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Salutations from England!

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Hello to you all!

I'm yet another long time reader of this forum, being a fan of orchestral film music and in particular works by The Maestro, so I thought I'd enter the fray.

The first soundtrack I owned was the E.T. OST on cassette, which I would blast from a mono tape-recorder. Over the years my musical tastes would lurch dramatically but now as I approach the eve of my 4th decade I find myself often returning to those scores from yesteryear, where a bit of good old fashioned sentimentality wasn't quite so seemingly frowned upon! The tape and the tape-recorder are sadly no more...

I am ever the completist for expanded favourite scores, and enjoy audio editing and tinkering as a hobby. The in-depth breakdowns and analysis of film cues vs alternates etc on this forum have been fascinating.

I'm currently LOVING Warhorse (Music and Movie), fingers are crossed for the great man's 6th Oscar especially in his 80th year.

Speak soon!

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