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Max McGuire

Hello from Manchester, UK

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Hi Everyone! 

I just joined the forums today so thought I'd introduce myself! My name is Max McGuire and I'm a 21 year old composer/producer based in Manchester, UK. I compose a lot of music with @The Psycho Pianist who also introduced me to this site.

I'm of course a big fan of JW and have been enjoying his music for years. Growing up watching Star Wars I will always feel nostalgic when I hear Han and Leia's Theme :') I come from a background of being classically trained on the piano from a young age (I did also play the violin for a few years), in my teens I also took up playing the drums and was in various bands and I went to Leeds College of Music where I studied Music Production. It was there where I discovered and developed a love for film music, and orchestral music in general! From there I started writing a lot of string music and eventually moved on to full arrangements. 

On occasion I will be score reading JW with @The Psycho Pianist to try and learn anything we can, or hear something to take inspiration from. 

I have much to learn and hopefully some of that can be done here! :)



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