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Villenueve's Dune

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13 hours ago, thestat said:

Stefancos: 'Its a awfully dated book that should probably be retired rather then adapted again. Its position of women is backwards and appaling, and to have a "middle eastern" desert dwelling folk call for a Jihad is incredibly problematic in this day and age'.


You can just use the quote function thestat.


13 hours ago, thestat said:

but with someone like Villeneauve at the helm, these will be the targets of the new film, a deconstruction of empire, fascism and well, Brexit and Trump, a story for our times right there, big bloated bad guy barons and cowardly politicians.


In two big Hollywood movies that will cost hundreds of millions? I doubt it. Especially after Blade Runner 2049 bombed.

At best they will soften it all up and it will just be a straight sci-fi fantasy ala Star Wars.

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