Sony leak


1M1    Lord's Prayer
1M2    Driving
1M3    Carpet Jacob
1M8    I'm Here To Pray For You

2M11    Baseball On High
2M12    Collapse
2M14    Passing Stones
2M17    Butterfly Pavillion
2M18    Emergency
2M19    Prayer

3M20    I See Saw You
3M22    Jesus Has A Horse
3M24    Heaven
3M25    You Are Home
3M27    Laugh Like That
3M28    Wondering About Your Faith

4M29    He Has Markers
4M31    Playground Dustup
4M32    Bluish Green Eyes
4M33    Angels In The Yard
4M36    Not Imaginary

5M37    Children's Ward
5M40    You Saw Pop?
5M41    Jacob Rawling
5M43    Did My Son Go To Heaven?

6M44    I Have Two Sisters
6M47    If Heaven Is For Real
6M49    Jacob Appears
6M50    That's Him

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Ramin Djawadi - The Mountain Between Us (2017)
Source: cocatalog.gov


1M1    Ben Surveys Crash Site


2M2A    Flare Gun
2M2    Flyover


3M3    Ben Climbs
3M5A    Mountain Lion Attack
3M5B    Ben Runs Back To Plane


4M7    Alex Leaves Ben
4M8    Ben Searches For Alex
4M9    Finding The Cave
4M10    Sleeping In The Cave
4M11    Another Route Down
4M13    Sliding Down The Hill


5M14    Finding The Cabin
5M16    The I.V.


6M18    Ben Feeds Alex / Betrayal
6M19    The Tape Recorder
6M20    Lovemaking
6M21    Ben Comes Back For Alex


7M22    Leaving The Cabin
7M23    Under The Tree
7M24    Dog Wakes Up Ben
7M26    Alex Found


8M27A    Ben Alone
8M27B    London
8M28    Alex Leaves A Message
8M29    Finding The Film
8M30    Goodbye
8M31    Suite

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