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joey taviani

upcoming ideas anime CD

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Lol, there have been no official releases for the first one and next-to-no leaks beyond roughly 25 minutes of music from the movie (which is a personal holy grail). As for the second, well a ton came out for that, posted by Joel Douek. You had the Music To Duel By CD but that's pretty much it and it only contained three BGM pieces. And as far as I know, there will never be an official release for either, particularly for the former given the rights are not with Saban as you might think but the master use rights rest with Disney, who still have those masters in their possession, and the CD release rights rest with BMG.

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2 minutes ago, WojinPA said:

It took you nineteen days to smell and call out that bullshit. Nineteen. Very impressive. 


What, you posted on this thread too? Small world!

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