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The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

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6 hours ago, Steve McQueen said:

Have been listening to Carl Vine lately.  

His 5th String Quartet is quite excellent.  Mature writing, a full realization of ideas he had been exploring in his other quartets.  Some very interesting harmonies to start things off in the 1st movement.  Remarkable use of harmonics throughout.  Absolutely gorgeous 2nd movement, and a surprisingly lively dance based 3rd.  Pleasure to listen to.



I love this composer!  Not so familiar with his chamber works but own a box set of his symphonies.  I quite like anything else I've heard of his.  Lots of drama and energy.  He's a great neo-romantic.  Thanks for posting this. 


Also check out Sean O'boyle.  River Symphony and Didgeridoo concerto are quite exciting reminding me of Ralph Vaughan Williams' Sea Symphony.


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One of my favorite deep cut Copland pieces is "An Immorality," a song for chorus and piano.


It's in that great mid-1920s Copland sound of being slightly jazzy and dissonant, very syncopated.  One of his secret best melodies.


The text is an Ezra Pound poem.



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