Valentine's Day; Good or Bad


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  1. 1. Is Valentine's day a...

    • ...special day dedicated to your loved one. A day to strengthen relationships, or forge new ones
    • A commercialezed piece of crap day, designed to seperate you from yiour cash, and drive a wedge between men and women

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Valentine's day costed me 12 red roses 19 years ago... It was a good investment, now I'm married and I never celebrated this day again since that day... :D

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It's a great day.

it would have been my 21st anniversary with my late partner James,

but it was a good day to remember all the ladies you work with. 18 bucks gets you 18 Valentine Day balloons for 18 ladies at work which brings a lot of smiles. It's a great day to tell your mom how special she is, or your sister, grandma, etc.

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