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The Complete Cue Lists Thread

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Henry Jackman & Matthew Margeson - Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M01B Charlie's Back

1M01B INS Eggsy's Back Pt.2

1M09 Man of Sewage

1M10 Arm

1M11 Harry Memories

1M12-13 The Golden Circle

1M13 Cambodia

1M14 Mincer


2M15 Makeover

2M21-22 Incoming Missiles

2M23 Armageddon

2M24-26 Merlin to Kentucky

2M26A Toast the Fallen

2M26B Bottle

2M27 Meet Tequila

2M28-29 Interrogation

2M30-31 Welcome to Statesman


3M32A Harry Rescues Flashback

3M32B Charlie in Poppyland

3M33 Elton Will Die

3M34 Meet Champ

3M35 Tequila Face

3M38 Puppy Present

3M39 Drowning

3M40 Harry Goes Home

3M42 Tequila Laid Up

3M43 Poppy's Bad for Angel

3M44 Clara's Implant


4M48 Eggsy Harry Goodbye

4M51A Harry Remembers Pt1

4M51C Harry Remembers Pt3

4M52 New Glasses

4M53 Bar Fight

4M54 Poppy's Terms


5M55-56 The Dancing Disease

5M57 Get to Italy

5M58 Antidote Theft

5M59 INS Spinning Gondola Pt.2

5M59A Spinning Gondola Pt.1

5M59C Spinning Gondola Pt.3

5M60 Gondola Finale

5M61-62 Cabin Ambush

5M63 Whiskey is Down

5M64 Horrific News Report

5M68-69 Whiskey Comes To-Cages


6M65 Poppy Skypes the President

6M66 Tildes Got the Rash

6M67 Martini With Harry

6M70 Poppy's Mine Field

6M71-72 Merlin's Sacrifice

6M72 Elton Ramp Up


7M73A Jet vs Harry A

7M73B Jet vs Harry B

7M74 Charlie Gets His

7M75 Poppy's Last Stand

7M76 Whiskey's Last Stand

7M79 Not in Vain

7M81 Eggsy's Wedding Day


Benjamin Wallfisch - A Cure for Wellness (2017)

Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M01 Opening Logos/Buildings

1M03 Dead Morris

1M04A Pembroke's Letter

1M04B Elevator - Boardroom

1M04C Someone More Senior

1M05 Train/Helicopter

1M11-12 Drive to Castle - Arrival


2M18 Departure - Deer Crash

2M19 Mother Crematorium

2M21A Exploring the Spa

2M21B Steam Room

2M23 Ambition


3M26 Waiting

3M28 Nosebleed Bend

3M30 Urine Sample

3M32 Bridge Flashback

3M34 Caretaker Gurney


4M35 A Terrible Darkness

4M36 Hannad Pond

4M38 Bike to Town

4M43B Tampon

4M44A Lipstick

4M44B Cow Foetus


5M46 Bar Fight

5M47AB Hannah Bedroom Nightmare

5M48 Tooth Pull

5M49 Lower Corridors

5M51 Embryonic Chamber

5M53 Drive!

5M54 Constabulary


6M55 Toilet Eels

6M58-59 Lockhart's Letter/Uncast

6M60 Underground

6M61 Volmer's Lab

6M63 Pool & Stairs

6M64 Grotto Fight

6M66 Zombies

6M69-70 Blue Dress/Volmer's Vitaminus


7M71-72A The Rite

7M72C Ballroom

7M73A Where You Began

7M73B OS Orchestra

7M74 Unmasked

7M75 Fire Waltz

7M76 Magnificent Isn't It?

7M77 Actually I'm Feeling Much Better

7M78 Main On Ends

7M79A End Roller Pt.1

7M79B End Roller Pt.2


Alan Silvestri - Night At the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014)

source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M01 Egypt Dig

1M02 Akmenrah Found

1M02 Akmenrah Found alt

1M02A The Flag

1M04 Egypt tp New York Gala

1M05 Performance Prep

1M06 Jed & Octavius Lol

1M07 Meet LA

1M08 Performance Starts

1M10-11 It All Goes Wrong

1M12 Tablet Corroding


2M14 To the Museum

2M16 Tablet Research

2M17 Cecil Was There

2M19 Cecil Sees Picture

2M20 The End Will Come

2M21 British Museum Doesn't Know

2M23 British Museum Delivery

2M24 Sneek Into Museum

2M25B Gangs All Here


3M27 Museum is Waking Up

3M28 Meet Trixie

3M29 Trixie Charges

3M29A Lance Fights Trixie

3M29B Sir Lancelot

3M30 Where is Jed & Oct?

3M30A Larry At Panel Box

3M30B Long Laredo

3M31 Dexter Can Fit in Vent

3M34 Main Hall/Lancelot Walk & Talk

3M35 Jed & Oct Jump


4M36 Lady Andrea

4M37 Meet Garuda

4M38 Sleeping Snake

4M39 Pompey Hotel

4M41 Snake Fight

4m41A Fire Control

4M42 Lancelot & Nicky Bond

4M44 LA is Still Staying

4M45 Arrival At Egypt

4M47 Meet Mom & Dad

4M48 Table of Tablet Creation

4M49 Race to the Moonlight

4M50 Lancelot Takes Tablet

4M51 Escher Fight

4M52 Tillie Captures LA


5M53 Tillie Locked in Guard Booth

5M54 LA Uses His Head

5M55 Trafalger Square

5M56 LA Seduces Tillie

5M57 Lancelot Finds Camelot

5M60 Lance Loses It

5M62 Hugh Tries to Stop Lancelot

5M63 Larry Chases Lancelot

5M64 Larry Chases Lancelot Continues

5M65 Melting Nose Sting

5M66 Everyone Dies

5M68 Tablet to Stay in London


6M69 Larry Finds Tillie & LA

6M70 LA & Tillie Love

6M72-73 Goodbye Jed, Oct & Attila

6M74 Goodbye Teddy/See You Later Nicky

6M76 Tillie Delivers Tablet to Ricky

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Tyler Bates & Various Artists - Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
 Source: leaked sessions


1M01  I'm Not In Love

1M02A  A Mother's Farewell

1M02INS  Marvel Fanfare

1M02B  Morag

1M03  Come And Get Your Love

1M04-05  Plasma Ball

1M06  Quill's Big Retreat

1M07  Go All The Way

1M08  The Bounty

2M01  Ronan's Theme

2M02  Everyone's and Idiot

2M06  The Broker

2M07A  Gamora

2M07B  Attacking Groot

2M07C  Writhe Little Man

2M08-09  Nova Headquarters

2M10  The Kyln

2M11  Hooked On A Feeling

2M12  The New Meat

2M13  Take Her To The Showers

3M01  Drax The Destroyer

3M02  She Betrayed Ronan

3M03  I Like Your Knife

3M04  Sanctuary

3M05-06  Escape From The Kyln

3M07  Escape (The Pina Colada Song)

3M13-14  The Mystery Buyer

4M02  The Road To Knowhere

4M02INS  Moonage Daydream

4M03  Groot Makes A Friend

4M05  Garmora And Quill

4M06  Fooled Around And Fell In Love

4M08  The Collector

4M09  The History Of The Orb

4M10  Ronan Arrives

5M01-02  The Pod Chase

5M03  Sacrifice

5M04  We All Got Dead People

5M05  We Got A Ringer

6M01  Losers

6M02  Cherry Bomb

6M03  Not 100% A Dick

6M04  The Final Battle Begins

6M05  The Ballad Of The Nova Corps

6M06  Groot Spores

6M07  Z.StereoMix

6M08  Z.StereoMix

7M01  Guardians United

7M02  The Big Blast

7M03  Z.StereoMix

7M04  Groot Cocoon

7M05  Ooh Child

7M06  Z.StereoMix

7M06INS  Ooh Child Insert

7M07  Black Tears

7M08  Citizens Unite

8M01  A Nova Upgrade

8M02  Ain't No Mountain High Enough

8M03  I Want You Back

End Credits

Spirit In The Sky (Trailer)

1M02A  A Mother's Farewell (Alternate)

1M02B  Morag (Alternate)

3M08  Don't Mess With My Walkman (Unused)

3M10  Z.StereoMix

4M07  Z.StereoMix

4M10  Ronan Arrives (Alternate)

5M04  We All Got Dead People (Alternate)

5M07  Z.StereoMix

6M05  The Ballad Of The Nova Corps (Alternate)

The Great Companion (Unused)

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Lorne Balfe - Pacific Rim: Umprising (2018)

Source: sessions


1M01 Logos & Backstory Montage

1M04 Sneaking In

1M07 Jake Finds Scrapper

1M08-09 Scrapper Chase

1M11 Not Again


2M01 Shatterdome Arrial

2M02 Amara is Amazed

2M05 Pentecost

2M07 Simulation Fail

2M08 Could Have Been Great

2M09 Gottlieb Greets Newt Pt.1

2M09 Gottlieb Greets Newt Pt.2


3M01A Unwelcome Yager

3M01B Are You Reading This?

3M02A Mak-Morial

3M03 Flashback

3M07 Get It Done

3M09 Alice


4M02 Family Fight

4M03 It Isn't Something

4M04B What is That?

4M05 A Kaiju Brain

4M06 Shao Industries Suspected


5M01 Shatterdome Attacked

5M02B Help Me Help You

5M08-09 Aftermath


6M01 Battle Speech

6M03Y Yagers Land

6M06 Rippers

6M07 SEQ


7M01A Mega On the Move

7M01B Stay With Me

7M02 Amara Joins Jake

7M03B End Game


7M04C Celebrate

7M05 Victory

7M07 Main On End



Born Into War

Get It Done

Kaiju Brain

Mega Kaiju

Shao Industries



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Brian Tyler - Iron Man 3 (2013)
 Source: leaked sessions


1M1  Crash Landing

1M4  Glitch

1M5  Shadow Of Evidence

1M7  The Suit Who Loved Me

1M7A  Face Off

1M8  The Mandarin (Film Version)

1M8  The Mandarin (Original)

1M9  Announcing The Iron Patriot

1M10  Gotta Fly

1M11  Extremis

2M14  Awkward!

2M15  Nightmares

2M16  Happy No Lucky

2M17  Fortune Cookies - Holiday Greeting (Film Version)

2M17  Fortune Cookies - Holiday Greeting (Original)

2M18  Gathering Intel

3M20  Domestic Disturbance

3M20A  Good Hunting

3M21  Isolation

3M22  Message In A Helmet

3M23  Another Lesson From Many (Film Version)
3M23  Another Lesson From Many (Original)

4M25  Five Shadows For Six Souls

4M27-28  Cheap Trick And A One Liner

4M29  Trapped

4M30  Sew Taken

4M32  AIM

4M32A  War Machine Rox

4M33  Misfire

5M34  Idealists

5M35  Room Service

5M36  The Mechanic

5M37  Captured

5M38  Leverage

6M39  Let's Heat Things Up

6M40  Ejected

6M41  5,4,3,2,1!

6M42  It's Good To Be Back

6M43  Two If By Sea!

6M46  Barrel Of Monkeys

7M48  Culmination

7M49  Suit Yourself

7M50  Buzzkill

7M51  Heat And Iron

8M52  Hot Pepper (Original)

8M52  Hot Pepper (Film Version)

8M53  Merry Christmas

8M54  Purity - New Beginnings (Film Version)

8M54  Purity - New Beginnings (Original)

8M54CHI  Dr. Wu

8M55 Can You Dig It - Main On End Titles

Iron Man 3 March

Iron Man 3



Henry Jackman - Captain America: Civil War (2016)
 Source: leaked sessions


1M01  Booting Up

1M02  Lagos

1M03-05  Crossbones

1M06-07  Market Fight

1M09  The Last Time

1M12  I Blame You

2M14  Consoling Wanda

2M15-17  Secretary Ross

2M17B  Zemo Waterboarding

2M18  Tony Is Game

2M19  Bummer Text Message

2M20B  Peggy's Parting Words

2M22  Vienna Establisher

2M23  UN Bombing

3M25  Vengeance Begins

3M26  Thriller Resumes

3M27  Made at the Plum Shop

3M28-30  Stairwell - Tunnel Chase

3M32  House Arrest

4M33-34  Hauling in the Boys

4M35  Percolation and Unfolding

4M36-37  Bucky Escapes

4M38  Zemo Off to Russia

5M39  Multiple Winter Soldiers

5M40  Not Yours to Handle

5M42-43  Proud Spidey Tutor

5M44A  Clint-Napping

5M44B  I Know Someone Who Does

6M45  Initial Airport Standoff

6M46-48  Airport Battle

6M49-50  Civil War - Part A

6M51-52  Civil War - Part B

6M53  Rather Unfortunate Conclusion

7M54  Back to Zemo's Thriller - Part A

7M54INS  Cap Comforts Bucky

7M55-56  Back to Zemo's Thriller - Part B

7M57-58  Tony Suits the Hell Up

7M59  Fracture

7M60-61  Clash

8M62  Acceptance

8M63  Was It Worth It

8M65-66  Cap's Parting Words

8M67  Wakanda Tag

8M68  Spidey Tag

Zemo Adagio (Composer Sketch)

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Jed Kurzel - Alien: Covenant (2017)

source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M01 Logos

1M03 Covenant

1M04A Neutrino Burst

1M04B Packing

1M05A Team Meeting Stereo

1M05B Cabin On the Lake


2M06A Space Funeral

2M06B Sails

2M07 Planet No. 4

2M08 Away They Go Stereo

2M09 Launcher Landing Stereo

2M10 What Field Pt.1

2M10 What Field Pt.2/Pt.3


3M11 Spores

3M12 Juggernaut

3M13 Med Bay Creature

3M14 Tall Grass Attack

3M15 Dead Civilization

3M16 Survivors of Prometheus


4M17 80km

4M18 Walter & David

4M19 Don't Go Far

4M20A Payload Deployment

4M22 Command Override

4M23 Earn It's Respect

4M24 Cargo Lift


5M25 My Beautiful Bestiary

5M26 Facehugger

5M27 Chestburster

5M28 Lonely Perfection

5M29 Facehugger 2nd Attack

5M30 David vs. Walter

5M31 Cargo Lift Rescue


6M32 I'm Here to Serve

6M33 Unidentified Lifeform

6M34 Shower Attack

6M35 Bring It to My Turf

6M36 Terraforming Bay

6M36A Daniel Appears

6M37 A Kind World

6M38 Closing



Mychael Danna & Rob Simonsen - (500) Days of Summer (2009)

Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M1 Main Title - 500 Days of Summer

1M2 Trouble

1M3 Things Were Going So Well

1M4 I Want to Get Her Back

1M5 Anal Girl

1M6 Wii Tennis


2M7 Karaoke Invite

2M8 Agree to Disagree

2M9 Friends

2M10 Ikea

2M11 You're Fun

2M12 Serious

2M13 After Dance


3M14 87

3M15 Arm Drawing

3M17 Nobody Can

3M18 Art Gallery

3M19 New Wave


4M20/21 Everyone Knows/I Love Us, I Hate Summer

4M23 Blind Date

4M24 I'm Not Going

4M25 Train Ride Home


5M26/27 It's These Cards/Sketching Again

5M29 To the Architect

5M30 Autumn Pt.1

5M30 Autumn Pt.2

5M30B Autumn Sting


Christophe Beck - Date Night (2010)

Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M4 Main Titles

1M6 No Sex Tonight

1M9 Traffic Jam


2M11 The Triplehorns

2M14 Claw Alley

2M15 Boathouse

2M16 Boathouse Escape

2M17 Hustle Out


3M18 Times Square

3M20 Realestate Break

3M21 Miletto

3M23 Police Station (Unused)

3M24 Fat Albert

3M25 Lauper

3M25alt Lauper (Alt.)


4M26 B & E

4M27 Two Minute Drill

4M28 Over Our Heads


5M30 Break It Down

5M31 One Night in NY

5M32 Peppermint Hippo


6M40 Rooftop

6M41 Aftermath

6M42 The Diner

6M44 Cut & Run (End Credits)



Tom Holkenborg - Deadpool (2016)

Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M01 Meet Ajax

1M02 DP Freeway Ambush

1M02B X-Men Take the Jet

1M02C Surrounding Car

1M03 12 Bullets

1M03B Wade Shows His Parts


2M04 Cancer Diagnosis

2M05 Ajax Beat Down

2M06B Vanessa & Wade Sad Chat

2M07 Weasel Offer

2M07B Wade Considers & Sneaks Out

2M07Bv2 Wade Considers & Sneaks Out

2M08 DP Rants At Collosus & NTW



3M09B In Punch Bowl to Lab Collapse

3M09A Enter Lab to Close Punch Bowl


4M13 Back to Life

4M14 Deadpool Naming

4M15 Finding Agent Smith

4M16 Ajax & Angel Plot

4M17 Ajax Enters Bar

4M18 DP Sees Vanessa

4M19 Vanessa Missing/Gun Prep

4M20 Ajax Takes Vanessa to Carriar


5M20B Waiting for Collosus

5M21 DP & Gane Meet Ajax's Posse

5M24 Ajax vs Deadpool On Carriar

5M25 Carriar Craters


6M26 Sifting Thru Rubble to Ajax Execution

6M26B Collosus Speech

6M26Bv2 Collosus Speech

6M27 Crackhouse Excuse



Marco Beltrami - Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)

Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M01 Opening Sequence

1M01B Knife in the Face

1M02 Point Blank

1M03 Leclerk's Office

1M04 Katia's Research

1M05 Look At That Ass Burger

1M06 Lonely Katia

1M07 Katia's Powers & 47 Searches

1M08 Katia Takes Meds/47 Finds Her


2M09 47 Comes A Knocking

2M10 Subway Chase & Fight

2M11 47 Gets Himself Caught

2M12 Embassy Escape & Chase


3M13 After Shower Chat

3M14 Finding Dad On A Map

3M15 Katia Remembers & Escapes Jet

3M16 Hanger Fight & Escape


4M17 River Talk to Airport

4M18 Avoiding Airport Security

4M19 Caught On Surveillance Video

4M20 47 & Katia Chat

4M21 Night Swimming

4M22 Hotel Room Attack

4M23A Leaving Hotel Room

4M23B Surveillance Camera

4M24 Botanical Garden

4M25 Escaping Parking Garage


5M26 Car Chat

5M27/28 Harpooned

5M29 Interrogation

5M30 Katia's Helicopter Ride


6M31 47 vs. John Smith

6M33 Rooftop Shootout

6M34 Aftermath

6M35 Easter Egg



Mark Isham - The Longest Ride (2015)

Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M01 Mounting Rango

1M02 Main Title

1M04 Back in the Saddle

1M05 Rango Threatens

1M07 Calling Luke


2M08 Picnic Chat

2M09 First (Almost) Kiss

2M10 Date Ends Early

2M11 Saving Ira

2M12 Luke Leaves Hospital

2M13 First Flashback

2M15 Good Shabbos

2M16 Ruth Approaches

2M17A Nice Walk Home A

2M17B Nice Walk Home B

2M18 Ruth Accepts Date


3M18A Rango Spooks Luke

3M19 Dance Floor Kiss

3M20 Beach Frollick

3M21 Proposal

3M22 Off to War

3M23/24 War/Returning Home


4M25 Ruth Struggles

4M26 Ruth & Ira Make Up Love

4M27 Shower Love

4M28 Riding Tutorial Pt.1

4M29 Black Mountain

4M30 New House


5M32 Gallery Fight & Make Up

5M33 Ruth Longs for Kids

5M34 A Child in the House

5M35 Daniel & Ruth

5M36 Bringing Back Daniel

5M37 Ruth Falls Apart

5M38 Luke Shaken Up

5M40 YouTube Research


6M41 Sophia & Luke Break Up

6M42 Ruth Leaves

6M43A Ruth Returns & Dies

6M43B Ruth's Legacy

6M45 Mom's Advice

6M46 Ira's Dead V1

6M46 Ira's Dead V2

6M48/49A Pulling Rango/Luke & Rango Out of the Shoot

6M49 Luke Rides Rango

6M50 Luke Misses Sophia


7M51 Ira & Ruth Montage

7M52 Luke & Sophia Kiss



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John Powell - Rio (2011)

Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M3B Capture

1M5 Linda Finds Blue

1M7 Morning Routine

1M8 Taunting 2 Tulio

1M9 Fly 'N' Decisions

1M14 Great Big Momma Bird


2M15 Faux Paradise

2M17 Linda's Concern

2M19/20 Break In/Bagged

2M22 Missing

2M23pt1 Locked Up

2M23pt2 Locked Up

2M24/25 Family Rooftop

2M26 Feeding Nigel

2M28 Chained Chase

2M29 Bedtime-Flyers

2M30 Conscience


3M31 Idiots

3M31B Idiots

3M33 Lover's Quarrel

3M35 Juicy Little Mango

3M37 Mercenary

3M38 Hang Glider Jump

3M39 Takeoff

3M41 Umbrellas of Rio

3M42 Fruit Truck

3M42C Motorbike

3M44 Signal Corps

3M49 Bird Fight


4M50 Birds Moved

4M51 Aftermath

4M55 Heimlich

4M58 Seperated

4M60 Birdnapped

4M61/62 Let's Fly Beauty Float


5M72 Airport

5M73 Cargo

5M74 Flying

5M75B Nude Nigel



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Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch & Pharrell Williams - Hidden Figures (2016)



1M01 Katherine's Early Years

1M03 Mission Control

1M04 West Computing Group


2M06 Dorothy Mary in Windtunnel

2M07 Mary Engineer

2M08 Katherine Enters Office

2M11 Coffee

2M12 I'm Already There


3M15 Bedroom Pictures

3M18 Slice of Pie

3M21 Redacted IBM

3M22 Redstone Calculations

3M23 Interrogation Oer


4M26 Library

4M30 Montage


5M35 Katherine Tells It

5M36 Bathroom Sign

5M38 Shepard Launch

5M40 Kitchen Kiss

5M42 Mary & the Judge

5M43 Congress Speech


6M46 I Like Her Numbers

6M47 Ladies' March

6M48 Pencils

6M49 Classroom

6M51 Euler's Method

6M52 Proposal

6M53 Capsule Prep

6M54 Nacklace


7M57 Katherine Calculates

7M59A Launch Preparations

7M59B Take Off

7M60 Mrs. Vaughan

7M61 Heat Shield

7M62 Rocket Peril

7M63 Glenn is Safe

7M64 End Montage

7M65 Hidden Figues



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On 2/10/2019 at 9:11 PM, you96Hours said:

Benjamin Wallfisch - A Cure for Wellness (2017)


Source: cocatalog.loc.gov

Posted A Cure For Wellness back in September already.

21 hours ago, you96Hours said:

Marco Beltrami - Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)


Source: cocatalog.loc.gov

Posted this on Dec 13, 2017.

15 hours ago, you96Hours said:

Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch & Pharrell Williams - Hidden Figures (2016)


Posted this back on August 21, 2018

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Enis Rotthoff - Der Die Tollkirsche Ausgräbt (2006)
Source: sgae.es


1M4    Im Garten
1M5    Sie Graben
1M6    Wissensdrang
1M7    Der Punk Ist Da
1M8    Sie Rennen Ins Haus
2M8    Der Traum
3M1    Liebesszene
3M2    Ist Er Der Richtige
3M3    Im Keller
3M4    Popoklatschmaschine
3M9    Das Finale
3M10    End Credits

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Ludwig Goransson - Black Panther (2018)
 Source: leaked sessions


Wakanda Origins

Wakanda Origins ALT


Royal Talon Fighter

He Is With Us


Warrior Falls


Waterfall Fight

Ancestral Plane


Flight to Lab

Casino Brawl

Busan Car Chase

Busan Skyline

Questioning Claw


The Lost Prince

Is This Wakanda

Killmonger's Challenge

Killmonger vs T'Challa

Loyal to the Throne

Killmonger's Dream

Stealing The Herb

Entering Jabariland

Wake Up T'Challa

A Moment for Mbaku

The Battle on Great Mound

Glory to Bast

The Return of Mbaku

King Slayer

A New Day

Spaceship Bugatti

United Nations

United Nations - End Credits


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Tyler Bates - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)
 Source: leaked sessions


1M03av2  Golden Batteries Intro

1M3bv6  Golden Batteries

1M3v4  Golden Batteries

1M3v5  Golden Batteries

1M3v7  Golden Batteries

1M5v8  Drax Charges

1M6v5  Golden Morons

1M7v4  An Exchange

1M9av4  Space Pod Battle

1M9bv7  Space Pod Battle

1M9cv4  Space Pod Battle

1M9dv5  Space Pod Battle

1M9v1  Space Pod Battle (Part 1)

1M9v1  Space Pod Battle (Part 2)

1M9v1  Space Pod Battle (Part 3)

2M10v4  An Unlikely Saviour

2M11v3  Meeting Your Maker

2M13v2  Digging Up Dirt

2M13v3  Digging Up Dirt

2M14v3  Frozen Morons

2M16v1  Quill's Feelings Revealed

2M17v1 The Mantis Touch

2M21v4  Rocket Cornered

3M22v3  New Sheriff

3M24av2  Family History Part 1

3M24bv2  Family History Part 2

3M25v2  Depth In Shallow Places

3M25bv1  Mantis Extension

3M26v3 A Cold Mutiny

3M27v2  Sweet Blue Revenge

3M27v1  Shoulder Tap

3M27bv3  Shoulder Tap

3M28v3  There Shall Be Light

3M29v4  Celestial Catch

4M30av5  Adhere to the Code

4M30bv3  Ravagers Tease Groot

4M31aPt1v6  Groot to the Rescue (Part 1)

4M30b-4m31aPt1  Ravagers Tease Groot - Groot to the Rescue (Part 1)

4M31aPt2v2  Groot to the Rescue (Part 2)

4M32v6  Taserface

4M32v7  Taserface

4M33bv2  I Just Wanted a Sister

5M36av3  Creating Light

5M36bv4 A Big Disappointment

5M36cv4  Going Really Fast

5M38-5M39v2  I Know Who You Are

5M38-5M39av3  I Know Who You Are

5M38-5M39av4  I Know Who You Are

5M40v5  Don't Piss Off Daddy

5M41v4  The Dark Sea

5M43v6  Belly of the Beast

5M47v3  Make Him Sleep

6M48v5  What a Day

6M50v3  Kids Don't Care

6M51v2  Surrounded

6M52v1  Don't Mess with the Golden Ones

6M52v4  Don't Mess with the Golden Ones

6M53v6  the Kiss

6M5v3  Nice Save

6M55av4  Run to the Light

6M55v2  Run to the Light

6M56av4  Ego Getting Pissed (Part 1)

6M54+6M55av4  Nice Save-Ego Getting Pissed (Part 1)

6M56bv3  Ego Getting Pissed (Part 2)

6M56bv4  Ego Getting Pissed (Part 2)

6M57v2  Take One for the Team

6M57v3  Take One for the Team

7M58a-7M58bv3  Becoming Mortal

7M58a-7M58bv4  Becoming Mortal

7M59v2  A Father's Sacrifice

7M59v3  A Father's Sacrifice

7M60v5  A Total Hasselhoff

7M60v6  A Total Hasselhoff

7M61v3  A Long Goodbye

7m62v3  Ashes for the Stars

Two-Time Galaxy Savers

The Mantis Touch Suite

Space Chase Suite

Father and Son Suite

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