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  1. 1. What is your current relationship status

    • Single (by choice)
    • Single (actively seeking)
    • In a relationship (living apart)
    • In a relationship (living together)
    • Engaged
    • Married
    • It's complicated
    • Happy (Joey only)

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15 hours ago, Trent B said:

Well tomorrow will be a week since I've been married to Lia. It's still surreal to be honest but it's been awesome.  I'm extremely happy and so is Lia.


Congrats Trent! Happy for you :)


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31 minutes ago, Quintus said:

Where is Richard anyway? 






On 10/26/2017 at 2:29 PM, Richard said:

It appears that I serve no further purpose. Far be it from me to outstay my welcome. 


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Ah, 'helpless laughter', they have a name for it. Yes, when that happens, that's real laughter, and it happens to me only on occasion. Something has to be genuinely funny to provoke that. Doesn't matter whether I'm alone or with other people.


I simply refuse to pretend to laugh with people, but if they say something funny, sending me into helpless laughter, they've opened an unlockable!


Stefan said something about a year ago in another thread that made me genuinely helpless laugh. I think it was about manliness is defined by shooting his seed into a woman or something. I wish I screenshot it.

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