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tintin certainly answers this oft asked question

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If John Williams lived in the 1800's would we know him as a classical composer.

I would give this a 100% yes.

tintin - Snowy's Theme, a near perfect emulation of the Shostakovitch Piano Concerto in F and Prokofiev concerto in C. Compare it and see for yourself.

the opera feature track - a near perfect emulation of early Bizet The track before that has an incredible mancini sound.

how fortunate we were to have this album.

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Hmmm, I've never heard the Shostakovich or the Prokofiev (looking them up now), but the opera feature was not written by John Williams. It was written by Charles Gnoud and Rossini.

EDIT: If you're speaking about the opening bars of the Shostakovich, I wouldn't call it a "near perfect emulation." There are some similarities, but it also sounds very much like it was written in John Williams' style.

I will say that this piano concerto is gorgeous...thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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