Harry Potter - Live to Projection Concerts

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For anyone going to PoA in Rotterdam: it will have a choir! Spoke to a friend tonight who told me his sister is in it: she’d been singing “Double Trouble” at home all the time!

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I went to see Prisoner of Azkaban in Rotterdam, and it was amazing. A couple of the great things about it:

- the choir, obviously

- the live back-and-forth mixture of source music and underscore was pretty incredible; must have been a nightmare to conduct and perform.

- you could hear the quieter underscore so much better than in the film; it was almost like listening to new JW music

- they played the entire end credits music (except for the Hedwig theme and Pettigrew motif that closes the film)

- the one drawback of this otherwise perfect film has always been the rather low mix of the score: this live to projection fixes that, and it's just an mind-blowing experience from beginning to ending.

Highly, highly recommended, if you have the chance to go to this.

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21 hours ago, crocodile said:

I am expecting POA to be performed in London next year, given that both PS and COS tickets are selling so well.




I think I need travel to England to see my favorite Azkaban, they have done now the first two Potters  in Finland but probably not the next one.

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