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In need of advice: My surround speakers are acting up and I have no idea where to search for the problem

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Hi everyone, I'd be interested in people's thoughts.


I own Logitech Z5500 surround sound speakers which are connected to a SoundBlaster surround sound card via USB to my computer. I bought this external sound card because my previous computer didn't have enough jacks to put all the wires in and my current computers certainly don't have them. Anyway, the center speaker is suddenly starting to switch on and off during playback.


So now I'm wondering, how on earth do I find out where the problem is? For all I know, it could be the wire going from speaker to sound card, the USB cable going from my soundcard to my computer, or the speaker itself. What should I do? Sending them to the factory for repair will probably cost me a lot (the free repair period is over) and I'm not asking someone to break this whole thing apart if I'm not absolutely sure the speakers are the problem.


Thanks in advance.


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isn't there a way to plug in the speakers into another sound source to see if they play?


speakers themselves very rarely break, and if they do break they'll sound distorted, not go on and off...it's likely another problem.

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No, I can't plug the speakers into anything else. You need three jacks for center/subwoofer, rear channels and front channels, I don't have any device that other than my sound card that has so many of them. The only thing I can do is plug earphones into the control panel of my speakers, not sure whether that would help at all since I'd still end up with stereo sound.


EDIT: Just switched them on and gently touched/turned the cables ttat are plugged in the soundcard while playing a film. No reaction whatsoever, everything is fine for now...

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