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Hello from Brazil

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Hi, my name is Tiago and I'm a film music fan from Brazil.

I've been listening to those kind of music since 2010. I became a film music fan mostly because Hans Zimmer (I know, shame on me). The both Jameses, Horner and Newton Howard, are also ancient passions of me, as well as John Williams - a true god of music.

Since then, I have listened to a lot of soundtracks and refined my tastes. I've discovered Goldsmith, Herrmann, Bernstein, Morriconne, while I also became a fan of Shore, Silvestri, Desplat, Giacchinno, Thomas Newman and a lot of others.

I am also a film music reviewer, and I have been reviewing film scores since July 2012 - my first ones were Howard's Snow White and the Huntsman, Horner's The Amazing Spider-Man and Zimmer's The Dark Knight Rises. I don't think I am quite on the same league as those guys from IFMCA (and I enter MMUK e Movie Wave almost every day), but I do my best to review and to introduce film music to all Brazilian fans - and there's quite a lot of them.

As for Williams, well, I think he is just one of the great composers of the 20th century. His scores for the Harry Potter films have been part of my childhood, and I have great admirations for all his work. For me, his best score of his career is Superman, followed closely by Raiders of the Lost Ark and Empire Strikes Back.

I'm really happy to discuss film music with people all over the world.

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