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William Bard


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Hi everyone,

My name is William Bard, and I've been a big fan of Mr. Williams' music ever since I was 5 years old, when The Phantom Menace came out and my dad got the soundtrack as a birthday gift. It made an instant impression on me, and I ended up listening to the album more than my dad did!

I fell in love with the music of Star Wars in general, and it was thanks to this great music that I picked the French horn, upon entering the 6th grade band. Here I am, 10 years later, studying the horn at the Eastman School of Music. Thank you, Mr. Williams!

I've since then extensively grown my film score collection (I'm up in the 500s, now), and while I've heard the majority of Williams' scores and concert works, I'm sure there are still a good many gems left for me to discover! I'm really excited to meet some fellow JW fans and discuss this music which I'm sure means as much to you all as it ever has to me, if not more. Looking forward to it! See you all around. :)


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Hello William, welcome to the board. If you have lurked a while you will know how this place can be, so hopefully you will ease yourself in comfortably and not be put off too much by the regular JWFan-centric nature of the forum :)

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