An Evening with John Williams -- Baltimore 6/13/18

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The John Williams 2018 conducting tour continues in Baltimore:


An Evening with John Williams



This program is currently only available to BSO Subscribers.


Join us for this one-night-only special event! Music Director Marin Alsop and world-renowned, Academy Award-winning composer John Williams lead the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in a program featuring the music of his acclaimed film scores, including selections from Star Wars, Harry Potter, E.T. The Extra-terrestrial, Memoirs of a Geisha, Raiders of the Lost Ark and more.


Plus, for a small additional charge of $500, a limited number of tickets are available for a VIP post-concert Dessert & Champagne Reception with John Williams and Marin Alsop.


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Can't believe we get to experience this again 5 years after JW last visited Baltimore.......I have the exact same seats as last time.......4th row orchestra, a little in from the aisle on the left side ---- perfect for getting the intimate sound and having a good angle on the Maestro, being less than 20 ft from him.  


His Baltimore concert in 2013 was electric ---- best concert that I have ever attended (and I've attended such ones as him conducting half the concert at Tanglewood last year).   Would there be any way to get a recording of that concert?  


I'm contemplating the post-concert reception, but the fee is so very high...................can anyone recommend this event from past experience at other concerts that had post-concert VIP sessions with JW?  

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I've considered calling the orchestra to ask if autographs are permitted and if we get to talk to JW.  I have a feeling the former will not be permitted and the latter cannot be guaranteed.  If I got to meet him again, I'd probably ask about Sugarland Express.

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I’m a season subscriber and I paid $175 apiece for my tickets.  I noticed recently they are charging $300/ticket.


Last time he came here it was billed as a concert to benefit the musicians’ pension fund.

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5 hours ago, leeallen01 said:

The first half is exactly what he conducted in Chicago, and the second half is all different! So great that I'll get to see him conduct a whole new set of pieces.


The printed program lists the second half first (the one conducted by Williams). The first half will be conducted by Marin Alsop. So Williams will conduct the same set as in Chicago. 


Here's the actual order:


June 13, 2018, Baltimore, MD
The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra conducted by JOHN WILLIAMS and Marin Alsop
Johannes Moser, cello



Marin Alsop conducting

  • Harry's Wondrous World from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
  • Scherzo from Motorcycle and Orchestra from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • Suite from Memoirs of a Geisha (Sayuri's Theme; Brush on Silk; Chiyo's Prayer; Becoming a Geisha)
  • Adventures on Earth from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial


John Williams conducting

  • Flight to Neverland from Hook
  • A Child’s Tale: Suite from The BFG
  • Out to Sea and Shark Cage Fugue from Jaws
  • With Malice Towards None from Lincoln
  • Three Selections from Star Wars (The Rebellion is Reborn; Rey’s Theme; The Throne Room and Finale)




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