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Greetings from Chile!

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Hello to the community of John Williams Fan network!

I've been following JWFAN website news for almost four years, and it's been the main source for building up my collection of recordings and sheet music from Williams' concert works.

I have also been reading this forum, and today I decided to finally join this community. My admiration for John Williams' music was one of the main factors when I considered studying music composition, and I'm currently having my formal musical training at the University of Chile.

I'm very happy to be able to share with you this love for great music!

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A fellow from the South...

Welcome! :)

Bienvenido. :)

!Muchísimas gracias! :lol:


How do you like panflute music?

Well, I really like the ancient and almost magical quality of the pan flute. I enjoy listening to Zampoña ensembles, that are so typical of Chilean folklore of the north, although my approach to these kind of music is still limited.

Is an instrument that I definitely explore further in the near future. One of my plans is to write a Ballet about an Andean legend, and the pan flute will be suitable without doubt!

Are you a Pan Flute player?

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