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Omen II

Elmer Bernstein - 50 years of film music concert

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The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing a special concert devoted to Elmer Bernstein's film music on Sunday 18th June 2017 at the Royal Albert Hall in London.  The concert will be conducted by Elmer's son Peter Bernstein, while director John Landis will also be putting in an appearance at the London premiere.


Tickets are available from tomorrow, but for now here is a link to a press release in the Daily Express.  Elmer worked with the RPO quite a bit and I was lucky enough to see him conduct them in concert a couple of times back in the day.  This has the makings of a very special event.  World concert premieres are promised - I see there is mention of Music from the Comedies, so maybe Airplane!, Animal House, Trading Places and others will feature?


Time to dust off the score for Robot Monster, methinks.



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This was really good!  Elmer's son Peter conducted the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, while director John Landis proved to be a witty and engaging host.  The pieces performed were as follows:


National Geographic - Theme

The Ten Commandments - Suite

Hawaii - Main Titles

Hollywood and the Stars - Theme

The Man with the Golden Arm - Theme

To Kill a Mockingbird - Suite

The Magnificent Seven - Suite




Walk on the Wild Side - Theme

From the Terrace - Suite

Three Amigos! - End Titles

The Age of Innocence - Waltz and End Titles

An American Werewolf in London - Suite

The Great Escape - Suite




The Sweet Smell of Success - Theme


The second half included a number of concert premieres / new arrangements.  The hall was probably only about half full, which was a pity, although it did mean that lots of people with tickets for the circle were upgraded to the stalls and arena.  Jenny Agutter was amongst those in the audience.

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14 minutes ago, bollemanneke said:

Why not include Far from Heaven? It's the only Bernstein score I know and for a career finale it sounded extraordinary.


You need to at least listen to To Kill a Mockingbird.  It's one of the great film scores of all time, a true classic I think all film score fans should be familiar with.  Oh, and of course our own John Williams played piano on the original score recording (there have been a couple of different re-recordings of the score that have supplanted the original).


Try just the last two tracks here in this one Youtube video.  Wonderful music.


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