Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Gareth Edwards 2016)

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Finally saw the film.  I was not impressed. It felt like any blockbuster from the last 10 years with SW background characters--so freaking formulaic in both execution and dialogue.  Say what you will about Lucas's writing, it never sunk to the level of "rebellions are built on hope" set up and then repeat by the main character after she has committed herself to the cause. What is this, Transformers? 


Also the space battle was pure ROTJ, down to the admiral and his ship. 


As for the score, I think had Gia not already done ST, I would have found it good. But now is just sounds like ST with the SW themes thrown in. 

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There was definitely a bunch of "Screenwriting for Dummies"/Robert McKee bullshit in there, I gotta agree.

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