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Incredibles 2 (Brad Bird 2018)

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Saw the movie last night... I thought it was good! Here are some of my thoughts:




• The "James Bond" opening with the Underminer was really fun and immediately pulls you back into the Incredibles world.

• The animation and overall aesthetic is stunning. Love the retro 60s feel of both movies.

• All the action scenes were really well-done and inventive; nearly on par with the first.

• Great messages on the importance of family and the roles of a parent.

• I laughed at most of the humor. The scuffle between Jack-Jack and a raccoon was a definite highlight.

• Pacing was top-notch. Even during scenes with heavy exposition and dialogue, I never felt myself becoming bored.

• Giacchino's score was fun and very effective in the movie. There's one scene that I felt was a bit overscored, but it worked very well for the most part.

• Fan service and nostalgia was utilized sparingly and effectively (i.e. Honey Best and Edna Mode).





• So yeah, the plot is really similar to the first, and a bit predictable as well.

• Wasn't a fan of the character designs for the new supers. They seemed overly cartoonish and colorful, as if they had been designed by an entirely different studio and awkwardly dropped into the movie.

• The villain "twist" was predictable and could be seen a mile away, though I thought the villain's motivations and backstory were pretty compelling.

• It's not nearly as dark as The Incredibles. In the original movie, Bob thinks his entire family is killed. There is suspected adultery and attempted suicide. Helen tells Dash and Violet that despite being kids, Syndrome's men would kill them without hesitation. Several characters meet brutal (albeit offscreen) deaths. There's this tense emotional danger that feels so unpredictable even for a superhero movie, let alone for a kid's movie. Incredibles 2 never gets anywhere close to having moments on that level. You never really worry that anyone is going to suffer.


Despite a few issues, I feel the movie's pros definitely outweigh its cons. Overall, I thought it was a really good sequel and a solid companion piece that doesn't quite reach the highs of the brilliant first movie, but it comes close. Well worth the fourteen year wait! Go see it!


**** and 1/2 out of *****


I also enjoyed the Pixar short about the... angsty neckbeard dumpling? A bit bizarre, but the ending was sweet.

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Sounds like the definition of a safe risk-averse sequel that will take in the cash.  Doesn’t mean it’s not good of course.  Still haven’t decided if I’m going to see it in theaters.  Haven’t been to a Pixar in the theater since Inside Out.

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I enjoyed it. I get the criticism about the villain, but (spoiler):



I'm not sure it was supposed to be a secret - more her motivations maybe. I mean, she and her brother immediately argued - her saying that their father never should have called the Supers but gone to the safe room. PLUS, her name is literally Evelyn Deavors - as in "Evil Endeavors" so her own name is a pretty big hint.


Overall, I thought it was a worthy sequel.

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Am I the only one who didn't care for the raccoon scene, and found it overstayed its welcome? Though the audience rolling with laughter in my theater probably didn't help...

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