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Koray Savas

Hans Zimmer Live Tour 2016

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I caught his Dallas show a couple weeks back. Went in with a heavy bit of skepticism, having read a lot of seemingly hyperbolic reviews on it going into it, and I was still blown away. Exceeded all expectations. That Zimmer guy sure knows how to put on a show. I was quite impressed with how well so many of his works lended themselves to a rock setting, almost like that was how he had intended for them to be played all along and he had just toned it back for use in the films. I hope he tours again sometime.


1 hour ago, Mephariel said:

I hope so. Zimmer needs to do something bombastic. 


That's honestly why, and I know I'll get some hate for this, but I really enjoy parts of Man of Steel. Zimmer had of course gone bombastic in scores before, but the chance to score a totally mindless bombastic movie (something like Transformers, for example) had eluded him. With Man of Steel, Zimmer finally got his own Transformers to score, a film so bombastic and pseudo-grandiloquent that he finally was afforded the opportunity to go totally apeshit, and the result is so balls to the wall nuts that I can't help but have fun listening to it, loud noise and all. 


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A DVD, Blu-ray and CD of one of the 2016 concerts - Hans Zimmer Live in Prague - are now available to buy.  The Prague concert was on 7th May 2016.


Hans Zimmer Live In Prague


I have the DVD and although I have not yet had the chance to watch all of it, it appears to be very well done.  The camerawork is very good without trying to be too artsy, something which detracts from one or two of the Ennio Morricone DVDs, for example.

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I went to the Wembley London show in 2016 and it really was a great experience. The wild and majestic Tina Guo on the cello for POTC concerto was a highlight. I didn't want to detract from the night by filming a lot so my brief recordings from my phone are sub-par and too short! So that DVD from the Prague show might be a nice idea.

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