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Rian Johnson developing a fourth Star Wars trilogy... Oh my..

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Woah! :woop:


(I know most of you will probably just groan, but I'm hyped. They must have really liked Johnson.)


Hopefully they really do explore new characters and locations. 

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Just now, Will said:

Another good thing - three new chances for (hopefully) three different composers to take a crack at SW!


Yeah, like there weren't going to be a lot of chances for different composers to take a crack at Star Wars, with the endless releases of SW films Disney was already planning on doing...

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2 minutes ago, Fal said:

Are we certain this isn't a trilogy of "spinoff" films?


I doubt it. They've already announced something like 3 or 4 spin-off movies, with biennial releases, so they'll have to fill-in the years inbetween with no SW movie releases.


I like to think they wouldn't announce a trilogy that will be released in 8 years or so. Now, that would starting the hype wagon really early...


1 minute ago, Nick1066 said:

That article was almost written like you see April Fool's pranks worded.


I honestly checked the date after I saw the thread title.

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18 minutes ago, Fal said:

This is nothing really new for Star Wars, only the medium is different. 


Yeah, except that medium is what started it all and what made it special. Sure, you had tons of books, comic books, games, whatever, but you had only 3 films. These were rare, special. Then there were 6. Soon, there'll be 12. And with this new trilogy, 15 (in what, less than 10 years time?). Feeling less and less special by the minute...


9 minutes ago, Quintus said:

Another trilogy being in development should come as no surprise to anybody. 


Sure, the trilogy itself is no surprise. What's more of a surprise is how early it was announced, like Disney wants to start the hype as early as possible.

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