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Greetings from The Mecha World

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Hello everyone, nice to meet you all! I've followed this site and forum for a while now, so signing up here has been a long time coming. This place has been a great resource for keeping up to date with all things Williams and film music, so I thought it was about time I contributed in whatever small way I can. Plus, what better time to join in the pre-TLJ and Post anticipation? :D


I've been an admirer of film music from an early age and that pretty much started with John Williams. In that respect, you could say The Phantom Menace was my Star Wars ;) I find a particular kind of comfort and solace in his musical voice - it's reassuring to me, even in his darkest scores. I used to be more musically inclined, singing in choirs and playing the piano and violin - all things that I'd love to return to some day soon. In the meantime, I'd love to join in the discussions here, and hopefully expand my musical horizons with you fine people!

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