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The Psycho Pianist

Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Live to Projection Concerts

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Wonder if MM was able to extract the choir from the multi-tracks, while working on the remaster?


Worth reminding y'all about the continuing pattern of Williams scores being performed live-to-picture:

  • Home Alone (Matessino Expanded)
  • E.T. (Matessino Expanded)
  • Jurassic Park (Matessino Expanded)
  • Close Encounters (Matessino Expanded)
  • Jaws (Matessino Expanded)
  • Harry Potter I-III
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Star Wars IV-VII (Well, yeah, technically he already expanded IV-VI ;))

It makes sense for Williams' camp to release updated versions of these scores in line with live-to-picture presentations.


So it seems an opportunity has gone begging with Potter and Star Wars. Raiders is understandable given the licence situation, and Star Wars is ongoing with new Williams scores in progress (so I can see Disney withholding any ST expansions until they finish the trilogy), but Potter...? Arguably those 3 scores are very recent but we had an A.I. (2001) expansion over 2 years ago and that's from the same studio. 

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Excellent! I was thinking about this possibility after the wonderful screening in 4K I attended the other day. Hard to beat the original performance and the pleasure of watching the film on a giant screen, but an extremely welcome experience nonetheless!

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