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Koray Savas

Official Perseverance Records Thread

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Woah! Doug Fake from Intrada just made a terrific post that puts everything into perspective. Steef please read this as I think you will finally understand what the problem is with Perseverance's business model.

At this point, I think this stuff is best discussed in private among the parties involved in the business.

I know it is beside the overall argument of copyright, but I don't think this Safan sampler will affect sales of complete releases. There's much more depth to these scores than a few short cues.

Sadly, this is not true. There can be a drastic effect. And having the discussion in public is just where it apparently needs to be.

Rewind: Some fifteen years ago or whatever, composers and studios would allow promotional albums to help generate interest in the composer's work or sometimes even the film in question. It all slipped in under AFM policies where legitimate releases were prohibitive in costs. Then Intrada, alongside other labels, negotiated with the union to finally usher in the "historic rates" policy that allowed limited copies for sale, legitimately, for whatever profits could be made. It was an incredible turning point for all of us who love this music. The era of promos and gray area releases was over. An era of fully licensed releases to anything that could be located and licensed was now affordable and in.

Fast forward: We are proud to have been of this new era, which now has lasted quite a few years. BUT - the union has always maintained the position that each of the contracts for these licensed releases are for that release alone, and the entire policy can be terminated at any time should the system be abused.

What Mr. Esterhammer is doing IS abusing that system. And I have a dog in this fight, as does MV Gerhard, and the folks at Quartet and Music Box and all of the other labels... and including all of you folks, because we do not want to see this policy shut down and revert back to the era when the only things coming out were either affordable non-union projects or bootlegs with crappy quality made from underground tenth generation cassettes and whatnot.

It isn't even necessary to abuse the system today. The studios will make their actual vault masters available, license the recordings, the AFM will enter into a contract with the labels, and everything happens legitimately at reasonable costs for the most part.

It bothers me a lot to read people defending the issue of unlicensed albums today, especially when the piracy isn't necessary... and especially since it jeopardizes us all.

I love and respect the wonderful competitive environment us labels are experiencing today. If we don't release SANTA CLAUS, we enjoy seeing it come out elsewhere just the same. What happens over at Perseverance is no longer just ignorance of the system, nor is it because of misguided passion. It is just bad form. And if it is going to injure the system all of us legitimate labels today have fought hard to establish so these releases can be done in the best possible quality... yes, I am going to speak out.

For the record. Composers rarely control their music nor do they have much say in what studios and the union do with the recordings. But relationships do get made with labels, things are made possible, especially when the composers may have located the only surviving copies of tapes and whatnot... and again, we can all benefit. In the case of this Safan promo, Craig has no involvement in the licensing and by providing tapes was simply helping make a project happen under the guise that the corresponding label was covering all of the legal bases... which Perseverance was not.

I hope people will keep these thoughts in kind, just as I hope Robin will stick to creating CDs with the proper licenses... so we can all enjoy the music.


Kind of a post scriptum. It might be more appropriate for people to view this promo backlash not as labels now casting stones at Perseverance but as labels having adapted to rules that changed many years ago, making the soundtrack industry today a richly exciting and competitive one that benefits all of us listeners with both studios and musicians happily on board. In a way it was once like the wild west with law and order finally coming in to sort things out for everyone. To try and continue as if things were still rooted in those early times runs counterproductive to what us and so many other terrific labels have since worked out with all the appropriate licensing parties. Entering into licensing agreements with studios and musicians as well as publishers are now the industry rules. Since they are reasonable rules to work with, it just isn't necessary to avoid them anymore. My feelings are that if a label can not obtain a license on a given project, it should simply tackle another one. Sooner or later legitimate deals will probably happen anyway, such as what finally happened with us and Disney, or with FSM and Rhino, or La La Land with Paramount from the beginning, and so forth. The system does work better now. I for one want to keep all the parties bargaining at the table... and I hope Perseverance will accept a seat at this table rather than duck under it.




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Now that is has been explained to me, and if the explanation is indeed true, then the other Labels beef with Perseverance makes sense.

If Perseverance is systematically breaking the rules, why aren't they brought up on charges though? If they are selling music without a license, would the studio who holds the licence not come down on them like a ton of bricks?

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It started a long time ago, I can explain the details to you if you're really interested but the short story is that he reported me for abuse because of that one post in the locked thread. Take what you will from that.

Tell us the story!

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New newsletter went out yesterday. That "Holy Grail" title that was originally supposed to be out in 2012 and got pushed to 2013 is now pushed to 2014, but don't worry guys - it's still worth the wait!

What do you mean? you know what is the release?

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Perseverance Records is proud to announce the reissue of one of Full Moon Pictures’ very first film releases, The Pit & The Pendulum. Originally released in 1991, on the then fledgling Full Moon Pictures imprint, the film has gone on to enjoy cult status and is usually ranked as one of the best films released by the company. Directed by Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator) and starring Lance Henriksen (Millennium, Aliens, Alien 3), frequent Gordon collaborator Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator, From Beyond) and Oliver Reed the film is a take on the classic Edgar Allan Poe story about the evil inquisitor Torquemada during the Spanish Inquisition.

The engaging score is by Richard Band who is one of the most prolific composers of genre films in the 1980s and 90s. All in all, Richard has scored music for over 50 films. His music has been heard in films such as Re-Animator, Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn, Troll, From Beyond, Puppet Master, Demonic Toys and many more for his brother Charles’ Full Moon Pictures label.

For this deluxe edition, we have remastered the music from the original 4-track tapes which was overseen by Richard Band and Chas Ferry. Our release will feature the music from the original Moonstone Records release with bonus material that was in the film but not on the CD.

The Pit & The Pendulum was recently released on Blu-ray for the very first time.
One of the most respected and popular films ever released by Full Moon.
Composer Richard Band is very well known among horror movie aficionados. He has scored many of the genre’s more beloved films – Re-Animator, From Beyond, Troll, Puppet Master as well as many respected b-movies such as Laserblast, The Day Time Ended, Parasite, Zone Troopers and The House On Sorority Row to name a few.
Remastered from the original 4 track tapes – supervised by Richard Band and Chas Ferry.

Track Listing:

1 The Crypt 1:01 www.perseverancerecords.com/pit.01.mp3
2 The Whipping 1:01
3 Main Title 4:02 www.perseverancerecords.com/pit.03.mp3
4 Maria & Antonio 0:17
5 The Chase 2:20
7 Torquemada Meets Maria 1:17
8 Antonio's Disbelief 0:21
9 Maria Is Searched 1:10
10 Torquemada's Flogging 1:05
11 Under The Cart 0:59
12 Antonio Searches Dungeon 1:40
13 The Meadow 1:33
14 Torquemada Takes Maria 1:16
15 Maria Is Shown Chamber 1:28
16 Antonio Breaks Loose 4:03
17 The Pope's Envoy 2:15
18 The Rape of Maria 6:00
19 Torquemada Cuts Out Maria's Tongue 2:23
20 Esmeralda Comforts Maria 1:41
21 Maria is Buried in the Crypt 0:41 www.perseverancerecords.com/pit.21.mp3
22 Esmeralda's Auto Da Fe 0:34
23 Esmeralda's Curse 3:04
24 Mendoza sees Torquemada By Maria's Crypt 1:17
25 The Pit and the Pendulum 8:45
26 Maria Rises From Crypt and 5:21
27 Finale & End Title 5:54

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December 14, 2014

The Store is Down

Our store URL, fortytwotradingco.com, got hijacked today. Unfortunately, until this issue has been resolved, no purchases can be made. We are in the process of finding a solution. Please check back regularly.


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