John Powell's Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

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4 minutes ago, Disco Stu said:


Our only consolation is to laugh about people who feel so very lonely that their only desire is to die


Life is very looooooooong, when you're loooooonelyyyyyyy


Oops, wrong song.


I'm Mozzed out.

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13 hours ago, PrayodiBA said:

Powell said on his instagram that there will be 19 tracks in the album ( same amount with TLJ )

Cant wait! only 1 month



Anyway, when was the last time you saw "an event movie*" scored by John Powell IN A THEATRE? Well, Powell never scored an event movie* that's for sure ( the last time was, nothing )

And the last powell movie i watched in a theatre was HTTYD2, and the music's poorly mixed!


But that wont be the case here, as Star Wars gives a guarantee for a beautifully mixed music.( I mean i was more interested in Giacchhinooo's RO after i'd seen the movie in theatre, eventough we all now that, even under those tight circumtances, RO's music is just very mediocre )


imagine the feel, for me as a Powell fan, my god, really cant wait 


*) An event movie is mega blockbuster franchise movies in the line of SW, MCU,

Can't find any post about the number of tracks anywhere...any chance of a link?

Edit: Nevermind, found it! Sorry! ^^;

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