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Prisoner of Azkaban cue sheet?

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I saw a link filmmusic put up in the Reivers: Complete Cue List thread (http://repertoire.bm...WILLIAMS+JOHN+T). I think I found the Prisoner of Azkaban cue list. I posted it in the thread, but I'm not sure anybody noticed. :)

7051084 Harry Potter and the Prisoner [of Azkaban?]

7051113 Winter's Tale

7051681 Marge Points the Finger

7051682 Aunt Marge's Waltz

7051683 Parent's Portrait

7051684 Empty Playground

7051685 Knight Bus

7051686 Knight Bus Ride

7051687 Newspaper Headliner

7051688 Squeeze Bus Waltz

7051689 Second Collision

7051690 Leaky Cauldron

7051691 Book Attacks

7051692 Shawm

7051693 Discussing Black

7051694 Train to Hogwarts

7051695 Dementor Appears

7051696 Something Wicked Intro

7051697 Double Trouble

7051698 Dumbledore's Warning

7051699 Double Trouble March

7051700 Rainy Nights Dementors Birds

7051701 You Have the Grim

7051702 Double Trouble on the Hill

7051703 Ad Lib Hum

7051704 Befriending the Hippogriff

7051705 Riding the Hippogriff

7051706 Sir Cadogan Again

7051707 Kids Inspect Newspaper

7051708 Snape Dresses Up

7051709 Spider

7051710 Snake

7051711 Clown Out of the Cupboard

7051712 Revealing the Bridge

7051713 Remembering Mother Alternate

7051714 Portrait Gallery

7051715 Big Doors

7051716 Great Hall Ceiling

7051717 Page 394

7051718 Quidditch 2004

7051719 Quidditch Ending

7051720 Walk in the Woods Revised Star

7051721 Up the Stairs

7051722 Candy Box

7051723 Snow Fight

7051724 Source

7051725 Brief Snow Scene

7051726 Explore Your Past

7051727 Opening the Trunk

7051728 Harry and Voices

7051729 Dueling the Dementor

7051730 Solo Recorder

7051731 Buckbeak's Sentence

7051732 Reading the Map

7051733 Mention of Pettigrew

7051734 Crystal Ball Pt 1

7051735 Executioner

7051736 Walk to Buckbeak

7051737 Buckbeak Is Sentenced

7051738 Scabbers Runs

7051739 Whomping Willow

7051740 Entering the Shrieking Shack

7051741 Confrontation Scene

7051742 Sirius and Harry

7051743 Werewolf Scene

7051744 First Frozen Lake

7051745 Reviewing the Recent Past

7051746 Viewing the Recent Past

7051747 Saving Buckbeak

7051748 My Dad Conjured the Patronus

7051749 Buckbeak Saves the Day

7051750 Watching the Past

7051751 Rescue of Sirius

7051752 Sirius Final Scene

7051753 Turning Time Back

7051754 Whomping Willow Revisited

7051755 Lupin's Departure

7051756 Sir Cadogan

7051757 Potter Titles

7051758 Harry Potter End Credits Suite

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I have the list of : Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:-

1M1 - Opening III (III equals to PoA I guess)

1M3A - That's A Lie

1M4X - Aunt Marge Points The Finger

1M5 - Parents Portrait

1MC - The Empty Playground

1MD - The Knight Bus

1M8 - The Knight Bus "Concerto For Hub Caps"

1M9 - Newspaper headliner

1M9A - Squeeze Play

1M9B - Second Collision

2M1 - The Book Attacks

2M2A - Discussing Black

2M3 - The Train To Hogwarts (version 1)

2M3 - The Train to Hogwarts (version 2)

2M4 - The Dementor Appears

2M5 - Something Wicked Intro

2M6 - Dumbledore's Warning

2M8 - Double Trouble March

2M9+10 - Rainy Night, Dementors, and Birds

2M10 - You Have The Grim

3M1+2 - Double trouble On The Hill

3MC - Befriending the Hippogriff

3M13 - Sir Cardogan "for Dufay Ensemble & Percussion"

3M5B - Kids inspect Newspaper etc.

3M6 - Snape Dresses Up

3M6A - The Spider

3M6B - The Snake

3M7A - Clown out of the Cupboard

3M9 - Revealing The Bridge

3M10 - Remembering Mother

3M10 Alt. - Remembering Mother Alternate

3M11A - The Bog Doors

3ME - The Great Hall Ceiling

3M12 Revised - The Great Hall Ceiling

4M2 - Quidditch 2004

4M2XV - Choral Overlay

4M3+4 New - Woods Walk And Bird Flight

4M3+4 - Enter Winter

4M5 - Map To Snow Scene

4MC - Snow Fight

4M10 - Brief Snow Scene

4M11 - Explore your Past

4M14 - Dueling The Dementor

4M14 - Insert For Patronus Light

5M10 - The Whomping Willow

5M1 - Buckbeak's Sentence

5M2 - Reading The Map

5M2A - Reveal Your Secret

5M3 - The Mention of Pettigrew

5M5 - The Crystal Ball

5M6 - The Executioner

5M7 - The Walk To Buckbeak

5M8 - Buckbeak is Sentenced

5M9 - Scabbers Runs

6M2 - The Confrontation Scene

6M4 - Sirius And Harry

6M5 An - First Frozen Lake

6M7 - Reviewing The Recent Past

7M1 - Viewing The Recent Past

7M1A - Saving Buckbeak

7M1B - Bats Extension

7M2 - My Dad Conjured The Patronus

7M2A - String Overlay

7M3 - Buckbeak Saves The Day

7M4 - Wstching The Past

7M5 - The Rescue of Sirius

7M6 - ??? (not so clear)

7M6A - Turning Time Back

7M7 - Ext. Whomping Willow

7M7 Rev. - Whomping Willow Revisited

7M9 - Lupin's Departure

7M11 - A New Broomstick

7M12 - End Credit

Harry Potter III Trailer

Some of the Cues are missing... anyone want to complete it?



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I got this list thanks to my non-existent final fantasy obsession. I'm still not convinced that it's complete, but I've bolded the parts that I noticed differ from your list.


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) - John Williams

Orchestrated by Conrad Pope, Eddie Karam

1m1 Opening III

1m3A That's a Lie

1m4x Aunt Marge Points the Finger

1m5 Parents Portrait

1mC The Empty Playground

1mD The Knight Bus

1m8 The Knight Bus Ride "Concerto for Hub Caps"

1m9 Newspaper Headliner

1m9A Squeeze Play

1m9B Second Collision

2m1 The Book Attacks

2m2A Discussing Black

2m3 The Train to Hogwarts Version I

2m3 The Train to Hogwarts Version II

2m4 The Dementor Appears

2m5 Something Wicked Intro

2m6 Dumbledore's Warning

2m8 Double Trouble March

2m9+10 Rainy Nights, Dementors, and Birds

2m10 You Have the Grim

3m1+2 Double Trouble on the Hill

3mC Befriending the Hippogriff

3M5-5A Bonding with Hippogriff and Sir Cadogan Again

3m5B Kids Inspect Newspaper etc

3m6 Snape Dresses Up

3m6A The Spider

3m6B The Snake

3m7x New Beginning

3m7A Clown Out of the Cupboard

3m9 Revealing the Bridge

3m10 Remembering Mother

3m10 Alt. Remembering Mother Alternate

3m11 The Portrait Scene


3mE The Great Hall Ceiling

3m12 Revised The Great Hall Ceiling

3m13 Sir Cadogan (for Dufay Ensemble & Percussion)

4m2 Quidditch 2004

4m2xV Choral Overlay

4m3+4 Enter Winter

4m3+4 New Woods Walk and Birds Flight

4m5 Map to Snow Scene

4mC Snow Fight

4m10 Brief Snow Scene

4m11 Explore Your Past

4m13 Harry and Voices

4m14 Dueling the Dementor

4m14 Insert for Patronus Light

5m1 Buckbeak's Sentence

5m2 Reading the Map

5m2A Reveal Your Secret

5m3 The Mention of Pettigrew

5m5 The Crystal Ball

5m6 The Executioner

5m7 The Walk to Buckbeak

5m8 Buckbeak is Sentenced

5m9 Scabbers Runs

5m10 The Whomping Willow

6m2 The Confrontation Scene

6m4 Sirius and Harry

6m5 Werewolf Scene

6m5 Pt. II

6m5AN First Frozen Lake

6m7 Reviewing the Recent Past

7m1 Viewing the Recent Past

7m1A Saving Buckbeak

7m1B Bats Extension

7m2 My Dad Conjured the Patronus

7m2A String Overlay

7m3 Buckbeak Saves the Day

7m4 Watching the Past

7m5 The Rescue of Sirius

7m6 Sirius Final Scene

7m6A Turning Time Back

7m7 Ext. Whomping Willow

7m7 Rev. Whomping Willow Revisited

7m9 Lupin's Departure

7m11 A New Broomstick

7m12 End Credits

Harry Potter III Trailer

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