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A Superman scene/score appreciation

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Hello fellow JW Fans,

I have just written a short appreciation for the music in a scene from Superman, a look at how the music supports the storytelling.

I thought you all might be interested!


Hope you like it and please, leave a comment and subrscribe, I will be doing more on Williams scores in the coming while. He's turning 80 this year after all!



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A very good analysis of the music in this particular scene. The whole subject is indeed mythical or larger than life but besides that it is a pivotal moment for Clark as you say. Film music that goes into a grand orchestral gesture for a moment like this is often criticized these days for being heavy handed and overly manipulative, naysayers pointing out that the message comes across in the visuals alone. But music is to put it rather poetically, the unseen heart of the film that expresses sometimes the bigger subtext and importance of events emotionally and storywise than what the images can say.

The Smallville Theme playing during the scene and the next scene where Clark is saying goodbye to what is Clark Kent's first home, his earthly point of origin. Williams' Americana theme for the location and for home and people, mother and father, has suitable poignancy and lyricism to it, almost as if depicting a mythical piece of America (also seen in those images of the farm and even the funeral setting at the hilltop cemetary), time and place. There is a poignant sense of melancholy in the music but also almost innocent optimism. Most of all it is the home and safety from which Superman comes from, providing a warm and homely center for the character even though this home or the parents are not musically referenced for the rest of the film.

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