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I guess I never did one of these intro thingies.


Uuuummm, hhhmmm, I'm Wael. Some of you know me from before when I was here years ago causing panic in some people. I live in LA. I'm a composer. Have four dogs, a cat, a horse, reef tanks. I'm borderline Shy/Wild.... No wait, that's the wrong forum.


Anyway, Hello.


If anyone wants to listen to what I have written and recorded with orchestras here you go



 or just google Wael Binali and there are vids of orchestras recording and playing my pieces in concert on youtube as well.


Otherwise, where is the CD to episode 8 already?!?!?!?!

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7 hours ago, Sharky said:

Do you like to surf… and turf, in that order?

Not sure how to answer that, lol, definitely not into Fish.....

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