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Star Trek is better than everything

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2 hours ago, John said:



Things I really like:


  • Treating “All Good Things…” as a sort of backdoor pilot, giving the new series a grounding in something familiar that feels right.
  • The idea of using Galaxy both in terms of branding (we have Abrams’ Enterprise-A and Discovery’s Enterprise already being used in other productions so let’s avoid that… but Galaxy immediately and non-awkwardly connotes the Enterprise-D of TNG).


Things I’m not sure I would go with:


  • The young captain who dies — too like Decker from TMP (but maybe it’s better than rehashing Riker from TNG)
  • Time travel/anomalies/traps — please, would an exploration/contact mission be too much to ask?

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43 minutes ago, Pellaeon said:

Just fan theories.


Remember, folks, fan theories are stupid and annoying, ripe for satire and parody by RLM...but it's okay for them to share fan fiction if they think their ideas are cool enough!

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37 minutes ago, Pellaeon said:

Do you mean fan theories about how the Prequels are actually genius?


They constantly make fun of fans making predictions or theories about upcoming Star Wars sequels, for example (their Nerd Club show).

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