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Hello my name is Fancyarcher aka Dan. I've been reading JW forum posts since I first discovered a site back in 2015.


I've been a long fan of film music for years now. Along with cinematography it remains my favorite aspect of film. As with everyone on the forum, I've always been a fan of John Williams music, going back as far as since I watched Star Wars as a wee kid. The music was a big part of why I enjoyed the film, it was epic and rousing, and was incredibly varied. 


Aside from Williams, my other favorite composers are Goldsmith, Carpenter, Barry, Desplat, Newman, Elfman etc... but there are plenty of other composers I adore, and plenty more to explore. That's the joy of film music. Anyway glad to be apart of this forum.

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3 hours ago, Disco Stu said:

Is your screen name a reference to something?


It's an older username I created on another site. It's pretty much stuck around. I used to take archery lessons, so it came to mind for some reasons. Also I'm a fan of a lot of hooded green characters who like to use arrows, heh!

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