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Mark Hamill on the importance of John Williams' Star Wars scores

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4 minutes ago, someonefun124 said:

Which is one of the reasons why he was asked to score the ST and we're lucky he agreed!


Even with the 7th score already almost 2 years old, it's still hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact we're getting new John Williams Star Wars scores. Very lucky indeed. 

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And, sure, I knew John Williams—I loved his score to Jaws. I knew how infective that was. And in retro I realized how much of his music I knew as a kid, on TV, with all the Lost in Space and Land of the Giants. I didn’t know any of that then, you see what I’m saying, so I didn’t really know what he was capable of. It didn’t really occur to me. I think I’d heard that he was doing this score, and that’s about as much as I knew. But I certainly wasn’t expecting to hear it in that moment. But when we arrived at our destination, I was absolutely so blissed out, I mean… I never… I can’t say in words how thrilling and moving and how everything it was! 


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