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Pater Ecstaticus

Hello all you good people

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Hello all you good people,


A John Williams fan for at least thirty years now (it started with the music for E.T.: the emotional impact - combined with the movie - was so big it felt as if the music had teared my guts out), I joined the forum and would hereby like to introduce myself a bit. 


My name is Jan and I am Dutch. But I am writing from the middle of nowhere (which means: surrounded by nature) in Norway, where the cold snow flies and the mountain top in dark shadows lies. For the moment, at least. Winter in Norway is long, but when you know how to enjoy it, very beautiful. Just watch all those stars and that aurora borealis, while the moon - crescent, gibbous or full, whatever takes your fancy - makes the snow glisten, a mirror image of the starry sky. Wonderful for taking beautiful photographs as well.


But enough of my derivative drivel. I hope to find much inspiration and information on the forum - THE forum - about the maestro and his masterworks. And maybe even some nice conversations :) 





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The funny part is, if he hadn't mentioned who he was, and just posted normal things, I never would have bothered to click on his IP to confirm who he was.  He did this entirely to himself!

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