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Williams to Conduct Nashville Symphony in September

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2 hours ago, crumbs said:

He's even orchestrating more of his scores now than ever before, whereas previously he used orchestrators to copy out his sketches into full orchestral sheet music (with Eddie Karam & Conrad Pope on the prequels for example, while Williams orchestrated the entirety of TFA and TLJ himself). It's as if he's getting to the stage where he has such a specific vision of how he hears the music in his head, he needs to see it through from conception to recording.


I don't believe this is really the case - maybe you're interested in this interview: https://www.finalemusic.com/blog/may-the-fourth-spotlight-on-joann-kane-music/


So while it's true that there is no orchestrator anymore and the way of working for music preparation has changed, Williams still works the same way with his sketches. I believe he also conducts from them, but regardless he's always been 100% the author of his own music :)


Anyway, like you said, we're all so lucky with him having so much vitality for his age, and working so much and  delivering undiminished quality still  - what a man. And he looks great in these pictures here!

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11 hours ago, Disco Stu said:

The bassoonist is beautiful, I've got a whole new outlook on the instrument.


There can't be very many solo bassoonists in the world. She's full time with the Nashville Symphony. 

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