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Hello from Norway

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Hey, I missed this the first time around!


YET another Norwegian! We're invading this place, viking-style.


A late welcome, Johannes. We've previously talked on mail, as you might remember.

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On 3/16/2016 at 12:33 PM, filmmaestro said:


Just wanted to say hello to everybody in here. I am a 32 year old violinist and composer from Norway, working on my second movie score as we speak. Huge fan of film music, always has been and looking forward to discuss/trade/getting to know fellow filmmusic-enthusiasts!


All the best :) 




Hei Johannes, concertmaster of Trondheim Symphony Orchestra!


I've often seen you perform with the TSO and I attended the concert in September with excerpts of your score to The Veil of Twilight. Keep up the good work! Are you working on any new scores at the moment?

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