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Mr. Brown


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Hello all,

Sharky sent me here, although I've been browsing JWFan.com for a while now. Great site you folks have here. I look forward to contributing to this forum.

As far as my interests go, I enjoy all sorts of films and film music. Currently, I'm wrapping up my final semester of school in New York, where I've been studying filmmaking.

I've been a fan of Williams's work since I was a kid. I think the first soundtrack of his that I owned was E.T., on a cassette tape. I must've been five or so. I was lucky enough to see John Williams perform live at Tanglewood back in 2008 and 2009. Following the 2009 show, he was kind enough to give me his autograph. Frank Langella was there, too. Spielberg showed up to the 2008 performance. Here's the amateur write-up I did for one of them. I think it was linked on the main JWFan site when it was first posted: http://www.playmountain.net/news/events/exclusive-coverage-film-night-at-tanglewood-2009/

Looking forward to getting to know you all and reconnecting with the folks from other forums I've posted at.



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Great to see you here, Brandon. Sad what happened to BaB.

Nice to see you, too, Sharky.

Sad indeed. But nothing we haven't experienced in the past. Thanks for pointing this forum out to me.

New York, eh? Finally someone who will understand my hellish existence!

Feels like hell froze over this week!

Still living there? Whereabouts?

Good to see you, Brown.


Glad you made it here, Hilly.

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